Sunday , January 17 2021
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Mounting Criticism Of Chicago Mayor Over Botched Police Raid | NBC Nightly News

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is facing growing criticism after admitting she first learned of the botched raid on Anjanette Young’s home in November 2019. Tonight the city dropped legal action against Young’s attorney for releasing the video.
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Mounting Criticism Of Chicago Mayor Over Botched Police Raid | NBC Nightly News


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  1. If they would've shot her, they would've implanted weapons and drugs in her apartment. The current judge residing on her case would've restricted the video to the public because the current justice system is a buddy, buddy system or bought for by corrupt police unions. The same thing happens in third world countries, and I know that for a fact

  2. Corrupt officials, the judge that gave that permission for that raid, should pay with his job!

  3. Lori Lightfoot should be removed as mayor of Chicago Illinois.

  4. Why are democratic mayors struggling to get their police under control? Stop apologizing and DO SOMETHING. DEFUND

  5. I love how people believe when the government fails them that the answer is to have more government which the one that failed them tells them also. Look I know I mess things up but it’s because I need more control then it will be better. They will sing this song until you all dead or we run them out and stand on our own

  6. As long as you blame others I guess dumb people will vote you. Corruption trickles from the top. At some point it’s your fault. Get rid of her but don’t put someon with even further left views

  7. Get the wannabe man born a female tf outta there. Looking like mofo Moe from the simpsons😡

  8. Why are people so dumb these days? Police if you can't do the job right leave.

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  10. Is the US still the Land of the Free?
    Ask Blacks when they see Police and Karen.

  11. Politics is a business where some groups want opponents look bad – instead of making good own proposals … Let's improve the system:
    "Internally, bosses must also become responsible to the grassroots, especially in groups with delegated powers (police, parties, governments, courts, media, banks, infrastructure, health system … even church and military). We know the good, the bad and the ugly people in the direct (professional) environment best. In order to support socially committed people and degrade charlatans, we need TRIPLE ASSESSMENTS by superiors, colleagues and subordinates that are effective for promotion up and down – regularly!"

  12. Lori Lightfoot used Breonna Taylor, yet at the same time was abusing and trying to further break and cause further damage to completely innocent social worker Anjanette Young

  13. This happens in democratic strongholds like Illinois. " Hey, let's vote in this unqualified lady so we can carry on with our world famous trademark political correctness!"

  14. Amazon deliveries are better than these stupid, ignorant, inhumane cops.

  15. Mayor of chi town if you can't do your job you need to step down and let someone in your place that can do the job

  16. This person who they call mayor needs to go..

  17. The mayor is just racist ….

  18. How many times does the police go to the wrong address this is absurd.

  19. How are police so dumb that they can’t get the right address? It is too hard to believe.

  20. One of the officers said to her don't shout, can you imagine that.

  21. Nothing happens to cops in DUH !!!! South. Right ? 😃

  22. Trump LOST 😃 Deal with it LOSERS 😃

  23. Blame yourselves for putting an unqualified individual in office just because she met your standards of political correctness.

  24. I'm shocked and appalled that a black woman in authority did not help another black woman in need. Is she getting paid under the table?

  25. God, I feel so bad for her. She was completely mortified and disrespected. I feel so bad for her

  26. That lady is NOT the mayor, she is just some lady talking in a microphone posing as a want to be mayor.

  27. Things happen for reasons stop bringing past to get money. Moved forward.
    Let karma do the work.

  28. I'm sorry but that woman, mayor, thing is quite possibly the ugliest human being ever to look at another. Revolting to say the least. Only pointing this out because she is constantly lying and being caught at it. How poorly can a person perform their job before "it" gets forced out? OMG

  29. Take all there money honey take all the police money


    -in begins with the landings of Christopher Columbus and other European colonies on American soil, then because it feels beautiful and precious, then the colonists carried out the expulsion to the great genocide of the Native American people… It is the toughest HAM customer in world history

    -Then a country that does not like peace in Arab countries ??, is it because of the presence of Jews in the body of the United States ?? in his way of inciting society the world seemed as if the Arab country was in chaos (creating the AL Jazeera channel), then forming a terrorist group to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in Arab land and the funny thing was that after the riot and war, the funny thing was that the United States smartly immediately sent a lot of troops with the "want to build" mode. peace in the world "is actually just a clever game of the United States

    -Then the country that makes CAATSA sanctions, which is specifically to prohibit all countries in the world from buying Alusista from its enemies the United States ….. clearly that is an absurd rule .. because I think that rules the world this is the United States … or the United Nations ?? 😪 and also because China itself is not included in the sanctioned country ..

  31. Aint easy to be black in amerikkka

  32. The truth must return the truth . Re turn fair for Trump

  33. She lied.. she knew full well of the situation and chose to downplay it until it finally came to light. for one year she knew and chose to do nothing..  Obviously she wasn't protecting the people but serving herself time to find a way out …  resign!   You have no integrity !

  34. Mayor Beetlejuice what happened? I thought you said you wanted to force people the new world order? Why is Satan's media turning against you?

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