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Multi-state manhunt launched after 4 men escape prison | ABC News

Only one of the four men remains on the loose after breaking out of an Ohio jail by overpowering two female corrections officers using a homemade weapon.

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  1. Had to look at video to besure it wasn't my child

  2. Lawrence lee the third. I’ll find you.

  3. Just a $2500 reward? Seems a little low.

  4. Who ever was helping them dropped ball you need to have safe house with supplies to weather man hunt. Normally they take family hostage lay low and steal a fresh car. Then it's good idea to mug guy that looks like you.

  5. can y’all guess what these 4 people have in common?…

    ( their all white ) 😱

  6. This is strange
    3rd in a month
    Why the fuck is the lady saying has to change what ?

  7. Omg those men are dangerous! Deport them!!!

  8. Pin stripes and polka dots 😮

  9. Wow..this world is not a safe place for any of us nowadays

  10. If a car was waiting it was planned, i would question those females that were "strong armed" as well. And 2500 aint getting no sitch rich 😂😂

  11. Pretty obvious the government is corrupt and someone on the inside helped

  12. I'm in Maine and I'm scared

  13. That's why we need to use Death penalty more.

  14. Def can’t go to a red roof inn!! Should’ve been hitting up those run down motels that still take cash.

  15. When did Vince Gill go to prison?

  16. Me; Hmm maybe I should watch, even tho chances are slim it’s not near me.
    Guy; in Ohio

    Weellll fuck.

  17. Season 6 of Prison Break looks good! Can't wait for more episodes

  18. Blame this weak ass prison for hiring women lol

  19. I was in jail Friday night with these guys. They made the phone calls pumped there selves up. Said they where going to do it! Walked straight out! No shit!

  20. If you gunna break out and can have cars waiting you have to break out and jump right in a plane. Lol

  21. Female officers in a men jail very bad idea!

  22. Females are not the same as males

  23. BUILD THE WALL ! DEPORT THEM oh wait there American lmao

  24. Not to mention there’s also been 2 deaths in the past months. One because of faulty cameras. The other from a drug overdose.

  25. 2500$ ha life is cheap to the feds

  26. $2.500 reward??? WHOOPI DOO man. It should be $25.000 you get more when someone is kidnapped then an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS INMATE.


  27. For profit prison? Hmmmm.

  28. He is at all the presidential rallies…

  29. Why is it always Florida… oh wait

  30. All these guys look like they hang out at the corner bar where I play pool

  31. $2,500 reward… seriously? That ain't 💩.

  32. Their u go! I'm sry women dnt need to b in the guards n men's prison. Not that it can't happen to men also but I believe it would hav been harder and maybe they would hav second guessed had it been men. I'm all 4 up lifting women I to am get self reliant, however their r some plc of wrk women dnt belong and law enforcement is one of them unless she is a big bad ass. Not self proclaimed eighter.

  33. $2500 reward?
    the dude escaped from prison
    Should be $50k plus

  34. Easier to get out than stay out.

  35. Ok first of all what’s his crime? Because don’t waste the fucking resources if he’s a druggie or dealer.

  36. This is maybe why females should stick to a job more capable for them.

  37. SoS…..shoot….on…sight.

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