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Mueller should be ashamed of himself: Joe diGenova

DiGenova & Toensing’s Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova on the redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report.

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  1. When some thing isn't worth saving" Don'T try

  2. Mueller was shocking what a mess these people like Obama and Hillary should be in jail ages ago. These people are a total disgrace . Mueller is a criminal he set the President up, and the Democrats are still saying he obstructed and colluded, they have to be stopped someone must stop them carrying on like this Pelosi must be put in line and those awful terrorist women, this has gone beyond a joke. How could anyone have so much hate for anyone like they did for Trump these people must pay for the damage done.


  4. Those who hate America have no shame.

  5. Mueller is KBG , the entire intelligence dept are so corrupt , the communist were not worse! If all are not prosecuted, our country will not survive! Mueller knew this , they are communist , not ashamed!

  6. Key statement: You can't obstruct a crime that does not exist. Thanks, Joe


  8. They also changed the wording of some of the interviews to try to show something that never happens.

  9. As we all knew that tge dossier was fraudulent. Thence, the Mueller report does not qualify any legal action. Furthermore, there was no obstruction of justice and no collusion. Mueller gould not exonerate Mr. Trump because there was not basis to do so. If he dd , it would imply that Mr. Trump had wrong doing.

  10. Mueller is absolutely DISGRACEFUL!!!

  11. Anyone else think they look like Matilda's parents kinda? Just a though lol.

  12. Mueller should be tried asa traitor

  13. I have heard on several occasions lately that GPS helped Mooler WRITE/CREATE that Muller report sooooo makes sense that it sounded like a first year college student LOLOL

  14. Mueller is there to cover for Obama and Hillary. Take attention away from them. The communist Democratic party better watch what they do. The American people are very sick of the lies and the theft.

  15. Bill Barr is everything that the DemocRATS aren’t! Barr is going to go by the book whether they like it or not. DemocRATS don’t intimidate Bill Barr they’ve picked the wrong guy to pick on!

  16. We ask “Why?” Why would Mueller try to subvert American law already knowing the early “stuff”? Wasn’ t Mueller a respected established legal mind in Washington?

  17. No respect for Mueller. I am glad he is gone.


  19. Mueller did it on purpose.He let the door open to the congress to continue the bashing on trump to try to impeach him so that the investigation stop before it's to late for them. That Mueller investigation was and still a diversion to hide the real collusion between the DNC Stock and the fake dossier initiated by Clapper.Comey..Brennan and Clapper are all part of that Hoax.We have to put them in jail. It's a must. All those guys works for a foreign entity based in UK. They are the traitors.They have the money but they don't have the brain to achieve their goal.They make mistakes because they think they are more intelligent than others.Wrong. When you tink youre more intelligent than the other it proves that youre not.We are getting at you scumbags.

  20. Mueller wrote a report that says two different things depending on how you want to read it which was an intentional manipulation of his role as an investigator and to provide a report that was so capable of being distorted by political opportunists. Mueller should be keelhauled.

  21. Mueller et al should be sued for cost&earnings for dragging this collution coup against Trump

  22. Look, Mueller was hired to lead the FBI a week before 9/11. This is because Mueller is controlled. Chaney and Rumsfeld knew he was controlled. Therefore he wouldn’t investigate 9/11, as he was instructed to do. Why the FBI didn’t investigate 9/11 is a mystery until you realize that Mueller was out there for that purpose.

  23. What a HUGE difference between Barr to Sessions.


  25. Jim Malone getting hammered by the Communist Democrats in the thread! The DNC Hillary Clinton and the 116 Congress should all be made to pay the Tax Payers back, strip them of their benefits, turn them all back into private citizens and class action lawsuit, RICO all their ill gotten gains back!


  27. They poked the wrong Bear [Barr] Yes Joe right on the button your comments.

  28. Love these people — Trump 2020

  29. I tell the Dem-Wits, "go ahead and try to impeach" "go ahead and try to put our AG in handcuffs" We know your evil deeds and you will be jailed yourselves.

  30. Im convinced VOTE REPUBLICAN

  31. I think that maybe it's time those rats pay Fox news for all the hard work they are doing , we love Fox news they know how to tell it like it is.

  32. HOW VERY RUDE YOU ARE LOU DOBBS. Victoria Toensing was trying to explain something AFTER you had asked for her comments and then you abruptly CUT HER OFF IN MID SENTENCE. YOU DO THIS A LOT with your guests and you need to stop it. It is RUDE and very annoying. Please STOP doing this!!

  33. He should be arrested for obstruction of justice!..

  34. Mueller is a full-blown arrogant SOB !

  35. Yes I salute the pair of you ! You took authority, you are setting captives free.

  36. Muller appears to be ashamed of himself, not a peep out of him. He was asked to hep redact the report and he declined, and ow there is rumor that he didn't even write it. Over 200 times in the report where the president is smeared it is just media quotes. Much of the report was an effort at redeeming the fake media, like now because it's in this report it is suddenly true. The report is filled with lies and every line of the report should be challenged to prove it. But it was what the lunatics needed to continue running amok. I hope the arrests start soon and it's not just one crook at a time. I want to see a major string where they all go down together and are all tried together, so all of them get hung with the worst of the crimes….like the murders ad the treason. And it would not be a bad thing if all of them were executed.

  37. The DEMS proved that rigged elections work !

  38. The democrats are interfering with a investigation .Bill Bar said he was going to investigate the Trump investigation . So they are obstructing justice and all democrats involved charged ! I they want to play with false information to hit Trump ,. They hit them back with facts and take them out of the game for good !

  39. Has there ever been a clearer evidence that someone is on Putin's payroll than Joe DiGenova? I don't think so.

  40. Trumpers must be illiterate, or just have the most malicious intent towards the country and the rule of law. Notice this is Lou Dobbs tonight, on a business network. This is not "real" News, this is a "show" disguised as Factual News . Any person(s), organization(s) spreading FAKE NEWS, unfounded "opinions" is public enemy #1. And to Trump supporters today, the rest of America don't want to even hear from you. Since you love Russia so much, move to Russia and be good Putin citizens, and take Idiot Trump with you. This country will truly be great again, when we rid of idiots that can't tell facts from fiction. Another fact, blue states already account for more than 70% of total innovation and economic output, for the record, WE are the ones making America great, already, without you dragging everyone behind, so be quiet and move to Russia, so everyone will be happy.

  41. Mueller will never feel shame. He has a god complex

  42. "… you can remain silent… your job is to charge or not to charge… period!"

    It's about time to investigate of those investigators… with the fullest of the real American laws and rules… not the ones make up as you go…!

    So HRC demanding a "new Chinese connection collusion Clinton's cash corruption" investigation… my guess is Peter Schweitzer can also help us all to find out "the Secret Empires…" at the same time… that's great!
    There are a few of Russian speaking in Ukraine are anxiously awaiting to talk to Congress and investigators… on new Russian collusion…!

    Since R. S. Mueller III is a SC not an IC… therefore, if Congress wanted the whole scoops for themselves then they would have to reenact the ICR first… then patiently awaiting for the next investigation… here onwards!

    We're hardly can't wait to see what happens next… very soon!


  43. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeff Sessions had been working for the FBI since before he announced his support for Trump

  44. Mueller's Volume 2 on Obstruction is mere office gossip heightened to such a pitch is sounds as the it was written by CNN and MSNBC. It seems that everything in it has been heard before and gossiped about hysterically already on those networks. Mueller really lowered himself and embarrassed himself. History will scorn him as a prosecutor because he gossiped, he did not prosecute legally.

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