Thursday , September 16 2021
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Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 29

Some of America’s largest companies announce new vaccination rules for employees, the massive infrastructure bill passes a key test in the Senate, and Team USA dominates in swimming at the Olympics.

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  1. They don't care about real vaccines. They want mRNA for you.
    Go to Cuba and get the non-mRNA vaccines.

  2. Does anyone question why half of health care workers won't take the shot? If it's so safe,why are they refusing??🤔🤔. Now they want to force everyone to take it. Ever work somewhere where they force you to do something at work and then you realize It was only in your employers benefit and not in your personal benefit?

  3. We must applaud all these companies for caring about their employees and customers, may God Bless them 🙏( ALL)🙏

  4. The rest raise your hand if u have touched the dictionary.

  5. Omg. Colon cuts? Put it back i dont care.

  6. It is a shamdemic. The billionaires are behind it. Do not take it. It is all about population control. Our freedoms are taken away. Wake up America. Do not give up your guns. Stock up!

  7. Did you know their is a shedding that occurs when you get the 2 or 3 vaccine they welcome carrier's and spread it to everyone. The vaccine is not helpful it's just being rushed and without approval no one is safe. Children should never have immunization. Read up and see numbers more children have complications from the vaccine than getting the virus. This is the biggest global scam! I was a Teacher and an insurance agent. You do know that this covid immunization can void some life insurance policies. Experimental drugs are not approved. Who is this world health organization and who is running it? Why are they pushing so hard to have the world infected with this??? Think people…..don't be the blind sheep 🐑 wake up you not in school this is real life. Media is causing a 🎪 circus….. we are all educated but blind faith is given to the wrong place. Media is controlled and people are now foolish for 100 % blind faith. Read, research talk its devide and conquer. History repeated itself. We have to be smart! Advertising is making people walk in with knowing what medication they need because of commercials and the power on people…… wake up world!

  8. Los zoológicos tienen que ayudarlos

  9. We know they always low ball the numbers. I'll bet the numbers are at least double what's being reported.

  10. Venice Italy columns San Marco/San Teodo were used to gut/hang heretics & thieves, can we reinstate them for priests who stole children's innocence?

  11. The anti-vaxxers don't care about others. They only care for themselves. It useless to to tell them.

  12. Minimum standard of living is needed for survival on the planet. When and if they decide to stop atmosphere breakdown green 🌈 house effect will require shelter from everyone.

  13. These are not normal vaccine technology. If frozen the vaccines are specious unproven technology. We should be examining the vials and the technology of the new vaccines. The method is dangerous and or false. If examined the people pushing the vaccines would be arrested as murderous genocidal maniacs.

  14. Is the Salk vaccine available for coronavirus all variants. The public health information management is dangerous.

  15. The swab is an antibody test for coronavirus polio/covid-19 infection or vaccination. The Salk vaccine for Polio is effective on covid-19 all variants of coronavirus. The Salk vaccine is safer and more effective vaccine than the new frozen vaccines. A prudent effort would not use the frozen vaccines and make the Salk vaccine for Polio loudly available for coronavirus polio pandemic.

  16. IF CURRENT EFFORTS CAN'T STOP THE VIRUS, CAN HALF A MILLION VIRUS-FREE ISLANDS DO IT? IN WARM ZONES ~8,000 in AU,~7,000 in PHL,~300 in UAE,~200 in GRC; OR IN COLD-ZONES~200,000 in SWDN,~188,000 in FNLND,~55,000 in NRWY,~52,000 in CNDA,~2,000 in ESTNIA; or in Domestic-Arid,Cold,Beach-Areas?

    1. Nat'l-Case-#,-Nat'l-Death-#,-said-#-per-million,-harbor-no-base-in-science.
    2. Sole Verified Scientific Index of Nat'l Virus Surge, NVS, is Reported %-Deaths.
    3. %-Deaths are higher than reported because hospitals report not *deaths-at-home.
    4. Is it time to prepare PLAN-B

    i. Hardest-Options are to curb Virus-Diffusion Between states, counties, cities, gated-com, etc.
    ii. Gradual abandoning towns-&-cities is indeed very sad, but remains various Gov responsibilities.
    iii. Abandoning-campuses may be needed as well military-bases, facilities, hospitals, gov buildings..
    iv. Zero % Fatality Campings-may also need handling Roomy-Tents-50-ft-apart via Gov-Conduct Code.
    v. The-Olds may secure free food/water/elect, medicines, groceries, clinics, Internet, etc.
    vi. Residents may need to create new social life, education, work, shopping, mainly online, AND
    vii. Mix modern-tech/clean-diet/clean-air guided by that of 175-180-Y/O Avraham, Sarah, Ytshack.

    Answer-not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him, [26:4,King Solomon]
    The-most-dangerous-person is the one presenting the truth in a room. [Plato]
    To-know-the-truth? One may not need to hear both sides. [Lester Holt,-voted-best-TV-Anchor].
    Copyrights? Apply to author* & his 13-years old son David F. Galor & family members.
    youtube, Supermaneuverability [Wikipedia, rfrs 1,2]; 12-Editorials by *Int'l-J-Turbo-Jet-Engines*, AIAA,
    AviationWeek, Aerospace-America, ASME v 6th-Generation,-2020-2040–AeroSpace-Combat-reviews, etc.

  17. I’m pretty sure the Republican base ate a lot of paint chips as kids and miss the flavor of lead.

  18. HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN ABOUT MNUCHIN…..the UAE undercover with Thomas barrack

  19. get all these colored people vaccinated asap

  20. This is madness! Are you folks even listening to what these demons are saying? There will be no return to normal we have crossed the point of no return. Wow just wow!

    Joe Biden is encouraging Americans to wear the mask regardless if they have been vaccinated or otherwise. Trump says nothing despite the surge in the deadly Delta Variants victims. He is just an empty tin, ever talking big and deliver nothing. It never occurred to him if any of his loyalist dies from the variant, his cult will have 1 voter less.

  22. Not only federal government it should be every one.

  23. It is amazing that the compromise to the republicans was allowing the tax cheating/ paying no taxes by the rich to continue.

  24. Human infrastructure… but i guess that is a pay-as-you go government.
    We have universal healthcare here in Europe so we do not have to do a pay-as-you go thing.
    Hospital visit = $0.00 Ambulance= $0.00 the USA could do this but people like the Republican party are blocking this.

  25. I am glad that here in Germany the majority of people understand what a vaccine is and why it is so important.
    It is not frustrating to get it or to mask up.
    It is lunacy in the USA with the party of the dumb (Republican party)

  26. The rich ppl wouldn't be rich without the poor wages they pay so atleast give us our freedom.

  27. I guess white ppl can't be poor or let down huh…media help spreads racism by classifying everything in to a color group…were divided no matter what color we are due to rich don't care about poor .

  28. If the existing vaccine works then why require everyone to get it …it makes no sense and if it works why force fully vaccinated ppl to wear masks?

  29. Maybe Gooogle can help to change America medal number in a virtual way, hahaha

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