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Motorcycle scare sends hundreds fleeing in Times Square l ABC News

A motorcycle that backfired caused hundreds to scatter it was mistaken for an active shooter.

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  1. Ban those noisy motorcycles!

  2. This is all due to liberals making people think that mass shootings are the new normal

  3. How can you be that fucking stupid!? 😡


  5. The guy who owned the motorcycle is like, "damn, I did all that!"

  6. if everyone had a gun – no one would run. less prisons and more cemeteries, and more cemetery jobs.

  7. Somehow remind me a song this is America

  8. Welcome to Clown World! 🌟✨

  9. This speaks volumes about the current situation in the US.

  10. You don’t think this has to do w the fact that likely no one there knows what a gun sounds like?

  11. it isnt back fire. its a two-step system that causes cracks and crackles in car exhaust systems…
    but what with all the active shooters, even car enthusiasts would think twice now. Sad state of America

  12. Africa used to be considered dangerous…America is too fucking dangerous

  13. The words O.M.G was said to within a inch of its life

  14. People in the US are literally suffering a collective PTSD because of this shootings, and the best government can do is to blame videogames…

    What a joke of a country

  15. If people were terrorized like that, why won’t govt ban the assault rifles?

  16. America isn’t safe from crazy white people

  17. It's official. Terrorists have won

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