MTP NOW June 22 – Sen. Tim Kaine, Dasha Burns exclusive with Gov. Whitmer, Gene Sperling

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) says Pres. Biden’s meeting with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is an “absolutely horrible idea.” Eugene Sperling, senior adviser to President Biden, defends the administrations moves on reducing inflation. Dasha Burns discusses Michigan abortion trigger laws in an exclusive interview with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.). Marc Caputo talks about Andrew Gillum’s indictment for wire fraud.

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  1. Please, enagle the auto-generated subtitles. The other subtitles are out of sync.

  2. Let's hope 21 works I am hopeful it will that's a start forward.

  3. The gop is ripping itself apart.

  4. Interesting how a raping embezzling racist demagogue takes over the Republican party and the shenanigans of a rather typically criminal campaigner destroys the Democratic party in Fla. PRESS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT? SORRY SACKS O S.!!!!!

  5. To deal with the prices, you could regulate the gambling on the prices by the banks on Wall Street. That can bring prices down by up to 30%.

  6. Tim Kaine for President – oh wait I forgot a country totally lacking in common sense and well directed beliefs and commitment. Is blind to the best!!!! WTFU ANERICA!!!!!!!!

  7. It’s not safe for Biden to go there MBS is evil

  8. Feels as though there is little point in crafting laws when you have courts with the authority to strike the laws down, based upon THEIR personal ideology. Thousands of citizens want common sense in our country, but lawmakers want to be RULERS, not leaders.

  9. Desantis smal gouverment means a gouverment consisting of one person. Himself.

  10. Why isn't anyone going to jail for what they tried to do on Jan/6!!!!!?, and why, didn't anyone get charged for murder,, remember someone got killed that day,, every Jan /6,who got caught should be facing that charge

  11. House Republicans who reject any gun laws at all are simply magnifying the horrors we continue to see every day. Chuck Todd asks "how dead are we": we are so dead that we are giddy about keeping gun murders going.


  13. This video is an amazing example of just how far from a true democracy the United States has come. Just take a step back and try to listen to just how insanely ludicrous the conversations that the commentators are having truly are.

    National consensus? Amongst who?

    Gerrymandered Districts controlled by Republicans with a desire for nothing but power, preying on the fears of the ignorant. All Simply Nonsense.

  14. Every Trump supporter that invaded Capial Hill on January 6th were there because of LIES. You are Patriots but were USED by an evil 😈 group of people who were determined to keep power at all costs despite knowing that the American people voted TRUMP and his cronies OUT OF OFFICE. YOU are now paying the price for his treason. Please think and put what you did right and clean out the evil in the Republican Party and start afresh with a CLEAN PARTY.

  15. Its all sorted …machine gun ownership increased from 6 to 7 yrs of age if they eat all their food…only in America

  16. USA – 222 mass shootings in 10 years
    Rest of G7 – 5 mass shootings in 10 years
    OK USA you win, happy here is a lollipop.

  17. Those who refuse to invest in green energy, have no right to complain about gas prices. Funny how as soon as the Republicans killed Build Back Better Act Big Oil soared fuel prices, knowing their competition was put out of the equation, they are making record profits at record profit margins. Democrats are still trying to hold big oil accountable and lower prices while the Republicans are giving cover to big oil.

  18. The baby steps should have started after Columbine and continued with each event.