Monster monsoon wreaks havoc in Pakistan

More than 1,000 people killed in flash flooding triggered by heavy rains as monsoon season continues to rage. Officials call it a “climate-induced humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.”


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. It's not climate change, It's the wrath of God

  2. ABC the Most misLeading News Source, after MSNBC, "Climatic, Global Emergency"? No, Annual Monsoon, been going on Since Forever. But, They Knew That. Just Have 2 Lie about EveryThing.

  3. repent, God is angry and he's had enough


  5. I saw natural disasters happening all over the world and thought like this " "It seems that natural disasters continue to occur in the sense that mankind should unite with each other and help each other, not conflict and hate," That's what my inner self told me. God wants mankind to gain enlightenment through natural disasters. God wants mankind to gain enlightenment through natural disasters. The more evil people there are, the faster God will try to purify the planet to get rid of the evil people.

  6. Climate change causing this:( we are the one behind if this big large cause and yet many don’t care until their country gets into problems… bless all those family in Pakistan and I pray for them 🙏

  7. Politicians steal the wealth and live in London. Climate change. You must be really stupid to believe the idiots

  8. There is a place for NATO place help.

  9. Good , terrorist state , gods will

  10. Humanity is at code red beware you ain't seen nothing yet . 🌎🌏

  11. Wow this is heartbraking to think about all those people without food and shelter specially little children. Devastating truly, they have less than 1% carbon fooprint but suffer the most while countries who contribute the most to Global warming are still unaffected thus dont care. Very Unfair and such unfairness can lead to dire consequences for everyone in the game of survival.

  12. How about thank you god 4 rain ❗️

  13. Dear American, British & European Allies, from your 🇮🇳Indian allies, a message to you & your Govt. – 🇵🇰Pakistan a te®®0® hole is supporting China🇨🇳 and has been funding te-®®00i§m attacks on India and Western Democratic nation. A theocratic Radical Iz-la-mist nation who is armed with nukes. Hence, we request you as an ally. Donot give these people even a dollar from you guys. Let them suffer, only suffering will help them understand that they need to straighten out their priorities or we will force them to it
    Any Aid given to Pakistan will have consequences. They send Criminals to U.S, U.K and Europe who harrass your kids. If any Aid is still given you may loose over £400-500 billion Pounds of Profitable trade and $250 Billion dollars approx. more on Investment from India, also affecting our Free Trade agreement, Indo-Pacific Strategy & Quad alliance. After all the backstabbing they have done to the West. Its time you choose your allies carefully

  14. Drought




    But maybe the drought is over now.


  15. It's not so much climate, Northern India has the same shared rivers they are not underwater because India invested in dams and strong irrigation networks. Pakistan's military govt spends all its money on nukes and funding terrorists, while not much is given to infrastructure and development and this is the result.

  16. #PakistanUnderFascism, This Disaster is the fault of USA imported government, they have blood on their hands, knowing 4 months ahead of time that flood is coming crook government did nothing beside they were having fun outside the country , thousands of house, life stock, as well land food gone, these crook must be held responsible . while they busy with propaganda against PTI and all focus on Imran khan, people these crooks must pay for what they have done. #Free_Shahbaz_Gill , #WHOISDGMI , #CrimeMinisterRejected

  17. 0:57
    😂☝️Did you see the tent house with solar power panel my condolences to the affected families❤💋

  18. And it Will come like a flood of pain

  19. Sorry for your loss. But why do you have to ram climate change climate change climate change up our rears every time it rains or floods. When was the last time the planet went a year without a weather related death or property damage. It's kind of like covid deaths a person's dies in a car crash its counted as a covid death and sensationalized