Most Republicans Remain Silent As Trump Tries To Overturn Election | Meet The Press

Overwhelmingly, the nation’s top Republicans have been silent or encouraged the president’s unparalleled effort to steal an election he lost by more than 6 million votes, and by an Electoral College margin equal to his 2016 win.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Most Republicans Remain Silent As Trump Tries To Overturn Election | Meet The Press


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  1. Nobody was prepared … Covid-19 will hit the USA so hard … better prepare now :


  3. Warning…The link below is the stomach turning, graphic TRUTH about human abductions and why "they" hate Donald Trump for draining their swamp and why "they" are shutting the world down with a cold virus…it is all connected. Who are "they?" It is time to WAKE UP

  4. Will American rights be only available to those who take the covod-19 vaccine?
    Please investigate and report on:

    How were/are planned goals of any vaccinations arrived at…what were/are actual results…what were/are actual general effects, sicknesses, and deaths from vaccinations?

    When and how were/the above determined?
    What are "All" ingredients in proposed vaccines, under what formats and how many "Actual" people were tested, what were "Actual" results, what were "Actual" side effects, what were "Actual" sicknesses/deaths/achievements?

    Under what law(s) will vaccines be administered?


    Beyond the Noise Biden crimes

    Fauci disobeying President on researchong covid-19 and Fauci rejection of successful Hydroxichloroquine:

    Trump rejection of corona tests in Wuhan and hydroxichloroquin.

    Beyond the Noise Biden crimes


  5. Under Trump America is looking more like a third world country.

  6. I am eightyone years old and, I know, everyone has something in their that don't want anyone to know about. Either Lindsey Graham is being paid alot of money or The Donald, know something that keeps, The Lindsey quiet. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion

  7. When is the SENATE ETHICS COMMITTEE, going to take liar Lindsey Graham to task over his felony, tampering with an election??? Or is this something else Mitch McConnels, well I'll take care of. Does, Lindsey Graham think is like Trump above the law. A felony is a felony a rose by any name is felony. He has not one thing for the people of South Carolina, in the last four years, how he and Mitch Mcconnell got reelcted, now there
    maybe voter fraud, big time. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

  8. That's why Trump is so great. He is truly for the people and not part of the establishment. The ruling elite fear the true representative of people's will.

  9. I wish i could hear what the people in South Carolina think now after they reelected Lindsay Graham for another 6 years, when he throws away their mandate for this sham of supporting Trump regardless of the damage to democracy and respect of the US in the world.
    Hopefully Georgia is watching and takes note that voting red is only putting more of the shameless liars into power to protect the most delusional president ever from the consequences of his abysmal term in office!

  10. It's already over cos the fat lady has sing..TRANSITION!Get it?!!

  11. It's coming Americans justice will triumph! Trump will win! How can nBc news think Biden won! American won! All knows Trump won ! Sad time for America!

  12. In most infected n polluted country in da world, Light of the world God Jesus died 4 ur sins n arose on 3rd day,trst Him u r sure in heaven.jesus light in google


  14. The fraud the stealing the lies are Republicans

  15. If Tim Russert was alive he would take chuck todd over his knee.

  16. It was a tight race, under unusual circumstances. Gore vs Bush also took a month to decide. I think the media’s culpability in painting half of America as orange Hitler and his followers is deceitful and has caused America a lot of harm.

  17. what media is doing is harming the countries….

  18. Comment from a trumper: waaaaaaawaaaa. Waaaaaaa sighwaaaaaaa digh waaaaa mmommyyyyyyy!