Wednesday , August 10 2022

Multiple Dead And Wounded As Israeli Airstrike Targets Gaza Militant

Islamic Jihad said one of its commanders, Taiseer al-Jabari, was among several people killed by a series of Israeli airstrikes around Gaza.
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  2. Sorrow for the children,

  3. good Job Israel ….Don't Blame On Israel U R The Cause of this coz u hid islam jihadists

  4. If Gaza doesn’t want to be bombed, the Gaza should stop bombing Israel. Gaza has the power to solve their own problem, but they prefer the media hype even though they cause the deaths of their own civilians.

  5. if you're a White person living in America today and you don't know what happened to the kulaks in russia 100 years ago, you should look it up. Something very similar is happening to you right now, and the same group of people is behind it.


  7. Long live israel ❤️

  8. It is very sad to see that such a nation, with the greatest proportion of intellectuals in mankind, went through the unspeakable and unimaginable in human history and especially in World War II. Can also be unjust, lawless, aggressive and inhuman. In retrospect, a democratic occupier mutated into a despotism. In the background of the attacks lies the interest only in territorial expansion. The United Nations must finally act.

  9. Love Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 From Albania 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🤝

  10. There is only one decent and perfect leader who will bring Peace. His name is Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah.

  11. US gestures negate our one time political standing, Iraq WMD through to Afghanistan fiasco deliver sound advice to all – "GO for it". Iraq/Korea/China – Russia all pursuant, not the direction our kids want for a future. We need to get on track, talk sense people understand – one called diplomacy. I.found and planned the Bin Laden Raid, finite planning took over a year – round the clock – copter vortex / funeral all perceived to achieve respect from as many as possible – we have to live with each other in an ever increasing small world. We need standing aligned to intellect & dynamism to achieve perceivable goals. Our recent Presidents have caused division, domestically and abroad trying to deliver outmoded ideals. Our Intelligence people, the forward thinkers scared to approach new dynamics…. The USA itself is fast becoming a service industry, Ford mustang an example of what China makes, and we then blame them for the dominance. To the point we can no longer approach human rights…. Adding here human rights in our own Country too. Others see us pointing the finger, but rarely at our selves. The two houses in the USA are too slow, the arguments are divisive on issues that should be, and are clear to the majority of ordinary people. The moves we made in Afghanistan highlighted our level of care to Russia who took advantage….. Time we delivered forward thinking to avoid the obvious

  12. This why most of the world supports Russia I hope they come to the aid of the poor Palestinians who have no army to defend the public from Israeli violations

  13. If a Muslim fought for the right, he would have become a terrorist,, Now why is no one saying that all are terrorists ,,why the whole country is silent

  14. Long live israel..more respect to you.

  15. You gonna give context to that? Or just leave everyone to assume that Israel needlessly attacked innocent civilians? Major events need context! Israel was targeting jihadist leaders, like how the US does the same thing. The innocent civilians are always caught in the crossfire but they're never the target

  16. Good job israel 🇮🇱 👏

  17. Israel is a Disparate Apartheid State , wtf

  18. They are freedom fighters not militants..They are fighting to free their country from Israeli occupation

  19. Israel is not fighting the citizens of Gaza.
    Only the extremist terrorist group "Islamic jihad". Proclaimed death to all non-Muslims. I am in favor of publishing the truth❤🇮🇱❤

  20. Not again…what is the point??

  21. MD really , and how bout the rockets the Hamas has sent in to Israel unprovoked that have killed Israeli children .

  22. Israel doesn't attack without being provoked .

  23. Can’t bring yourself to fix your bias headlines? Scores of innocent civilians including women and a 5 year old child are killed by reckless Israeli aggression. That’s the truth you Zionist owned MSM outlets can’t bring yourselves to broadcast. Shame on you .

  24. Israel defended itself as the terrorists attacked first but of course media is one sided per new world order

  25. I think time has come for the west to get a taste of what they have been doing since decades to innocents people in Middle East. Glory to Putin and China.

  26. Clearly Israel is a terrorist state. We need to stop supporting terrorists before the bombs start landing in Washington.

  27. Im upset with this and all peoples saying this is my land.. If people learned to serve God through Jesus and accept His ways all fighting would stop The Christians and many Israelites and many many Christians worldwide purse Peace by the Holy Spirit. i Know the angry person its in every land they say this is Mine mine mine My hood, my women my car get out Says the selfish fools. Jesus is the advocate for alll .I for one will never believe man knows the truth of a thing God Word through the Holy Spirit does.. The Land and all the people belong to Him Not budda, Not Allah or any other false God And the real thing i know ALLL Know I believe all who see and live nowadays are without excuse Your selfish could be your Death !

  28. Why doesn’t the mainstream media show what the jihad terrorists do. They only show one side of this terrible war.

  29. Why doesn’t the mainstream media show what the jihad terrorists do. They only show one side of this terrible war.

  30. There you go starting the history from the middle congratulations

  31. I guess the 5 year old little girl that died wasnt important to mention in the headline. So shameful and disgusting. If a 5 year old girl was killed in europe or north america it wouldve made international headlines with upper case letters.