Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Multiple Fatalities Confirmed In Boat Fire Off Californian Coast | NBC News

NBC News’ Special Report with the latest on a tragic fire on a boat near Santa Cruz Island, California.
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Multiple Fatalities Confirmed In Boat Fire Off Californian Coast | NBC News


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  1. Hopefully all the people that died were Libturds!!!

    Only wish Will and Grace were onboard too!!

  2. The sunken and burned ship, the CONCEPTION, operated by "Truth Aquatics", appears (by photos) to have had a fire amidships, below decks. According to the ships deck plans, all 35 passengers are accommodated in a single large bunkroom, below decks, with what appears to be (if the plans are accurate) to have a single stairway for both entry/exit. The plans indicate that this single stairway leads to the ship's galley. I hope the plans I have seen are inaccurate and there was more than this single way out.

  3. Active rescue scene? I think that boat has sailed! Silly rabbits!

  4. I wonder who was on that boat???

  5. Wait …5 crew members got away and everybody else died???…hmm.

  6. Fake News /Misleading News /Speculation Reporting!!!!

    Common Sense leads me to fear all were asleep below decks before 4 am and all perished in their sleep!!!!
    Lets get some eyewitness accounts people and report the facts….God I hate MSM News!!!!! Prayers for the families of all the deceased divers…
    The crew were up top decks and most likely the fire started below decks and was too intense and involved to be able to rescue anyone from below deck…Of course these are my assumptions until we finally hear from the crewman that jumped to safety and I know they would have tried to rescue the people below, if they had had the chance and could have….

  7. What fatalities??? All the other news people are saying Missing not dead so stop click baiting!

  8. Why can't you guys match each other's colors.. ?

  9. Prayers up, tobacco down for the surviving family members. I pray they will be comforted during this difficult time.

  10. Only the crew got off..🤔 😲 and wow trump is committing on this right off the bat..👁👀🤔

  11. Out of 39 souls onboard, only the 5 crew members made it off alive. Criminality.

  12. At least the crew were safe .It's ladies and children first right .????

  13. Why wld u say "multiple fatalities" if 34 r still counted as missing and the rest r saved? Ur jst using clickbait on a situation involving a possible tragedy

  14. Take Twitter away from him 🙂

  15. Isn't this the third boat incident within the past 6 months?

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