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Mulvaney walks back admission, Syria cease-fire in jeopardy, remembering Elijah Cummings | ABC News

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  1. Down voted: Not enough footage of those great American gun range's.

  2. Look at this fake news title first they try to make the assumption that mulvaney is a liar, then their open desire for the Syria ceasefire to fail, and then open praise for a person everybody knows is a criminal and you wonder why they call them fake news

  3. Elijah Cummings another liar, lowlife piece of garbage politician that talked out of both sides of his ass. He did nothing to help anyone. He was a troublemaker who falsely accused the president of the United states of being a racist when in fact, Elijah Cummings was the biggest racists in America.

  4. Official Diagnosis: Died of TDS.

  5. he told us to get over it, that they do that all the time then tries to "walk it back"?


  7. So while Slippery Sam Trump is getting away with his appalling behaviour, the Ukraine is still obliged to do his dirty work for the election. They will invent something to keep him happy. There has never been such a corrupt American President or government.

  8. We want more fake Turkish war videos filmed in the USA.

  9. Bye bye trumpdump treasonous rat

  10. why the videos of the white house are so heavily edited? is this more fake news?
    why so many warmongers want american army to to stay in Syria? I don't see any of you enlisting

  11. After reading his comments about what he (Mulvaney) ACTUALLY said compared to what the left leaning mainstream media think he said….it seems he was not "walking back" but rather he was clarifying what the media was misunderstanding. They ignore Biden when he was actually being corrupt under the guise of fighting corruption….and yet they call Trump corrupt for asking other countries to "look into" their own corruption.
    The hypocrisy is beyond the pale.

  12. As per me telling the truth yesterday – it was a mistake.

  13. What admission? More of Fake News!+

  14. When is ABC sending war correspondents to Kentucky after their reports and video of Turkey bombing that state? How was it an "error" to crop out the crowd watching the knob creek night shoot..with "facts"? You deserve the "FAKE NEWS" moniker.

  15. Another demon rat bites the dust.

  16. Sorry ABC, you are no longer allowed to report on Syria 😉

  17. Traitorous Trump is an evil imbecile. 25/45

  18. The Orange imbecile thinks that if he shouts his lies loud enough they will become true. How truly demented is he and his cult following?


  20. I don't know why anyone even listens to these pathological liars and I don't mean the media. If I had my druthers we would deep state all of them😜

  21. Mr. Mulvaney, you might want to study up on bus undercarriage navigation…🚍

  22. Cummings Made Baltimore Great Again with his death. RIP

  23. Rot in hell! Thank God for his judgement and redemption, we are two down and many to go. Justice could be next…

  24. Come on now. How much more is it going to take? Lately this administrations every move is another proverbial bomb falling in the ceiling of it's OWN HOUSE.

    1. Walked away from ANOTHER ally to appease ANOTHER questionable leader from either an enemy or rogue ally. The excuse of "moving out our troops (our sons daughters) from the Middle East" while at the same time moving troops into Saudi Arabia is hardly just questionable. It's is evidential proof from a trail of Maverick decisions since 2016. Just one of which many #1 bestsellers are based on.

    2. When first announced, the "Whistleblower" allegation was no more than another daily angry kids "punched wall".
    Let's face, it because that's how all questionable behavior by this administration is handled. Like the angry child who goes around kicking and punching walls, bullying others and antagonizing their parents to do anything to coral their out of control behavior. That child, more times than none, grows up to be a menace to society and goes unchecked until it finally ends. Which again, more times than not, ends in a massive implosion that affects not just the child but those who chose to stand by and do NOTHING.

    3. Everyone knows that the best defense is keeping witnesses quiet and even better keep your mouth. But Admitting a "quid pro quo" and justifying it with "We DO THAT ALL THE TIME" and "GET OVER IT"??!!


    Imagine if ANYONE ELSE in the History of the US did and said that. To top it off as to distract from an ongoing investigation the same day, the President sits in the Oval Office and hands himself a contract for the next G7 Summit drilling that message of "no quid pro quo" ESPECIALLY when you have learned from life experiences that no one will do anything to stop you and by the time they've circumvented the WALLS of paperwork you place as obstacles from lawsuits, the matter has already taken place. For if it's one thing Trump has learned to do is build walls.

    Each day more people from Trump's circle speak out for sake of government and country and defy what Trump would call "loyalty to him" (not country), we are now witnessing a metaphorical roof begin to collapse. It only takes a chip from a cornerstone to bring down the strongest building. When people begin to weigh their own morality vs possible incarceration, that's what the end result will be. This (path) is taking on almost the same exact path as Watergate. In the end when the heat was turned up to broil, people began to talk.

    Speaking for a community that has heard "Get Over It" for centuries, this doesn't surprise, shock or appall me in any way. What it does do however, is make me wonder after mainstream America has seen what the end results of standing by and just watching; how one can stand by and emotionally enslave themselves to possible centuries of "Get Over It"???🤔🤔
    Get Over it.
    Because You're next.

  25. Remember the Great Kenturkey Massacre?

  26. This continuation of violence in Syria was obvious when the Turkish president wouldn’t meet with Pence. If he didn’t meet with Pence he wasn’t bound to any agreement. Trump got played again, what a surprise.

  27. imagine Donald Trump being a president in a second World War II
    👉 he would have been Alliance with Hitler…imagine that

  28. Elijah Cummings was a TRUMP-HATER but I guess President Trump forgave him and gave his condolences to his family!!! 🇺🇸😊❤👍

  29. Deere careers we are sorry that happened but don't take it out on the American people remember the president and the Republican Party are the ones that did that to you please don't take it out on the population if you must take action just remember Donald Trump in the Republican party did that to you guys not the American people

  30. Don't you think comings would want you to talk more about his fight with Trump.

  31. You’d have to be a special kind of stupid to not see the bias

  32. No we will not die like dogs we will fight like lions! – TRump

  33. Admission? More fake news. The president is allowed to ask them to investigate corruption. Sorry folks. You need direct evidence of a quid pro quote and you don’t have it. I’m sure it won’t stop you of pretending though lol

  34. Trump got you doing the moon walk😁

  35. "Not one Democrats was invited to sit in on the closed door session in 2017 when the Republicans were voting to give tax cuts to the wealthy"

    "You all just got a lot richer" ~ Donald Trump speaking to his rich donors and friends at his oceanfront estate following the tax cuts for the wealthy in 2017.

  36. America is depending on Pelosi and the democrats in congress to save America from the Trump/Republikan attempt to destroy democracy.

  37. What a bunch of bullshit, I’m so sick of these criminal politicians that’s been in our offices for over 30 years, it’s time to get them out!!! And America should never be in other countries fighting, Americans should keep their nose out of other countries business…

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