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Mulvaney: Biden's tax and spending plans are ‘dangerous’

Former acting White House chief of staff and former OMB director Mick Mulvaney provides insight into tax and spending plans, bipartisanship and unemployment under the Biden administration. #FOXBusiness

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  7. When I joined the GOP in 1987, I never dreamed that it would abandon the conservative pillars of policy ideaology in favor of the weird worship of some NYC con man.

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  13. The country runs its mouth like Jefferson but acts like Hamilton, but does it?

    "Sound policy condemns the practice of accumulating debts." ~ Alexander Hamilton, New York Ratifying Convention Remarks (Francis Child's Version), June 27, 1788

    "[T]he creation of debt should always be accompanied with the means of extinguishment." ~ Alexander Hamilton, "Report on Public Credit", January 9, 1790

  14. If someone is willing to lie about such incredibly crucial things like democracy and elections and the pandemic, just think of all the other stuff they are easily willing to lie about.

  15. All this money giving out free how about SS coming up to $ 2,000 a month. We worked to get this. Nothing for free

  16. No way. Dems need to stop. No more spending.. covid plan only got 19 or 9 % from 1.9 trillion. This is ridiculous

  17. "Tax and spend." It's really two separate plans. They're spending way more than they're taxing. It's an inflation tax.

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  22. It sounds like y’all mad. No body working to get y’all richer…. what u should be saying is it’s sad how unemployment can pay more than the workforce… 🤔

  23. Biden can fix this… amendment to the trillion dollar bill. Stop the press. Finish the wall but he won't.
    They cheated last year.
    Paid the cartels and special interest groups..

  24. Bunch of socialist bastards!

  25. The money we're getting they already stole from us

  26. Biden won’t be around to have to pay it back. He will be pushed around in a wheelchair next year

  27. The only time we heard the true total of our federal debt was when Mick Mulvaney was head of OMB.
    His report stated that the Obama Administration had caused the debt to rise from $19 TRILLION to $29 TRILLION dollars, with Obama’s “shovel ready jobs” and stimulus programs.
    Pelosi’s $1.000,000 a year for her travels included 100,000 for her liquor bills.

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  38. I can't imagine how the conservatives and Trumpers can ever make a single party. They have diametrically opposed values.

  39. Republicans did as they pleased when then had control, but now that the democrats have control, they should only do what republicans agree with? Give it a rest, that isn't how our politics work.

  40. I don't make anywhere over $450,000 or have capital gains!!! So in my view its time the rich Wall Street elitist pigs that eat from the taxpayer funded corporate welfare trough to actually pay their fair share!!! Pay your dam taxes no more taking advantage of hard working Americans!!! Another Biden stock market record and another positive jobs report Friday. Biden is doing such a good job getting us through the Trump Slump, the most massive recession and job loses since the great depression!!! The facts are Biden, in his first 100 days, cut my taxes more than Trump and the Biden stock market keeps setting records!!! I am even making more and my 401K has never been so high!!! God Bless Biden!!!

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