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Mom: 'We are broken' after loss of septuplets

A former Carolina Panthers player and his wife open up about the loss of their septuplets and how they are still hopeful for the future.

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  1. I am so sorry, I was crying, the Music is so sad.

  2. God gives life only He can take away. They will see them all again in heaven.

  3. What if the one that was miscarried was a boy…….

    Just saying.

  4. She should of know what would of happened, the doctor told her they would die and even the mom could die. I hate to be rude and sound like and ass but it’s her fault

  5. If they survived they would be the First All girl Septuplets!

  6. There is something up with this woman.

  7. If the babies survived that wouldve been outdaightered!

  8. How can so many people make such cruel comments? Regardless on what you think she should have done, she is a grieving mother. At least respect that and have some compassion.

  9. Dear lady, may God grant you another child. I am so sorry for your loss.

  10. people need to stop and think before they judge. how you you feel about killing your own child just so the others could live. i would feel like shit. selective reduction should only be used if it is absolutely necessary. it's basically abortan witch is illegal in many places

  11. I bet you the 7th one was a boy

  12. So they let all their children die rather than make a choice they found difficult – to save at least some. That's what happened and it happened because of a stupid superstition they had no trouble ignoring when they decided to let doctors give her fertility drugs. I can think of a lot of parents who tried harder and lost just as much, tbh.

  13. Should have listen to her dr. Was it worth losing them all if you could have saved even one. Selfish, I dont have sympathy for them.

  14. Stuff like this is what makes me an agnostic atheist. These people are devout Christians who worship God, yet their God gave them the possibility of seven kids and then ripped them away at the last second. What exactly is the point of that?

  15. I just come across your video today and I'm so sorry for your loss

  16. Why do these unscrupulous people try to impregnate themselves with so many embryos? To be celebrities? To get a TV show?

  17. Here's the thing to those who are saying that they killed all of them by not killing some..

    Miscarriages do happen all the time. There are many success stories of people having multiple babies during one pregnancy and you don't know the outcome. You could potentially kill your babies unnecessarily. They're obviously believers in a God that speaks against murder and to have intentionally taken lives of any of the babies would have left them feeling guilty, depressed and remorseful. Seeing as They gave every baby a fighting chance, instead of guilt they have to face normal grief.

    They made the right choice.

  18. Hey I hope you guys are better now. Im very sorry for you loss. This is indeed a very heart breaking news. I would suggest that the next time go for surrogacy. It is a very convenient procedure. Infertility treatments have lowered down the risks of still birth and miscarriages. I hope everything works out for you guys.

  19. So sorry for your loss. Love and prayers.

  20. 😢 This made me cry, I am so sorry for them. 😭

  21. They should have really considered that selective termination. Maybe if they would have put their believes aside and thought logically they would have at least 3 babies survive instead of having all 7 die. Shame.

  22. I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you both ….x

  23. So you knew fertility treatments can be risky, the doctor warned you that in order for them to live you needed to select, and yet you ignored him and now all of them died. Your bad decisions caused your heartache. Maybe future parents will see this and it will cause them to think twice before not taking a doctors advice. They spent half their life in school.

  24. What are they wanting to educate the public about other than selective abortion could have saved a couple of their babies?? They are a walking advertisement of what will happen if parents don't listen to the specialists.

  25. I’m so sorry for the loss of these precious babies. I believe the infertility doctors should never place more than three embryos in the womb just in case they all become implanted and the mom becomes pregnant. This way, the parents are never forced to make such a difficult choice.

  26. Should have listened to the doctors advice….

  27. They had two healthy kids. I don't think you can call that "infertility". If they wanted more… fair enough. But I'm sure they were warned of the risks before they started fertility treatments, as they were when selective reduction was offered.

    If you're dead set against selective reduction, IVF is a better option than fertility drugs.

  28. Should have just listened to the medical advice you were given… Ignorance kills

  29. This woman does not have the body weigjt to have more than 2 kids at once of she were bigger maybe her kids would have made it

  30. She should have done the selective reduction. The doctor told them that's what would happen but she didn't listen.

  31. Wow, so sorry for your losses. Smtms when smthg bad happens it's to clear the way for the good. You seem like good people. I'm sure you were meant to be great parents. Hope things get better for you all. Please keep in mind there are many children that badly need loving homes that would happily fill your homes and hearts dear people.

  32. I have PCOS as well. I don't know how many kids I'll be able to have but whatever God gives me I'll be happy with

  33. What about a picture of all their faces I hope you have that also.

  34. Can you start when you start to get early contractions just drink a lot of water and the contractions will usually stop.

  35. Of corse this is horrible.. but I don’t understand why two heathy children were not enough.. and I know terminating some of the babys would of been very hard.. but that way some could of had a life..

  36. erm, not much compassion here for completely disregarding medical advice.

  37. Here we have a smart, successful, loving married couple, completely deserving of a large family, even septuplets. Yet unqualified, undeserving, people like single mom, jobless, Nadya Suleman end up having octuplets on top of 6 other children.

  38. Sept means 7. And if they miscarried 1 that 1 wouldn’t be part of the septuplets.

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