Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Sept. 19

Americans freed in the Iran prisoner swap are back on U.S. soil, a suspect is arrested for the ambush killing of a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy and the UAW union sends a warning to the Big Three Detroit automakers.

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  1. Trump propaganda channel

  2. Watching your current, Iran deal, with all respect, why The media make it so complex! USA going to control payment, its simple! Iran orders from X, Y(USA) cleats purchase, Z (bank) releases the funds. Its not complicated!, why make a mountain out of a mole hill!!
    Danger is, mentioned past President 's have had to make concessions, which going fwd makes it dangerous for any USA citizen in that area.

  3. What is she wearing? Does not look professional..

  4. Ha ha ha. Humter is guilty. Hes owes us money what he did to us. Sold us out

  5. Americans need to dtH from Iran. U go Iran u want to be locked up. We all know they do that. Dont go yo Iran. Now We going to war with Iran

  6. I want to go. And get off Earth kts Bad

  7. Iran is making Ear on us Now. Thanks Joe Biden

  8. How can anyone buy a Ford auto mobile? With this strike that will make them less affordable.

  9. iranian-americans with still their DUAL citizenship. NOT anglosaxon americans

  10. That auto strike is the reason American companies move their factories to china.
    The highest wage paid auto workers in the country – and they want more..

  11. Hunter Biden does not like to pay his taxes. Me iam one fixed income and still have to pay my back taxes. Hunter Biden should not get special treatment. Oh he is rich.

  12. Iam glad the hostages are home. Me I wouldn't go back. Keep my feet on American soil. 🎉

  13. What were they doing there in the first place? Expensive endeavors.

  14. Savannah…I can't take my eyes off you. Can you dig it…Los Angeles Counties border goes from near Long Beach to past Palmdale- that's over 60 miles. How ridiculous…auto industry workers desire 40 hrs pay for 32 hrs work…get real. If you believe the cost of living is high now just wait until Biden gets finished with us…you haven't seen nothing yet… David McCallum turns 90 today.

  15. On that woman said that she's one of the first women to spend that long in space that's a lie she can't go to space they make everything look like they're in space watch when they put it on TV if they put it on TV that she's going to be up in space talking with us That's b***** and the media need to recognize that too and they know it

  16. She'll never make it to the moon they're not even going to be in the space capital it's going to implode from the firmament and everybody knows that

  17. I meet Brad in Dallas airport he was so nice he never tried anything he is a good person

  18. ~ I estimate that this will only encourage more U.S. American idiots to visit terrorist prone countries, to be kidnapped, in order to negotiate more leniency towards the terrorist prone countries, including removal of sanctions etc…..

  19. Just shut them down,we dont need any more JUNK on the road

  20. Thank you Biden Admin for working FOR Americans 🙏🏻🙂🙏🏻

  21. Its such funny to hear about the lost. What!s the news?????????

  22. Seay in Mexico we can not keep giving free housing, food medical while people who worked get so little on Social Security and no money for them but plenty of money for migrants and Ukraine.

  23. Ukraine give them amo but no free money to stuff there pockets to much corruption.

  24. Savanah, ditch the "Little Bo Peep" look with all the prints. Solids or blocked colors are less distracting and more professional.

  25. Go LNG and tweak the plugs and Carr burrator's!? @27 cents' a litre!?

  26. When he says "Biden family attorneys", it pretty much tells me the person making the statement cannot separate facts.

  27. Just like everything in the the US government always overpaying Iran is a terrorist supporting Nation makes me kind of wonder how much of a kickback Willow mr. Biden get

  28. What happen toa black box ?