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Moving memorial for a victim of the El Paso massacre

A husband invites the public to pay respects to his now deceased wife of 22 years that was killed in the horrific mass shooting; more than a thousand strangers showed up.

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  1. This is what happens when all you need is money to buy guns. Any psycho can have one, as long as he has the cash! That's the American way!

  2. When you think no one cares about you, you’re wrong.

  3. So heartbreaking that he lost his love. Prayers for god to give him comfort as El Paso has.

  4. Antonio my thoughts and prayers go out to you. You have alot of ppl that care & love you very much RIP to your wife an everyone who lost their life that day 😇😇😇

  5. What a wonderful community. If only all of America could be as kind, empathetic and loving as the people of El Paso.

  6. Kudos to everyone who showed this poor soul respect. I wish all towns in the United States were more like El Paso. My heart breaks for this poor man

  7. Peace & love be with you, El Paso. ~❤~
    ~East Coast, Texas.

  8. I now love El Paso too, such good people to honour this poor man and his wife❤❤❤❤

  9. This is the ray of hope we as a country needed. Bless all those who listened to their soul and gave this man the love and support he needs. 😢😢😢😭😭😭

  10. Sounds about white 💊💉😂😳😡

  11. Heart breaking 'You are in my Prayers Sir
    May God Keep and Bless You.

  12. None paid a cent in funeral costs. Wow. That’s so moving and sad 😢 the entire community came together to help.

  13. This is thanks to Trump 🇷🇺 for his racists propaganda against the Mexicans,

  14. Love prevails over trump's divisiveness.

  15. He is not alone. He has a big family now.

  16. Good going El Paso
    Please continue to support him

  17. For the people now that they're going to bury of loved one's husband mothers fathers brothers sisters or even of a children that well this is going to be like to remember that what happened in El Paso in Texas and sometimes that are how you said everyone need to get a loan to respectful but sometimes that every vicious and violent of a weapon or person or the same way it is you know and sometimes that out of if someone is not of a doing of a good job to be responsibility to stop the violence then history is going to be repeat us up again by next year on 20/20 because the damage already done already and sometimes that are negative words negative voice negative Cowboys social media if a negative or over dark web in the internet that some of you people that you don't know all those that you do know it could be of a dog cage for United States of America everywhere especially that many people have no way to keep moving forward to the future there always want to go back in time to bring it back up at the dog cage that something happened in the past did the president and repeat yourself again in the future but that's always be of a new hope by next year on 20/20 but this is going to be decision that of anyone of you that who you going to choose from over the next president of the United States of America that only responsibility and respect back to have safety that everything that is going to be like focus on to keep moving forward to the future especially dad always to have a responsibility of us some people that are doing good I'm not doing good at this is that how you going to a person but is your choice people trying to wake up in to understand of the people lost their life and the people are the survivors that are going to tell the story that's how the life of a positive way to have spent pulled into the future for anyone from different for the future

  18. Someone should give that old fart a gun to end his miserable life.

  19. Antifa just murder someone that disagrees with them in Seattle .

  20. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families even the family of the suspect that lost his life to jail♥️💝🕊 violance has no winning every body loosens with violance let gods love conferred them♥️💝🕊

  21. Muh gun control. Election time is around the corner

  22. Wonder why we don't see news of the funerals caused by illegal aliens-
    much more frequent,
    Yet, not sensationalized

  23. And yet these white Trumptards still worshipping their King

  24. I am so sorry Antonio for your loss prayers

  25. Just think, due to restrictive gun control laws none of those poor people in El Paso had guns to protect them selves! Constitutional carry should be the right of all citizens to protect themselves by defending themselves with their own firearms! Come on federal government, state governments, local governments, give citizens the right to carry their arms anywhere anytime at all times so they can protect them selves unlike the poor people in El Paso!

  26. This is what we do help the victims this is good from bad

  27. No ticker tape parade for chicago, no large memorial, no main stream media coverage for 3 weeks straight.

  28. Trump and his white supremacy supporters are responsible for the massacre in El Paso !

  29. Heart breaking..prayers for this man and his wife he lost.

  30. When you think you're alone in the world, maybe you're not


  32. When I was in ElPaso in 1974 it was a very friendly town. Thank you all for being there for this man. Please continue to watch over him to show him what America is really about.

  33. Our world is getting more divided every day

  34. in a show of support the NRA sent guns

  35. Thankful for the outpouring of support from his neighbors of community.

  36. Poor Antonio. It's beautiful to see the community come together to support him.

  37. People who try to piggyback off of tragedies are sick

  38. So so sorry Sir, we El Paso are with you. #ElPasoStrong

  39. RIP every 22 people that were killed. My thoughts and prayers goes out to the families and friends of the victims. ❤😔🙏

  40. ❤️🤗🤝🤜🏼🤛🏾👍🏼👍🏾😍❤️

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