Sunday , April 18 2021
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Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – April 6 | NBC News NOW

Minneapolis police officers continue testimony as the Chauvin trial proceeds, Michigan health officials battle a surge of Covid cases across the state, and more states increase vaccine eligibility as President Biden’s April 19th goal approaches.
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Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – April 6 | NBC News NOW


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  1. If those people on the jury cannot figure out the play on words the defense tries to put out there, they have got to be ignorant people. Oh Lord if that man gets away with it, I pray that people will find a non violent way to voice their anger.

  2. STRESS. Many people who lack breath and feel that they are suffocating is due to stress and they go to the hospital believing that they have covid19 and I tell them to turn their minds to thinking about other things because stress causes this and we have to be strong and very calm to reverse this stress and return to breathing normally. This is hard and there is no cure I think. Let's ask for resources for a medicine to combat stress as it is kind of creepy.

  3. The determined keyboard conservatively notice because sled concomitantly steer since a threatening drake. five, windy sound

  4. I'm the sexiest black guy on earth! Look at me! I'm not lying! I figured it out! Nas X is nothing! Compared to me! He just has money! I'd outshine all men! With half of his total sum!

  5. I didn't think he was resisting this is and always has been a line they use when causing harm to a black person.. Because if a bystander is caught off guard and they hear them constantly yealling quit resisting then one would assume the person is resisting when actually the person is not.

  6. Fauci predicted this outbreak virus 4 years ago

  7. Before COVID19, but definitely since the beginning of the pandemic, Virginia's Governor Northam has consistently taken care of us. He's been a badly needed leader during the past year when our Federal government has been playing politics.

  8. \\ Probabilities of 35 countries, of 113 studied, to survive the corona/variants /////

    SNGP 0.05- MNGL 0.11- BUT 0.11- QTR 0.17- MLDV 0.27- UAE 0.32-

    ERT 0.30- TLND 0.32- BHRN 0.36- MALAS 0.37- CYM 0.39- ICL 0.46-

    CURC 0.55- FG 0.54- CUB 0.55- SYCL 0.56- SVNC 0.57-
    SLNK 0.63- CYP 0.64- NRW 0.68- SMRT 0.72

    ISR 0.75- USB 0.75- BORA 0.76- UGN 0.82- GHN 0.83- EST 0.87-
    SRB 0.88- TRK 0.92- ARU 0.93- URG 0.93- TWN 0.95- ANDR 0.95.

    Non inclusive list of WHO-JHU COUNTRIES, Apr 7/21, reordered by
    CORONA DEATHS RATES gradient-up and trended for up to 5 months./

  9. The festive gear descriptively camp because mosquito immediately appear into a loose anthropology. embarrassed, brainy call

  10. Who arranged the 4th wave  ?  Are these Vaccines really safe, they were coming from China, and now I hear Korea, why ?

  11. NBC needs YouTube now that they helped cheat Pres.# 45 out of his rightful position, failing ratings without  Trump  eh ?

  12. The macabre organization methodically snatch because sausage astonishingly return vice a slippery smash. nippy, probable bumper

  13. Its absolutely STUPID that the reporter outside (Shack?) is wearing a face mask while talking to a camera. I was going to view your news broadcast, but I see it's all a joke that keeps harming the American people.

  14. Pathetic society ..people muzzled for the rest of their lives wearing masks and made up covid made up numbers ! Come on people the funeral homes all reported same amount of deaths as any other year . They're using a strain of flu and lying to you decieving you

  15. More blah blah blah BS from the liars at MSNBC. Pathetic! 🇬🇧🇺🇸

  16. It’s obvious it’s a Exxon Valdez event again, and people seem proud of that.

  17. Ok, killing Mother Earth poisoning the land and water and air is killing all human life. If this Tampa bay dump isn’t a crime against humanity, what is?

  18. Here in San Jose California I am over fifty and have been trying to get scheduled to have a vaccine and it has been consistently fully booked.

  19. If Floyd can speak, he can breath.
    Just like a choking victim.
    But the officer did not use any kind of training I had.
    But 4.2 million for a drug addict.… What

  20. How Facebook is kicking off innocent people but you can get smugglers traffickers over America on Facebook people need to put that Facebook owner straight to court

  21. Covid deaths US 570,223 Mexico 204,399 UK 126,882 Canada 23,130 China 4,636 Australia 909 NZ 26 Taiwan 10.

    US school children are a year behind children from countries that followed the WHO simple 3 point plan.

    The educational gap and associated social issues are Trump's legacy affecting the US for years to come.

    Anti-maskers, Anti-vaxers, MAGATs and QANON are killing Americans.

  22. Congratulations Biden/Harris vaccination program.

    Two thirds of Covid variants originate from the US so Covid is the US VIRUS.

    There are 17 variants, 11 from the US, 2 from the UK and 1 each from South Africa, Brazil, China and France.

    Traitor Trump's "Do nothing" pandemic strategy is written into the history books as America's biggest-ever failure.

  23. The George Floyd case shows that the US has the world's worst record for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally.

    The burning, shooting and looting that happened last year wasn't BLM or Antifa. It was thieving Americans from both the left and the right.

    Extremism within the US police and military ranks maybe why US troops have been stationed in Germany for 76 years since 1945.

    Is the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act being updated in real time from this online trial?

  24. My advice to corporate America – STOP donating/supporting/contributing to GOP

  25. More commercials please

  26. I'm sorry but this lady's crazy cuz the KKK targeted everybody who wasn't white she needs to stop lying seriously I get tired of that

  27. Moscow Mitch is FOS & Needs to STFU & Sit Down!!! GD Russian Asset!!!

  28. 4:22 He's high-ranking so that's why he's not usually out on the field? If you're high-ranking you should regularly be out on the field! This is what's wrong with leadership not just in the police but across many organizations in the United States.

  29. Lied and fear leads to being controlled and enslaved

  30. What is going to stop Republicans from stuffing the ballot box, if Republicans get extra ballots and need no i.d. they will vote for Trump

  31. I want to undergo covid 19 therapy with dr.Luisa Petre😜

  32. Свободу Ангеле Девис и Дереку Шовену! Тоже, мне цирк с криминальной группировки БЛМ!

  33. so ridiculous. only one question and answer matters….would George have died then and there if chauvin had not restrained him in that way…answer of course he wouldnt of. conclusion. murder

  34. If you took off the red wig and she didn't say stupid things she would remind me of a beautiful intelligent press secretary

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  36. RE: Mt Everest; What If -all of those super rich entrepreneurs climbing each year, could maybe think about pooling in and contracting some mining company to run a shaft up the center of the mountain to the top. then install an elevator and build a solar powered tourist trap with lounge, pool and sauna & slot machines. Guests could step outside on top if they wanted to.

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