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Multiple fires break out across California l ABC News

ABC News’ Matt Gutman reports from Porter Ranch, California, where the fast-moving fires are shutting down highways and destroying homes.

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  2. That's terrible poor people ♥️

  3. ITS A SET UP PEOPLE. They don’t want people living in California anymore!

  4. Not again.. I remember going through it last year. Prayers up with everyone and the tireless firefighters


  6. The newscaster is a total asshole. Wtf?

  7. So. PG&E ironically turned off the power to supposedly avoid potential fires. Many people had curfews ….
    This video doesn’t show a dump truck catching on fire. This video is PROOF the dump truck SET the fire. Wonder how many dump trucks have been out there in the cover of night when people were forced indoors by the ‘curfew’. Now there are California gun restrictions in place . How convenient. Now you can tell on anyone you know who has a gun and state he or she is having mental issues. By doing that you have set the motion for gun confiscation. Remember Communism? They encouraged people to tell on each other. Divide and conquer. Now young girls can take abortion pills as they see fit as it is MANDATED that public schools carry them. Great way to spend tax dollars. Oh yeah…aren’t you also a sanctuary state? Basically you are choosing to allow people who have illegally come to your state and offer immunity yet you would never offer immunity to someone who illegally hopped the wall around your house and entered your home. Guess it is all Trump’s fault right? How about the homeless? Trump’s fault too? Keep voting Socialist Liberals in and see where it takes you. Keep being distracted by the media who is simply gaslighting you by telling half truths just so you could get caught up in the emotion/reaction/ addiction to emotion / reaction merry go round and be even more distracted. Stupid is as stupid does

  8. Cutting my power for a day and a half did not do a damn thing. SoCal Edison is just greedy and ridiculous..

  9. This is being done on purpose do you really think one garbage truck started 10 fires hundreds of miles apart you are under attack it's time to wake up

  10. اللهم سلم المسلمين واحرق المعتدين.

  11. People don't believe the power line or wildfire story. Wind accompanies Direct Energy Weapons. Every home was burned in the same pattern. Many were skipped. Football field blackened with a pattern. Where are the videos from Kohl's parking lot showing the 4 restaurants prior to burning.

  12. Had nothing to do with pge. Caused by illegal dumping.

  13. 85% of California fires are caused by people

  14. Do something!!? There's more people in California than Canada and were leaving the fire burning Los Angeles….

  15. Dear God please help the Trump supporters and burn the phuckin rest of the left wing assholes

  16. I fucking hate Hollywood, it's a fucking Kingdom of Kingdoms. Kings and Queens of nothing. Court Jesters who made far too much money and took advantage of everyone. I've been wishing for the demise of Hollywood, and it's been happening. Witness Paradise Cove. Soon… Hollywood will burn to the ground, and I'll cheer

  17. Подписка взаимно

  18. It's just the global plan to reduce population.

  19. Calfire reported that a garbage truck carrying burning trash dumped the trash at the side of the road. WHY IS A GARBAGE TRUCK CARRYING BURNING TRASH?🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Greenville Mississippi get hotter than California so Mississippi should have burn the fuck down it do not get hot like that in California. Man made fire we all know so. Fake news stop lieing to the American people and tell the truth boutwhat going. Elites burning down California them evil bitches

  21. California need to call me California I have nothing to lose for having faith in me I can say life and property damage . I can put it out in one day 🤴🏽✋🏽🌦I’m tired of practicing in Front of the hospital parking lot for everyone to see every day and I have video taping it. In Rockford Illinois. By Lincoln middle school . And I’m pretty sure the hospitals videos taping me Bring a Clouds all the way to my hands ✋🏽☁️☁️☁️ I do it every day and I produce produce results.

  22. It's the trash trucks fault?

  23. Oh jesus, first the Amazon than the Forest in California again

  24. Wow just like paradise. Do investigative reporting

  25. What do you do when you lose the funding from being a sanctuary state? Start fires.

    This is criminal!

  26. I bet that they're just scaming insurance companies again.
    far as I'm concerned I hope the whole f**** country Burns. Death is preferable than being a papal slave state who's incarcerated the majority of its citizens for disagreeing with pedophiles in pointy hats and their prohibitions of everything they can use against us.
    Christians killed the United States last century somewhere between making the Vatican and the Rothschild family part of our government in 1910 and the Cold War where they murdered all the good men by sending them to the front lines to fight for Unnecessary Hills where our Christian generals knew they would be slaughtered or just straight-up assassinating them during fraudulent Wars.
    During the Cold War it was absolutely true that Only the Good Die Young.

  27. God has not been a big fan of some states these past several years.

  28. Ya you complacent bullshitters they attacked California again and bullshitters can cover it like a fluke of nature And while people where already on the streets with the rats and the stench of death in the disease of Dems created hell on earth!!

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