MTP NOW Nov. 30 — Blinken Talks Iran; Georgia's 2024 Implications For Democrats

Secretary of State Antony Blinken responds to the protests in China and Iran. “We support what Iranians are asking for, demanding in the streets, which is … not to have this terrible repression that we’re seeing,” he told Andrea Mitchell. USA TODAY Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page, Republican strategist Doug Heye and Navin Nayak, president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, join the Meet the Press NOW roundtable to discuss the midterms fallout and look ahead to 2024. Cherokee Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr. talks about the campaign to seat a member of the Cherokee nation in Congress and efforts to preserve the Cherokee language.

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  1. God doesn't recognize Princes only Former ones

  2. Saudia Arabia has a non leader, Iran has a Elder understanding his ancestry

  3. They do not acknowledge God, God doesn't acknowledge their Government

  4. Buddha was a philosopher nothing more

  5. They should be at home with their families..pray about it stop yelling and having temper tantrums

  6. They don't need to protest just write them a letter

  7. There is no Congress..this must be fake news..ask the Native American if you want to argue that fact

  8. Despite the news media propaganda against China, China is by far a much more peaceful and more equitable country than the US.

  9. NBC News can't rustle up a microphone for Ali Vitali?! You can buy them online these days you know, it's pretty easy.

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  11. Here's an idea- A Biden/Chaney ticket😳


  12. You have to understand that the republican present it to you in 2010 or in 2014 was not the republican you were being presented with today. I think we under state just how far the republican party has gone. No, we have to understand that many of these feelings have always been there in the Republican Party, but never have they voiced them to this degree, take wining and dining with extremist Republicans back in the day would never have done that never now you can actually find a Republican in a top leadership position saying some very controversial things. Just look up Marjorie Taylor Greene. The thing is what was normally unacceptable for Republican to do has not only been deemed acceptable but expected. If you don’t do these things you may not win a primary. Just think if you took most of the primary winners in this year‘s midterm elections and took them back in time to 2010 they wouldn’t have even been on the ballot they would never have made it past the starting line. So you have to understand that the center of the voting black in America was far more amicable to Republicans in 2010 and 2014 they would at least listen to some of their claims, but now is the republican party leans further and further to the right and says some more extreme things that center Doesn’t want to hear those things.

    Just look at what Republicans campaigning on in 2022. You had those that campaigns on basic issues and they won but you had those still campaigning on election fraud and they lost.

  13. So far the Russians have produced an infantry with bad tires and no fuel.

  14. Large air carriers depend on hydraulic pumps and actuators for flight stability. Fuel control devices are necessary to keep an engine running. These pilots bring these planes in for landing and circuit panels are lite up like Christmas trees. I don't want to talk about smoke in the cockpit.

  15. Given that a Native language helped win WWII it would seem their language deserves some resources in order to be preserved.

  16. I loved my dad but when he hit 80 I noticed a drop in his sharpness.
    This Joe is good but he's not as sharp as VP Joe and unfortunately Harris isn't the crutch needed to carry him or the party.
    Either a new team or a substitution for a VP running mate.

  17. Yes, Donald Trump needs an autopsy.
    I wholeheartedly agree!
    Now if he would just drop d..d and go away.

  18. As Fauci Admitted Under Oath,,, that he Used China COVID Lockdowns as his Preferred Model for the U S

  19. "There ARE plenty of reasons…."

  20. ""There ARE also a lot of people….."

  21. Bonjour
    Ils sont faux ne voient que leur intérêt pas pour le développement de ce pays . Ils sont capables de tout pour l'argent hors qu'écouter argent n'est pas destiné à triander . Ils vont voir ce qui va se passer. Le mensonge a été toujours démantelé. Vivre dans la franchise et l'honnêteté c'est ce que nos enceintres nous ont enseigne, il faut les garder même pour mourir dans la pauvreté.

  22. I used to watch all these Sunday shows religiously, and CSPAN daily when this leftist tool worked there. I however can no longer stomach the leftist media democrat propaganda machine….so please keep this crap out of my feed.

  23. Of corse China is going to blame outside influences ! What authoritarian regime wants their people to wake up to oppression and authoritarianism. Name an authoritarian regine that is not suppressing their people's knowlege of news, television,, publications or internet streaming. Revolutions all have started with the population realizing they are being oppressed by their own leaders. Ask students of upper education, Universities how many of these schools have started movements against governments? Power, control, corruption is all there in plain site. Governments should be working for the people, not the other way around !

  24. United States will flip their lids when China throws their hands up and turns their people loose and they are sick and unable to produce the products that America crave so badly.

  25. Native Americans are the originators of this country. We owe you very much

  26. You'all are giving trump 🙄 WAAAAAAAAAY, (1 MORE) waaay, WAAAAAAAAY too much corruption power. HE HAS NO BASE ANYMORE!?! WHAT R YOU TALKING ABOUT?! HE'S DONE. HE'S LEFT HIS MARK, YES. BUT HE IS GONE.

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  29. OMG, did you hear what he said 😳around 11:0011:12? Wtf.

  30. The US Government killed the Cherokee people NOT CHRISTIAN PEOPLE WHO LOVE GOD AND MARRIED CHEROKEE PEOPLE LIKE MY FAMILY TEN GENERATION CHEROKEE NATION MIX WITH BRITISH BLOOD! British American people who all married Cherokee Brides and the Cherokee nation is a beautiful people because my family is beautiful and they have hearts of golden hospitality like the Irish people do! My family was here hundreds of years before American people were Americans!

  31. Biden is a better person than Trump only because he is a real politician and not a TRUMPMALE!

  32. Politicians used Trump and now Trump is using them? TRUMPMALE? Is that a new word to define a person used for political power that turns into a monster that thinks it’ is above the law!


  34. Chuck, what happened you do not have with FOX yet?


  36. Saying that at 11:00 min (twice) when talking about China probably isn’t the best. I’d write the word, but it’s a slur. Freudian slip Chuck?

  37. This video is mostly propaganda

  38. How could you show support to Iranians while imposing the toughest sanctions against the same people that are making their lives measurable?!!!

  39. 🧐In Iran protests more than 80 police officers have been killed, stabbed and shot so far! How peaceful is that ?🤔