Friday , January 21 2022
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Multiple People Killed In Mass Shooting At El Paso Shopping Center | NBC Nightly News

At least 19 people were killed and 40 others wounded in a shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. A 21-year-old man is in custody and a police investigation is underway.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Multiple People Killed In Mass Shooting At El Paso Shopping Center | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Just another in a long list of FAKE shootings with bad crisis actors pushing gun control.

  2. Welcome to the new America lol lmao so so funny

  3. Im very glad I don`t live in the US anymore

  4. This is why we all need guns. The bad people will always get them legal or not. Might as well have everybody be armed and ready

  5. Funny how so called white supremacists never target Cartels, just unarmed men, women and children or the elderly, shows how big cowards they truly are. Lets see you peckerwoods put that so called supremacy to the test, you all dont have the balls.

  6. Always someone handily filming whilst everyone else is running in terror.

  7. Its plain to see that the shooter was a leftist sleeper.

  8. The shooter has one of those infinite round magazines…one mag so many dead…no experience shooting yet a perfect marksman…yet in the 20-40 mass shootings every week by Black men and many hundreds of rounds fired there are relatively few bullet hits….I pause to ponder…

    Of course there were four shooters dressed in Black as eye witnesses testify….but the JFK lone gunman narrative is the preferred Deep State narrative all are required to believe or they are a White Sup Nazi Racist

  9. Nite Owl – "what happen to american dream?"
    Comedian – "it became true"

    Comedian shoots protestors

    Watchmen (2009) movie

  10. He is not an Illegal, He is not Isis, He is not Black, He is a White Supremacist Mass Shooter Terrorist, who idolizes Trump, KKK leader David Duke and Dylan Roof. Until America admits it has a problem with White mass shooters, America will NEVER BE GREAT AGAIN!!

  11. My mom told me He hates Mexican people and he supports Trump

  12. if shooters explanation were valid. Why didn't the shooting take place at boarder crossing? Why were victims not illegals? " at least not all of them". Why were they not all even Hispanic?. This explanation does not make sense. Whom were really behind this? Who were they?

  13. The shooter was programmed by deep state officials…

  14. This young man who pulled the trigger is a sleeper he was told what to do and what to say when he was caught. Th authorities want to put him to death without knowing the real cause of the shootings .He needs to be put under hypnosis by a reliable doctor so that the truth of this can be determined. All of these killings are done by the deep state who are very cunning and have many under handed means to attain their goals. Paddock was a sleeper also.

  15. Jehovah rage is about to be revealed, the Great tribulation is coming soon… Thing are about to get bad to worse….

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