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Murder conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Noor overturned

ABC News’ Kyra Phillips speaks with ABC News contributor Chana Lloyd on the Minnesota Supreme court’s decision to overturn the third-degree murder conviction of a Minneapolis police officer.

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  1. One of the main issues is politicians kept opening their mouth speaking out against him before and during his trial. Their high level of influence taints the potential jury pool. People need to be quiet and let the process happen before they speak out if they are in a position of power. Same thing is possible to happen in the Chauvin case because of politicians wanting clout.

  2. What ????? He shoots someone why ?????

  3. The Mercenary old school Brutal Martial Arts action now on vod and Amazon prime starring a former 2 REP French Foreign Legion Sniper MARCH OR DIE no woke

  4. Now days Everybody is Getting Served Now Days Thanks For Our Law's he will Roast in a Cell Block even if it is a accident he was carrying a Lethal weapon he should know he's carrying a Lethal weapon that can harm people this case the Lack of Proper Responsible person's Laws are the Laws Accident or Not or This shouldn't Have Never Happened as a License professional Police Officer's am I Right

  5. Hahaha! Time to let Chauvin out!

  6. Nothing is more tragic than the death of an attractive woman

  7. I’m glad. They convicted him during the woke hate for police officers.

  8. Cop's always get away with murder. No matter what race they are…

  9. Good thing it was a cop of color and a innocent victim that WAS Transparent.

  10. ahh restarting that whole feminism vs diversity fight again are we ABC?

    edit: "MUH REINSTATEMENT HES STILL GETTING CHARGE" you people are a special kind of stupid you know that?

  11. no blue wall of silence when it comes to black…no defunding police until whites get killed by cops at alarming rate. No one deserves to be killed by cops but it doesn't matter until its white.

  12. Minniepolies officer are all ways doing bad things

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