Monday , August 2 2021
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MoviePass data breach exposed customer information

A MoviePass data breach in Dubai may have exposed customer information. FBN’s Ashley Webster with more.

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  1. not sure about hackeranton52@@t but a was funded successfully $48,000

  2. hackeranton52@@t is real and fast funding

  3. Moviepass Dubai data inside Hotel Atlantis, palm groove hotels, al bhurj khalifa, and many star 7 hotels in highly economic developed Nations with the Digital India.

  4. It's China people ! This is just another way that China goes after the American dollar. How many of you know that AMC movie theaters are owned by China ? AMC / Moviepass ? Figure it out people. This is why they are pushing to remove cash. It's easier to steal your money. Actually it's to steal your identity, and run up massive debt. Which is not FDIC insured.

  5. Another good reason to not support Hollywood

  6. When fox starts telling the truth they are using crypto data mining to breach data and sell it

  7. Well if they were using Digi-Id they would be much better off. It's open source and free…. why are there still data breaches cmon people this is ridiculous

  8. Things like this, is exactly why I refuse to use apps on my phone! I do my banking AT the bank! It's proven that our information is NOT safe with anyone!

  9. Lost a ton of money on this companies stock they’re a total scam company

  10. The self chosenites are behind all of these hacks and "breaches".

  11. Welcome to G5. I'm thinking this can only get worse.

  12. Edward Snowden stole all our info this is nothing.

  13. Too losers on TV
    Yes Dumb and Dumber you are

  14. Just like Target stores. This is why I use cash for my purchases.

  15. Another day another data breach! When are these tech companies gonna learn to code and leave a Trojan horse link for when people out of the server try to enter it….these companies have terrible practices.

  16. Poor Joe Biden's so stupid he flunked coloring by numbers in the "6th" grade!

  17. Glad I don't have movie pass!! Rofdlmao

  18. Mt ex got ripped off by MoviePass without any help from a "data breach" excuse. "We didn't rob you, a hacker did !" This cop out has been used by internet criminals since 1993.

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