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This video slideshow follows my year long journey to loose 120 pounds and how I adopted my new lifestyle of health and fitness!!
Started close to 260 and now im around 138 and still loosing!

I own no rights to the music in the video.
-Schoolboy Q- Fantasy ft. Jhene Aiko
-Partynextdoor-Belong to The City
-Partynextdoor- Break From Toronto


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  1. When I was 10 I was 200 lbs. Now I’m 11 and have dropped down to 140 lbs😊

  2. Every time I watch this video it makes me feel like I can do this. Thanks.💖

  3. ผอมแล้วสวยคะ

  4. I'm 17F im 6ft 1 and weigh 233lbs today I've recently found out that I'm at the start of obesity for my height and I need to be at least 144lbs to have a healthy weight. Even though I know this I have no motivation to do something about it and my mom does not help with it at all so I hope by me coming here I could get some motivation.
    Today I did 20 squats, 20 sit by ups, and girl push ups

    I'm willing to do a additional 20 squats, push ups, sit-ups, planks, and mountain climbers for every like recieved
    (Ex: 1 like= 40each, 2 likes= 60each, etc)

  5. Always been pretty now extra pretty 💗

  6. Thanks for the motivation💝💝💝

  7. Un logro espertacular.felicidades

  8. Estoy luchando contra mi sobre peso,,pero le tengo miedo a los brazos flajidos

  9. Amazing, you are beautiful and an encouragement to others. God is always there to keep us in the right direction

  10. Enlightening and inspirational story! The music however is awful and I had to quit watching.

  11. Wow IAM glad for you believe in your self

  12. Congratulations! Your beautiful regardless

  13. Damn you literally melted away… Congrats to you.

  14. I always come back to your video for motivation

  15. Omg how did you get such thinner legs!! 🦵🏼

  16. Awesome weight loss story. Congratulations

  17. 2015:
    YouTube in 2019: ah, perfect year to reccomend this to everyone

  18. I am 14. Going on fifthteen in a few days. I'm am 205. I want to get down to 140, at most. Your vid like many others have gave inspiration. All I need is to find my reason and walk it with God. Thx and ❤❤

  19. Dropping weight took age off you sis! The shape poppin poppin too. This is definitely motivation for me to get started!

  20. I weigh 120 and am trying to get down to 100. But it’s taking foreervvvverrf😑😑😭

    But good job girl u are a very beautiful and strong person ❤️

  21. How u did this mam ? Kindly share with us

  22. I’m 15 5’4 and weigh 196 my goal is to be around 150☺️

  23. You go girl!!!! Feels good doesn't it?

  24. I can't believe this only took one year!!! This was definitely some good inspo. Now I just need to start my own journey..

  25. When she said "I was only 21!" I was $h00k like girl you look so young!!

  26. Awesome job. Awesome video. Awesome music. Love this!

  27. What did you doo??? Girl help a sister out lol

  28. Who else believes in magic now?

  29. I've been doing intermittent fastening, apple cider vinegar, and better food choices daily and lost 56 lbs in 3 months. I finally reached my goal and will continue to go strong. It takes a lot of willpower and determination, but I did it and so can anyone💪 Go here to learn more:

  30. Good for you hun. Also, I weigh 260 and I'm 15… Ugh I need to lose weight…

  31. Thank you for this fit and healthy video.  I know I can do it also.  Doing keto's and 16/8 I/F must stay strong,  your video was great for encouragement.

  32. I wish I could do this
    It’s just so hard
    Me: 130lb

  33. U was always that baby I see😍😍😍😍

  34. So how did it go. What and what exercises did u do?

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