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Mueller couldn’t respond to basic questions: Deneen Borelli

Constitutional attorney Jenna Ellis Rives, Fox News contributors Doug Schoen and Deneen Borelli react to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony on Capitol Hill.

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  1. Mueller was obviously not in charge of his own investigation.

  2. whats the point of questioning Mueller when he doesnt have to give answers to qustions he chooses not to?

  3. All this boiled down to is the leftists waisted 40+ million dollars of American tax dollars… something they're very good at doing. Never vote for a leftist, not on any level, ever. There… I just saved you some money 😉 Now go out and have a nice dinner 😉

  4. He was restricted in what he could say.

    All attacks and no actual questions of substance speaks volumes

  5. Move on…circus ended here!

  6. Too many shaken not stirred martinis for lunch . $35,000,000.00 for this level of ineptude and corruption ? I want my money back!

  7. Mueller is a disgrace, an embarrassment. I am absolutely certain that the attorneys in State Bar's across the United States were shocked when they watched his testimony. At one point in his career, he may have been considered an ethical attorney. His testimony today is proof that he is not only unethical, he is also deceptive and a liar.

  8. with the disorganization and stupidity demonstrated by the dems and their outright corruption mindset how can any honest person linger with them any longer

  9. "FUSSION COLLUSION". Fusion GPS wrote the Mueller Report.

  10. Mueller seemed to suffer from early onset dimentia

  11. Nadler and Schiff, were probably being defibrillated during the deadly process!

  12. Mueller's an insane clown. Look at how he wipes his "tears". I don't wipe my tears down. I use my four fingers and swipe them towards my temples.

  13. This man gives the impression of complete incompetence. He can’t even speak .

  14. Mueller play lit like a professional!

  15. mr mueller…what did you have for breakfast today?
    mueller…..can you repeat the question?
    mr mueller…… do you know where you are?
    mueller.. i can't speak to that
    mr mueller….are you sitting in front of congress?
    mueller……that's not in my purview
    mr mueller….do you know who you are
    mueller….ahhh i won't answer that

  16. Has Comey spoken on this Mueller farce put on before the Judiciary Committee since it occured?

  17. Same questioned asked only differently expecting other results….just another semantic way of saying "When you kepp doing the same things over and over again expecting by doing so other results=insanity. Same, same.

  18. A day when the hunter became the hunted.

  19. A slam dunk for Trump, They just won't learn.

  20. 🔴 Christopher Steele wrote the Steele dossier not Mueller!

  21. Deneen…Great to see and hear you again…

  22. If Mueller hadn't been Mueller, I would have felt pity for that poor, stumbling, fumbling, mumbling old man.
    The Mueller Report went on for two years and would have embarrassed anyone with even a hint of conscience, however looking at poor Mueller, it is glaringly obvious that he is totally removed from reality and doesn't know what a conscience is, or even what up is from down, yet it was he who the denizens of the swamp were waiting with baited breath over that LONG, LONG period of time to bring down a man with a razor sharp mind ….my President, Donald John Trump.

  23. How long do we have to wait for Barr to push back?

  24. i think mueller should win a price being so patience hearing all that nonsens and still pretend to take it serious. great actor

  25. How quickly people turn on a decorated war hero, all to protect a conman. The mind boggles

  26. Ther are patients in nursing homes who are more lucid than Mueller

  27. Joe Biden Kamala Harris 2020

  28. What is wrong with the republicans?

  29. Republicans are too ignorant to realize, they just got played. Trump is a 2 bit crook. Mueller is a hero. Trump just spent 200 million of YOUR money on golf then you are mad at the wrong man.

  30. FOX NEWS is the Russian Communist network.

  31. Mueller was acting dumb…with a smirk

  32. Mueller is now the Lee Harvey Oswald of this generation. The propped him up as a name. Early in the hearing I said he is off, stammering, and really not engaged. One person said to me what facts do you have in this. I said he is not right this is off. He really didn't know the report but they put that poor up to take the fall and get destroyed. Anything to get the president that they hate out. So unfair to mueller.

  33. The good Lord works in strange and mysterious ways.

  34. loved Mueller's performance. Hope he keeps practicing his dementia act, cause he's gonna need it when the truth comes out

  35. People of America who are thinking about voting for the Democrats in 2020…………………………if this doesn't change your mind, then you are lost!!!!!!

  36. Mueller was looking like a senile old fart. I'm surprised he wasn't drooling on himself. I think it's past time he was carted off to the old folks home.

  37. 3 F-ing years of the Dems trashing and lying about the POTUS, and this dude says "just move on".
    LIKE F^%$# we will "move on"….

  38. First off, Trump 2020, and THAT with the non-stop assistance from the Dems. With that said, Mueller didn't want to do this and it shows. I kinda feel sorry for that old man. Now that the "witch hunt' is over, watch the Dems throw their hero away. He looked too frail and almost childlike. Very painful to watch but , oh what a glorious feeling……. watching the gun-grabbing Dems shoot themselves in the foot over, and over, and over, and over, and over……………

  39. Capt. Robert Muller should lead the investigation in to the camp pendleton jarines smuggling and drug arrest . LOL

  40. Why not investigate the Hillary mail incident?

  41. Mueller was just a stooge and all the other dc sewer lib lawyers wrote bs report.

  42. Mr. Mueller were you in charge of 911?
    I can’t get into that”

  43. Mueller was clearly not on his game at all. That is if he had any to begin with. However, the substance of the hearing is clear. Donald Trump has not been exonerated of obstruction of justice and can still be charged when he leaves office. There should be an inquiry.

    Also, why are Republicans now saying Mueller was never able to exonerate Trump anyway? Didn’t Trump just go on an exoneration tour?

  44. Hello Deneen. I love you. I need you for BLEXODUS in Detroit, MAGAGAN. CALL PLEASE. 313-848-6468.

  45. This is what senility looks like.

  46. We love Danell Borelli and hate how Zuckerberg has silenced a intelligent, black woman who only tried to be faithful about informing listeners of the truth about America’s issues. America better start paying attention that FACEBOOK IS CUTTING CONSERVATIVE VOICES OFF OF YOUTUBE, ETC. DIAMOND AND SILK AND CANDACE OWENS VOICES ARE TWO More BLACK FEMALES THAT HAVE BEEN SILENCED! I am sick and tired of Zuckerberg’s silencing Conservative Voices!

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