Monday , November 30 2020
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Mulvaney: G7 summit to be held at Trump Doral in Miami

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney discusses plans to host June’s G7 summit at Trump Doral in Miami.

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  1. What an arrogant prick. Perfect for this administration, I expect nothing different.

  2. This is the real reason why Trump ran for president, to profit from it.

  3. Dream on Donkocrats! Your whimpy excuses, hare-brained policies, and weak candidates got you here, i.e., in SECOND place! You better find a good candidate for 2020 or you're gonna get blown out by twenty points.

  4. To be a Trump supporter, you need to give up your sense of shame.

  5. Trump projects all of the corruption he is guilty of everyday to any person in the Democratic party. I can't understand how his idiotic supporters don't see that. He is such a con artist.

  6. Doral a interesting spot😉.

  7. does not take his 400,000 salary takes 10's of millions in revenue…It seems clear to stay at a Trump hotel if you want to do business.

  8. Now push comes to shove. There is no question that Trump broke the law. He deserves to be impeached just as any President would be…whether they be Obama, Clinton or Ronald Reagan. If you still support Trump after this then your true colors are there for all to see. This is no longer about partisanship or MSM…They have confessed to a crime deserving of Impeachment. Period.

  9. The only way the G-7 Summit should be hosted at Trump's Doral Resort is if it's absolutely free, no money to be made at all!!  Personally, I believe, the G-7 should be hosted at Hotel Del Coronado is San Diego….a much, much better venue!!!

  10. You know its bad news when Fox comments are anti Trump.

  11. The only truth Trump ever told; during the debates leading up to the 2016 election, Trump repeated over and over, “the election is rigged”. We all thought he was saying the election was rigged in Hillary’s favor. Well, we’re all eating crow now.

  12. Trump and all of his staff, what's left of it, have gone off the deep edge.
    word on the street is that Putin will be hiring them soon……….


  14. Quid Pro Quo! Get over it!!! LOL You're going to jail…. Get over it!!! hahaaaahahahahahaaaahahahaa


  16. Our founding fathers might be shaking their heads

  17. No problem with this rt? But put Obama doing this.

  18. GOP source in the meeting with Trump and Pelosi last night…they were shaken byTrump’s screaming and yelling and are seriously concerned with his mental health. As are other GOP members.

  19. So Trump supporters are you going to ignore this too? You are all deplorable…all of you…and you all know it..

  20. Lmao, by far and away, by far and away. Just because you say it twice like trump doesn’t mean it’s true.

  21. How is it so many people don't understand what "at cost" means? Obviously a whole lotta people who've never run a business before! Dummies who think they're smart, smh & lol!

  22. A dozen locations were investigated, and SURPRISE, it went to Trump's club! What a buncha bulls-t.

  23. More corruption from Trump & Co. The world leaders should unanimously boycott this event.

  24. How do you make the rooms "at cost?"

  25. WOW, 793 comments. Seems like almost all of them were made by people who don't understand "AT COST".

  26. these Trump minions are just OPENLY & IGNORANTLY admitting to their crimes….

    and they just see NOTHING wrong in their actions….

    because they ALL have been allowed to break laws & enact corruption FOR FAR TOO LONG, w/o any repercussions or penalty.

  27. Drinks at cost ladies in free ….

  28. if hes still the president. hahaha

  29. It is ridiculous that this Administration live on TV breaking the laws of the United States in Fox promotes breaking United States of America laws

  30. He just wants it to be G8 and invite his Russian buddy.

  31. This is not a conflict of interest. It is only a conflict of interest if a Democrat do it. That's the thinking mind set of Trump supporters.
    Yes you.

  32. Hurricanes, tornadoes, sink holes, alligators, missing white girls. GOD hates Florida. But anyway….

  33. So now Mulvaney accepts there was quid-pro-quo in Trump holding back military aid to the Ukraine, Maybe someone should make a video of Trump and his asslickers saying "there was no quid-pro-quo………. there was no quid-pro-quo"……… just another lie all the Trumpanzees fell for

  34. Free trade isn't included in the Constitutional restrictions.

  35. Article II, Sec. 1, Clause 7 of the Constitution prescribes a president be paid compensation "which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that period any other emolument from the United States, or any of them." I think that's fairly clear. If U.S. military stay at a Trump property, isn't he receiving money from the government? And that is a clear violation of Article II section 7

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