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Mute Me: Should IPL allow five overseas players in the XI?

#IPL #AakashChopra #BCCI

Sanjay Manjrekar, Akash Chopra and Deep Dasgupta take turns at muting each other

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  1. No that's not good.
    Already in ipl big foreign players control the most of the team like RR, KKR, SRH,CSK.
    Look at this years ipl.

  2. @Aakash Chopra while I agree the competitive nature of the tournament is lesser with four foreign players per team , if we are to consider 10 teams being fielded in the upcoming IPL , an extra position for a foreign player would mean 10 talented Indian youngsters would lose out on their place, because talented foreign recruit is certainly going to cement his place in the XI over an young Indian talent considering the money paid etc. While it is essential that foreign players are included to ensure variety in exposure to our youngsters, I feel four would do as it would motivate the teams to go in search of new Indian talents. If 5 foreign recruits is made compulsory, then we could potentially lose out on good talents in the coming days. While I am for experimentation, this isn't advisable keeping in mind the quality of bench strength that India is currently producing.It would be Interesting to see some of the new BBL rules implemented along side penalty for backing up or Mankading being considered well within the spirit of the game. I would love to field matches in neutral venues with variety of pitches ( fast,swing, Pacy bouncy, rank turner's etc.) to be tried out to improve our quality. One could also conduct the tournament in four legs 45 each in different types of pitches. 45 matches in India , 45 matches in (NZ+England), 45 matches in (Australia+ SA), 45 in (WI+Srilanka) thus will ensure a good amount of exposure to variety of wickets and will push the teams to use their resources to the max technically, strategically and tactically

  3. Then where does indian players and youngsters go🤔

  4. 5 overseas will be exciting 🔥
    Teams can play 1,2,3,4 or 5 overseas its nt compulsory to play 5 or 4 overseas

  5. You are right I felt shame when Kane Williamson didn't play for hyderabad

  6. Yes because In 2022 IPL there will be a mega auction and uhh we already don't know if there going to be 9 or 10 IPL teams in IPL. 2022 Is a special one for IPL we don't know if Morgan captains well in future of KKR he's not performing well yet

  7. I totally disagree here. When ipl started, there were hardly more than 15 known players who played for the Indian team. Yet, all franchises went out and found the talent that could play this level of cricket. Currently there are 8*7=56 indian players playing the ipl. With many more sat on the bench. And this has given Indian cricket some great players, like Bumrah.

    I am surprised the panelists think this vast country cannot generate 7+7 = 14 more top cricketers. Idiots.

  8. 10 teams should never happen…

  9. We should also think of international cricket commitments these foreign players have… For example rajasthan puts lot of money on foreign players and they go back to play international cricket mid tournament… So it will be a gamble for franchises to pick the right set of international players…

  10. In these unprecedented times, let the spirit of Eid bring love, peace and joy to all. Eid Mubarak.. Stay safe. 🌙

  11. No..only 4 Overseas player should be allowed in the IPL as it will give more chance to the Indian youngsters….we have very good young players

  12. No 5 teams coz IPL is made to give opportunities to young players , one more spot will be taken by a foreign player

  13. but after having 10 teams, each team should play against other teams only once
    Agar har team ke against 2- 2 baar khela to bahut hi jyada matches ho jayenge
    Thoda boring bhi ho skta h
    So i suggest every team should play only 9 league matches and then the top 4 goes to playoffs
    (Bcoz 18 league matches is way too much )

  14. I have been saying this for the the last 13 years that IPL should allow five foreign players in the playing 11. This would help the weaker squads in making a competitive team. We don't want another Kochi Tusker Kerala or Pune Warriors India. Weaker squads makes IPL Boring. In order to make it more interesting, you need 5 quality foreigner in playing XI

  15. Kuldeep yadav's career definitely end after this rule

  16. Where is anti Hindu ,jihad! Raunak Kapoor?

  17. 8 teams, 7 + 4 combination has 56 Indian players.
    10 teams, 6 + 5 combination has 60 Indian players plus many other quality overseas players as well.

    I am in support of it

  18. 5 foreigners is ideal
    But.. An alternative can be that teams can be allowed to play one player from south asian countries without counting them in 4 foreigners.

    It might help improve the cricket standards of teams from the subcontinent.
    Otherwise players from SL, Bangladesh, Nepal do not get any opportunity.

  19. should name a world premier league. Thanks god these guys are not running BCCI

  20. How about allowing only 4 players but rotating every foreign player in the squad by imposing certain limit on no of matches the foreign player can play throughout the tournament. As the basic purpose of ipl should remain intact by giving maximum younger uncapped indian players more chances in every single match.

  21. Is Aakash chopra ko apna dimaag nahi chalana chahiye jab har saal itna Indian talent pure season bench pe baitha rehta h jab to yeh kuch nahi kehta, itne Indian player mehnat karne ke baad bhi unsold jaate wo nahi dikhta bas yaha baith ke apna gyan baat te rehte h

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