Mother of three warns ‘way too many schools’ are betraying parents

Parents Defending Education outreach director Erika Sanzi joins ‘The Bottom Line’ to weigh in on schools’ ‘promise of safety’ and the juvenile crime surge.
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  1. I graduated from high school in 1976 and I never was taught anything in school other than the curriculum approved by the state of Texas not by the teacher. When teachers take it upon themselves to teach whatever they want then it's time for them to go.

  2. The left is obsessed with color, religion, patriarchy, and genitalia.
    They are violent and disgusting predators.

  3. Safer streets and safer schools too.

  4. School boards are basically nothing more than bureaucratic buffers between the public and the totally ineffective and inefficient school systems across the entire country. The entire US public education paradigm is based upon what most statisticians would call a regression to the mean. Outstanding, hard working and even brilliant students are held back while most monetary and effort resources are spent on expensive, bloated and ineffective attempts to bring the ever growing numbers of inadequately raised, poorly supported, and often even maladjusted sociopathic criminals up to a mean that is already well below that of average students in many other countries. What is even sadder is that the documentation of these efforts is very highly distorted in order to show improvement when absolutely no improvement is actually there. This is why colleges and universities are graduating students who are basically equivalent in educational achievement to an average American high school senior prior to the mid-sixties.

  5. Public schools are not for the public but political indoctrination.Charter or private are better.

  6. Can't have discipline & total freedom of supposed rights. American is becoming a country of spoiler babies of all ages.

  7. US states with the lowest percentage of bachelor's degrees are the Republican-led states of West Virginia at 24.1%, Mississippi at 24.8%, and Arkansas at 25.3%. 8 of the top 10 states with the highest poverty rate are the Republican-led states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, West Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina and Oklahoma.

  8. If kids are attacking teachers then they absolutely need to be prosecuted otherwise you're just teaching them that they can get away with it and they're going to grow up to be bigger thugs


  10. Government Schools only Indoctrinate not Educate. For your child's sake, get them out of there!

  11. So sad to see teacher union is heading to communism which my family escaped from. In other countries, schools enforce STEM while US schools enforce genders. I remembered when I was a kid in school, if I misbehavior and the teacher spanked me, and my parents stood same side with the teacher. Now, kids spank teachers for enforcing the rules.

  12. Parents betray their children by handing their responsibility over to a stranger.

  13. Democratic teacher unions, spoil systems of our tax dollars & school boards drunk on power. NOBODY is getting fired. Job security no matter what

  14. Because there are no consequences for these kids in school or otherwise when they act out. They know there are no repercussions for their actions. It's insane how they act in school and otherwise

  15. Todays " Teachers" have no children and Never been "off campus".. They Pretend they are the " Masters' of Child developement" but in reality They are the children who where too scared to leave school , grow up, and become Adults.

  16. Home School and spare your children the ideology, indoctrination, equity and brainwashing taking place in public school, Home school, Private school abandon public schools, send a message to the Socialist Globalist NWO that they can't own your children's minds

  17. Parents need to stfu.. probably should of swallowed little Timmy

  18. Yeah Parents, There’s Nothing You Can Do Now, You Gave An Inch & Now There Taking A Mile! Gotta Fight Harder, Get Creative, Or Say Goodbye To The Kid You Raised!

  19. We were expelled jailed and sent to juvi in the 90s

  20. School teachers are grooming your children to be socialists communist, or liberal democrats

  21. Fire every single teacher in America

  22. We don't need Marxists in our schools guiding our kids along. Keep political indoctrination out of schools.

  23. Start sueing government it will change quick

  24. I had a high school teacher I used to get into it with all the time and I never put my hands on him it's called respect and I learned at a young age there were consequences for your actions kids nowadays aren't getting the consequences for their actions it's more than just the school system it's the parents as well

  25. They want you to home school to make room for all the illegals. Everyone needs to show up at every meeting and be at the school as much as you can watching what these creeps are doing with your children, fight back parents,

  26. This is what we get when we trust board of education and the teachers union and they betray us.
    We should never have given them so much control over our children's lives.

  27. High school is literally like 800 pages condensed just do it at home

  28. Keep your kids out of school if you want them to learn !!!