Wednesday , August 10 2022

Mother and daughter debate opposing views on abortion rights

A mother and daughter debate the personal and emotionally- charged motivations behind opposing views on abortion rights.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Bet that girl takes for granted that her mom didn’t have an abortion

  2. i need to know, for those who do not support abortion because they say it involves another person's body, where does the fetus reside during gestation?


    You better run, the demons produced by this sacrifice are Legion. Falsehood deals the cards in this trick of the tail.

    Are you honestly going to tell me it is not MURDER. You are an idiot a liar or just plain wicked.

  4. Don’t have sex, before marriage.

  5. Repeat after me. Thou. Shall. Not. Control. Womens. Bodies.

  6. All they did was rally the troops to vote for a cause so they can force the most expensive gas prices and energy prices for cooling an heating your home that you will see. Noboday was going to vote for Democrats and RINOs to continue wrecking US economy and selling US out to the Corporate Selected UNelected Nations until now. This will be overturned in the Monkey Pox Lockdown Midterm Mail In Election and the 4 branches of Corporate Influence Media who control the most influential of our Corporate Funded Government Leadership will make sure you believe the results.

  7. The daughter is selfish and doesn't deserve to have a baby

  8. A baby is a separate person period. You have to be extremely ignorant not to comprehend that.

  9. You actually don’t have control over your destiny. We never know what will happen. Killing an unborn baby is killing an unborn baby. If killing an unborn baby is controlling your destiny, I am glad I didn’t control my destiny. God knows best. You can’t sugarcoat abortion. Not sure about the politics, but just focus on the moral argument first. Abortion is what it is.

  10. Abortion is not a reproductive right since reproduction has already taken place. The pro- choice to murder the unborn life of a child is not a right, it has always been wrong.

  11. Women are able to manage their own affairs. They don't need a bunch of puritans for assistance.

  12. before clicking on the video I knew who's take was who's

  13. If you make stupid decisions you don’t get to write off a human life and not have any consequences there’s other route where you don’t have to do that besides a few exceptions

  14. My body my choice? Can I grab a knife and ram it into someone skull since I used my body? No.
    I think pro-abortionists don't get the argument at all. Pro-Life doesn't care what you do with your bodies, it's about what you do to other bodies.

    As an atheist who doesn't believe in souls or any other religious (imo) nonsense, we are … all just a bunch of human cells.
    – Should you be able to kill a bunch of self replicating human cells with their own DNA because the have less neuron cells compared to you?
    – Should you be able to do that because they are less developed than you?
    – Should you be able to do that because they have less experience than you?
    – And so on. (*exception if that bunch of cells is killing you)

    This is why I as an atheist, who likes humans and human life, cannot agree with abortions. Now, I do wish we could have universal healthcare and better living wages, so don't embrace me just yet conservatives. Not only do I want abortions to stop, I want shitty lifes after birth to stop as well. Because you are no different to me, a bunch of human cells.

  15. MSM thinks these are opposing views? Both pro choice, one wants to stop murder at 22 weeks and one thinks murder up until birth

  16. I saw a picture of decapitated baby and I was like hell naw abortion is disgusting

  17. Can she not control her body with birth control? Condoms? Diaphragm? Ovulation apps?

  18. Women are so eager to talk about their bodies but nobody wants to talk about the rights, lives and bodies of the innocent unborn babies/ living feelings sentient foetus

  19. Funny part of this is that if the mother had an abortion this daughter wouldn’t even be alive to have an opinion

  20. Funny how the only issue where the political identitarian left has supported the"freedom to choose" is when the issue is choosing to murder an unborn child for any reason whatsoever. For every other issue, they favor tyrannical force in the name of pseudo morality.

  21. The Supreme Court did the right thing

  22. As some one who has mixed feelings about the abortion topic I do however think that the abortion issue should be left to the women to decide… us men should not get involved with the abortion issue.

  23. When I was young,I didn't even know what abortion was..I later learned more about it,and listened to both sides,I formed my own opinion!I have been pro choice since 1992..if I would have known more about abortion at an earlier age,maybe I would have a different opinion,who knows?!I am pro choice now,but I may not think that later in life?!peoples opinions on abortion can change,depending on situations,etc..abortion has,and always will be,a controversial topic..abortion has been around for ages and ages,legal or not,and always will be around..facts of life