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Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – May 11 | NBC News NOW

The FDA approves Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for 12-15-year-olds, the Colonial Pipeline remains offline following a cyberattack, and a shooting at a Russian school kills at least 7 students.
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  1. The violence is steering from financial abilities. Wait as you see p.o.s governors like in South Carolina trying to force people to take jobs that are a risk and were earlier told that weren't meant to be a livable wage or a carrier. With him stoping federal relief to protect his wallet instead of the people that put him in office. Lol, I can't wait to see the look on his face when he loses not just his seat. But his political carrier as other politicians is seeing the people really starting to pay attention and are the ones they are to be working for!

  2. Standardized testing. That's why it happened. Not difficult.

  3. OMG what is this place.Covid conn carries on.Sheeples die.

  4. Purple Snickers if you have severely damaged veins.

  5. You'll dead wrong trying to put poison in any children I hope Elohim punish all the wicked stop calling it a vaccine it is Genocide 666/666/666/666

  6. lol. the little flashy things are lightning. shows the IQ levels at NBC

  7. I always watch you with Tarot by Janine and I also watch Nick, seeing you together was great to watch and the questions and answers about the blood was amazing, am A+….peace, love and light


  9. They're programming us already 😂😂😂

  10. Shots aren't going into living people? Why put shots into dead peoples arms?

  11. This "dark side" gang are definitely a bunch of Star Wars Nerds.

  12. The elites screwing g us hard core..in Europe now..no gas lines..plenty of gas..

  13. makes me wonder about the ship

  14. i just saw your missing tiger, he is on a sign 2.07 sec in beside a mother and 2 kids..

  15. Why are the media companies lying about this being a vaccine. It is not by definition.

  16. This is called murder. Right wing ideology tends to call this "Mission Accomplished".

  17. Why give a child a vaccine there messing with DNA children weren't affected but now for herd a unity ther giving kids vaccines! Dr fauchi said children aren't affected he also said , mask don't work people need to wake up stop watching news media pushing fear ! After a year of wearing mask people should be careful for immune system after Spanish flu thousands died because when they took off there mask they got bacteria in k unsaid dr dr fauchi knows all about this .

  18. When the Democrats like a Republican us Republicans know that it's time to kick them out I wish our Republican leadership would start kicking out people who don't believe in the Constitution more often. there's quite a lot of Democrats in the Republican Party

  19. i guess russia isn't the only country saber-rattling to test biden.

  20. I would do both; secure the vaccines for my child and Homeschool. There is no safety in sending your children to school. In fact it is absolutely non-caring and reckless to do otherwise. 🙁

  21. 17:35 hey girl' theUnited States going to need some head. Lol 😮🍌

  22. 6:24 lady it's Palestine. You should be old enough to remember. United States unlawfully took it from the Palestinians. I think you're getting an eviction notice. This is what I would call a biblical war.😬

  23. I don't even think you're supposed to have guns Russia?11:48

  24. Why Biden do not hire the best IT TECK to stop anyone causing havoc on the oil pipe lines, hospital etc. Russians paying Americans to do harm to their own country and should be caught and sent to prison.
    Mr. Biden stop being soft on the hackers in America
    Are you Navie.
    Look face facts. The GOP is not going to work with you.
    Concentrate on winning as much seats in the up coming election.
    Hire more FBI agents, Police, top IT TECK Personell and win the war with these Russians hackers. America lagging behind of Russia, China.
    America stop building ships, subs planes etc.
    America always says they are 1 in the world. That's not so anymore.
    Get more senators elected to pass your laws, policies etc.

  25. Tiger woods is on the loose. 😅🤣😂 Come on… Somebody had to say it.

  26. I'm a Democrat but glad she is standing for our Constitution with her true Republican party not for a faults party lying that backs some one like a lier on a lot of things like he's an American since took Putin's word over are own gov't,oh sure did his duty to protect our Country by making faults excuse

  27. They should give kids a complete check up to make sure their healthy . Before they get the shot ( it's all chemical) and everybody body system are different. Some might have weak hearts and other organs.Can they for sure take responsibility.I worry about my kids and grandkids.I don't want to lose not one of them and not just say you all think and I'm sure other's worry about it.

  28. If Donald trump actions and behavior overall was right then why should and must the world allover considered the behavior and actions of Hitler wrong

  29. And straight people have a right to be strait and not forced to be woke idiots

  30. My children will not be taken no vaccine

  31. My spelling is not that good, sorry.

  32. As much as I might disagree with all of her positions. I'm glad to see that she is standing her ground. She had my support. And yes I'm a republican i.e. Nelson Rocefeller branch!!!!!

  33. Please don't jab your children it is experimenal !🙄

  34. Stop lying. You know what is going on. These are white supremacist shooting & pretending to be black. Don't it look organized?

  35. This attempt to oust Cheney will not bode well for these Repugnicans who want to get rid of her by simply telling the truth about this ex Con president who now seems to have this dishonest party under his decadent thumb ! SAD, get smart rebugnicans and put a stop to your nonsense !

  36. Spies searched for US intelligence but found nothing intelligent.

    Let's blame Russians when you know it's more than likely some US college kids who are making money out of archaic systems.

    Darkside sounds like as a bunch of pinky kids with pimples named after a Star Wars force or Marvel comic baddie.

    Colonial pipeline? Land confiscation pipeline?

  37. Will the US rush in to save the day by bombing another country in the name of peace? What a joke.

    Israel have been under conflict since Moses took the 40 year trek to do one month's straight line walk.

  38. How is that a magnet sticks to the injection site, a woman who got the shot show this, she said she is chipped by deception. the video is on Rumble and Bitchute, why are they pushing this death shot?

  39. Hi NBC, will you be covering how 4700 canvassers in Arizona are going to addresses that don't exist, but i.e. 30 people voted from there in the 2020 election? They are finding addresses from which multiple votes were cast, but the address do not exist and are parking lots or abandoned street corners. Will you be covering that?

  40. #OneTermBiden – Hashtag it, and stop voting for the enemy.

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