Sunday , December 5 2021
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More Questions Arise After Remains Of Brian Laundrie Found

The search for Brian Laundrie is over and the nature reserve where he was discovered is now open. ​​The FBI says dental records confirm his identity, but more information is needed to determine how he died.

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  1. Raising the debt ceiling means you can’t pay your bills Now! So let’s add 3 TRILLION more Debt! Blundering biden! Infrastructure bill no, balance the budget bill, yes! Media silent

  2. Sounds fishy. I'd look at how much these theatrics cost the public. Someone is going to have to labor to pay for this. Two investigators could of solved this quickly. Its street theater. Just look at the college courses drama and homeland bjs.

  3. How a DNA test??? How many people we’ve heard faking their own death?

  4. you can fill it in yourself. He killed gabby and then committed suicide and was eaten by the wild animals

  5. When they find him alive they are going to charge the parents

  6. What about the accidental instagram live? To me it doesn’t feel hard to believe he is still alive

  7. He isn’t dead. Not buying it

  8. Is that really him or maybe faked his death

  9. Watch his parents try to sue someone. If this is even him 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. There has still been zero evidence presented that Brian Laundrie committed the murder begins Gabby.

  11. i think he took his own life

  12. Something abt this is suspic … doesn’t make sense at all…

  13. Brian parents have high connections
    I think he is alive

  14. How tragic that these two young lives are lost. And for what reason?

  15. Buy dwac facbook is going down hard!! let's go Brandon eat more GMOs fda says it's good for you . Dont forget to brush with flouride.

  16. you gotta be bush to go bush. .he defiantly wasnt.

  17. When did they find Brian's laundry?

  18. I’m just saying, if his parents thought the remains were his and that he was dead – Theres be no need to keep quiet. Staying silently if he’s dead only risks their freedom for no reaskn

  19. Tye parents NEED to b in JAIL!!!! THEY need to b treated JUST LIKE THEY TREATED HER PARENTS!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠

  20. Jesus Christ stop taking about this already

  21. It's hard to determine COD because that's not him!


  23. You can always pay someone off why did the mom wear a back pack only going short distance
    And it took so long for the parents to find him but always knew where he was
    Fib is clueless w hat a joke

  24. All Smoke & Mirrors!!! I don’t believe those are his remains! He’s probably somewhere drinking Margaritas 🤷🏾‍♀️ this was just a distraction 😏

  25. The coward offed himself case closed.

  26. IF ANY OF YOU THINK HES DEAD than I’m sorry you’re just as naive as the Moab police . This dude stayed on the run long enough for decomposition to make testing all the remains impossible except his teeth

  27. The gators took a bite but it tasted like crap.

  28. This is just all around a horrible
    Tragic story of two very young adults who were really immature In the ways of relationships, I remember at that age how clueless I was with no grasp on my emotions and no guidance , so very very sad and also very odd, very little
    Also makes sense with the whole outcome

  29. They both killed a woman and claim it was an accident…
    Who is Alec Baldwin and Brian Laundrie?

  30. Brian and Gabbi were not experienced suvivalist. Just another useless millennials looking for selfies and "likes" and more followers…..These so called "influencers" are nothing less than a waste of human beings.

  31. Many make comments about this case being specially treated but I know there have been certain cases that took notoriety…..Lizzie Borden, Charles Manson, OJ, Adam Walsh, Andrea Yates, Drew Peterson, Casey Anthony, Chris Watts, Jodi Arias, Susan Smith, Jeffrey Dahmer, and many more. That is just the way life works. They are all sad cases, every missing person or murder that happens. The world needs to become a happier place because it’s all getting ridiculous how little we think of human life,

  32. The media needs learn to use titles correctly. Stop the sensationalism of terms.

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