More Russians flee as country holds referendums in occupied areas of Ukraine

Some Russians are desperately trying to leave their own country following President Putin’s mobilization of some 300,000 troops to fight in the conflict. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News: SEE MORE at LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER : #abcnews #goodmorningamerica #ukraine #putin #russia

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  3. But when Ukraine conscripts their entire male population and sticks them out in front of the cannons it's okay

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  6. Russians better flee any areas they harbor in Ukraine post haste.
    Archangel Michael

  7. This is how india took over sikkim. Who knows how they did it. No cctv cameras were there in the 40s and 50s

  8. You mean to say the Russians are leaving MOVING to their new annex territory in Ukraine !!? Which part don't you guys understand !!!?? Greetings from LAS Vegas

  9. What would we say, while looking straight into a gun barrel? We would be very surprised about our suicide !

  10. He should also have called zelensky for referrundum

  11. The UN should publicly and officcially declare and scrap this referrundum

  12. Why would ukrainians join russia when rissias own citizens are running from russia and fleeing in queues at the border, maybe they are wanting to go to this occupied territories which putin has declared as russian, may be maybe.

  13. Referrundum at gun point, this is the modern way of officially committing an aggression in anny territory of the 21st century globalised world order.

  14. What gives russia the right to conduct elections in a another foreign sovereign state, and then call it russian under russian law, when russian law is made for russian land how does it apply for foreign sovereign states outside russian federation borders, even if the ukrainians dont want to stay there this election or referrundum can only be called fair only if it is jointly done with ukraine and is in line with the norms of international law, otherwise its simply plain agression, tommorrow putin will do referendum and elections throughout the globe and declare it again as russian territory where even russian law or constituion doesnt apply or is out of its regions and borders, this is a joke made of international global organisations everybody is sleeping nobody will wake up untill there is another world war 3 and another hitler-putin rises up, but then its too late.

  15. This is a Do-or-Die situation for those russians who were drafted to join the partial mobilization to deploy on those territory that were annexed. Their task is to defend the captured areas in ukraine and retaliate ukrainian invaders who's on mission is to retake back. Probably smart, but still a crazy tactics for Putins.

  16. Ukraine must prepare to flee,
    Russia prepares its children for war. They will kill.

  17. I'd rather hangout and have a drink or just socialize with any Russian citizen, then to even think about going to war against them. I never had any problems working along side a Russian 👍. Every Russian I know were all good hearted, hardworking people. Just my opinion. God Bless and prayers 🙏 for a positive outcome

  18. Anyone notice that there are always two clear plastic containers in a Russian polling place and a voter has to walk over to the boxes and put his ballot in the Yes box or the No box for all the world to see? Apparently, the Russians missed the part of "free and fair elections" that included the right to a private, secret choice without fear of retribution or persecution. Leave it to the Russians to demonstrate ALL the ways to makes an election pointless.

  19. I can't believe it… a whole comment section ThReATeNiNG UkRAInES dEMOcRacY!?!?! Font you guys know that questioning an election is tantamount to terrorism now…? Smh

  20. Those who fled from Severodonetsk (90% residents left) report that they were “voted for”. This is confirmed by the remaining residents of Severodonetsk. The majority of the residents of Severodonetsk who left, they miraculously “voted”, they are on the paper lists, and their ballots are there and were voted (by some other people). Same story in occupied Kherson and the region, in Lisichansk, Melitopol, Mariupol, Berdyansk, the refugees who left miraculously voted
    Dirty show in Russian style. They know their job.
    According to Gogol, "Dead Souls" voted.

  21. Voting is bad. Got it. LOL… mainstream media is insane. The people have wanted this vote for eight years now. It's happening. Nothing they say or do will stop it. In a week, if vote favors Russia, foreign militaries in that region will be considered to be in the Russian homeland. Best to let the war come to a conclusion.

  22. The War is not in Ukraine, it is another US Backed War against Humanity… This Time it is Against Europe, before it was the Middle East and Africa.. Exxon Mobil is Putin's Largest Contributor and this Empowers the Oil/Gas Industry to have More Control over Humanity, while they Lie about why Prices are so High…. It has nothing to do with Ukraine, that is a 'Red Herring', it is about Making Money.. Share Holders and Investors are using this as a way to Make Money.. Not as if Covid was not also, an American Created Disease, which was Blamed on China… Just like WMD in Iraq, Just like AlQueda, etc… While America Elected a Cocaine Kingpin to President and has done Nothing to prevent Illegal Drugs from Latin/South America..

    Russia is a American Backed Nation, which is doing all of this, with the Intention of Killing Europeans who are disadvantaged, same as Covid was created to target the Poorer and Densely Populated Areas in 3rd World Nations… This is the New Face of War, Lies and Deceit.. Russia is a 'Hired State Actor', for Global Oil Producers.. There is no 'Nation' this is about Money… About Oil and Profits… Greed and Homicide..MURDER on a Global Stage.. While they gave Americans a Incapacitated Buffoon to be their Leader.. Americans all Live a Lie, in terms of Economic Prosperity and Wealth, there is no money in America.. Americans are like Anime Characters created by the Chinese, with their Lives mostly all being Lies…. With America being the 'Running Joke ' of being 'North Korea'…. That is how the East Views America and their 'Nuclear Threat'…..

  23. Draft is wrong. People shouldn’t have to fight unless their own country is being attacked. In this case a draft is wrong Putin should fight this war himself

  24. Viva Russia 🇷🇺 China and India supports your battlecry

  25. The US should see by now that continuing to threaten sanctions isn't going to change anything.

  26. Glory to mother Russia!

  27. 🏃🏃‍♀️ ……… 👹

  28. This has happened here in the USA

  29. Look ma. Cowards in unvlade USA and Russia.

  30. It's about to get real over there.