MTP NOW Feb. 1 — Rep. Tony Gonzales; Remembering Tyre Nichols; Fed raises rates again

Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden met for the first time since Republicans took the majority in the House. Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) discusses his meeting with the White House regarding immigration enforcement efforts at the southern border. San Francisco Dept. of Police Accountability Director Paul Henderson calls for police reform at the local and federal level in the wake of Tyre Nichols’ funeral.

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  1. I love your news show, thanks for being you.

  2. If you took out all the money in politics we might have decent people working for the good of America!!! 3/4 of these politicians would boogie on outta there ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY FROM NOW ON AMERICA!!!!

  3. That tubby blond is so far outside of rational I’m going to purposely forget her face or anything she also said

  4. Let's raise taxes on the wealthy. Roll back the Trump tax cuts. That is 2.3 trillion in ten years. They can spare the money.

  5. YES! WORK VISAS! If not, why not?

  6. Where's all the press over Pence's documents?

  7. too slanted toward republicans. why not have a democrat answer the statements made by Texas republican?

  8. All democrats should be removed for treason

  9. I’m still waiting for Mike Pence’s special counsel for the classified documents in his possession especially when he was unhoused after his term as VP.🙄

  10. Who keep raising the interest every week

  11. No 1. Fire ALL CORRUPT and RACIST civil servants and their supervisors.

    No. 2. Congress enact NEW LAW ENFORCEMENT REFORMATION with vigorous background checks eliminating civil servants of past abuse and forbid rehire permanently. Blue code of silence parties will be guilty of conspiracy and indirect association and fired. Yes, guilt by association. All supervisors to be fired on first offense of incompetence due to their inability to manage their direct reports.


    I am so angry. I am so fed up with corrupt and racist law enforcement in this country. Angry how cowards can hide behind a badge and do this to anyone especially black officers doing this to a black young man. Black people have enough the deal with every single moment of their life in America that they also have to look over their shoulder for black civil servants?

    I am so angry



  12. How can the FBI search all of Biden's houses and offices while they search only Maralago? I believe they should be searching Trump tower and Bedminster too

  13. Trump spent more money than any president in history and you said nothing. Now you suppose to care about spending.

  14. Why we're not talking about the Trump family billions dealings while in office in plan sight.!


  16. Oh dig whoop!! CCkrling hRris is cackling trying to look like she's not stupid or relavent.

  17. More black face of white supremacy along with another COVID death.

  18. These wealthy greedy impostering republicans are way out there extreme scavenger idiology. Never ever was the republican party politically conservative or religious conservative. The nondenominational churches are recent, newer than the others, off shoots are post pentecostal church era. The poduim people can be very dangerous. The anti no science no education..bunch some to the point they are cultists. The republican party have defunded schools since Reagan Bush era …Politics never ever included religion. Separation of….. never ever were they supposed to do high levels of recruiting. Religion it was a private matter. Education historically was totally important with the republican party the union party was very important to the republicans agriculture party was important for the republican party businessman party was important to the republican party…antislavery proeducation!
    Read Eisenhower platform. These impostering republicans don't even act like they are human bully bully is all. If I assaulted a teen I'd be arrested for assult and child endangerment or something. These politicians are NOT royals with special get out of their crimes cards! They need to be charged and straight to jail!

    Do we know the amount or what the x man has or had too for top secret papers?
    Hitler was voted in with around 33%.

  19. Didn't you people know that the republicians has been planting the documents in 📜🏷🗂🗂👑President Biden place of employment White House job and his private is is very clear to me I can 👀 it very well. It dosen't take a smart person to see the image of what’s is going on. 🏷🏷📜📜🏚🏚.

  20. With classified documents: just past a bill that requires a person with the department who furnishes the document stay with the document, collect every furnished page after it was read, and return the document to where it came from, with the readers not being permitted to copy nor remove the document out of the room.

  21. What is congress so afraid of to pass the George Floyd ACT? Should this also be politicised as usual ? ☹️🫢

  22. 😂😂😂 quit talking poop McCarthy if you wanna cut spending, tell us all what you want to cut. We are all waiting.😅

  23. The female cohost looks like she has paste on clown brows.

  24. I dont want Nimrada Randhawa turning the Mississippi River into a sewer like her people did to the Ganges and now they are killing Christians over there in India. Sad. And call her by her real name like her mama did.

  25. But it’s okay for Green to want to put a bullet in Speaker Pelosies head, and to say if she was in charge of Jan 6 riots, they would’ve won because she would’ve had guns?!?
    And Gozar drawing a cartoon depicting killing our president!!! That’s okay?
    That’s not worthy of stripping committees?
    Integrity, respect, and standards should be a requirement no matter the party.