Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Dec. 1

Israel resumes fighting with Hamas as the cease-fire ends, a storm makes it way across several U.S. states and a state appeals court reinstates a gag order against former President Trump in his civil fraud trial.

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  1. A terrorist group using it's own people as shield.What did one expect Israel to do? .. Barbaric..

  2. Amazing since Hamas seems to have nothing to gain and the exchange of hostages proves who is more abusive.The US gov is aiding a terrorist group bc they're Jewish vs Muslims. Not all Muslims r Jihadist BUT ALL Zionist beliefs that only Jewish lives have value and they r the "chosen people" and are killing for the "promised land" that Palestinians r guilty of being born in. The ruthless behavior goes back to 1940's yet the US gov is blind to the truth by big pay-offs from lobbyist of that fundamentalist group

  3. Have you noticed nobody meaning Palestinians condemns Hamas and as expected the Hamas propaganda only shows children as victims.

  4. Today I watched Joe fryer NBC news telecast that i watched Israel and Palestinian war gasa hamas-group war extend us Secretary Belgian talked minimize arms/talked about weather conditions December winters/talked about former presedant Donald trump political fraud charge/talked about climate change investment lot money/E.T.C
    It was very knowledgeable news telecast
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  10. Climate Change on its own proves the evil disregard for life, & its sanctity, most hold dear. Truth is privy to the heirs of the super families. They know why we are expendable….they won't tell us. Why? We can see theirs a storyboard, and it's being forced on us. Weather control has unforeseen consequences, says the State Dept, but they're in a hurry, they use laser weapons for wildfires. The attacks we can see strategized through medias' delivery, from war killing 100'k's to the morality statement for Roe vs Wade abolishment should: Shake it off – dissonance, distractions, Snap Out of believing their story.

  11. The Church of the state come on speaker

  12. Humane society do not mean human rights trafficking SF FBI crime

  13. The world is round not flat stay off Mars🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  14. Defend?? Are you actually for real?? Do you pretend to still be blind to the reality?? Or is it just cos that the education system in th US is to keep people stupid?? The real world knows….

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  18. I cannot overstate how cruel hamas is to Violate the ceasefire….