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More than just her words, Amanda Gorman uses fashion to make bold statements: Part 3

As a Black woman, Gorman said it was important to her to showcase her natural hair while on the national stage. Since then, she has stride into the fashion world, including co-chairing the Met Gala.

Watch the full broadcast on Hulu:


Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This young woman stole the look at the Met! The personification of smart girl magic. ❣️

  2. She is very special. She is the best of us.

  3. More Than Just Words Amanda uses her pretty face to get attention cuz if she was ugly nobody would care

  4. > 16 Sep 2021

    Is making fighting Global Warming a JOKE

    Wear them ONCE only
    never to be seen again

    would like to express its sincere THANKS
    to ALL the SHOES and HANDBAGS Collectors

  5. Looks like a grown women pushing the agenda the picture is the devil horns what a coincidence I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s really a boy

  6. What ever happened to the security guard that racially profiled her, did anyone ever find him or the company he works for. That story just disappeared.

  7. Who really cares? Do you? Let’s get to what is really happening ABC sucks!

  8. last i checked poetry did not save the world. Real actions on the frontline did. Oh amanda, your words are useless. Come join us in kabul to help thousands of girls back into their schools.

  9. It’s about damn time! The world needs a person like her who sets an example that humans need as a guide.

  10. Let's not talk about the real issues with America. Fascist Vax mandates, Southern border hemorrhaging 200,000 illegals a month, hyper-inflation, treasonous General Milley……..

  11. I can't believe the level of racist people making comments on such a successful women. You wish you can accomplished half of what she has done at her short age. Her shine is too much to handle.

  12. Shes beautiful and very stylish.

  13. She is soooo beautiful, mature, brilliant, eloquent and have really good fashion taste.

  14. So much for being modest.

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