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My 45 Pound Weight Loss Story & How I Kept it off (Before & After) + Update!

My story of how I lost 45 pounds & changed my life. I’m sharing all the details of my journey; my struggles w/ body image, how I lost the weight & keep it off + how I got motivated. Hope it gives you motivation to make healthy changes in your life. SW: 165 Initial CW: 120 lbs , CW w/ muscle toning: 128 lbs & feeling amazing! xo Katie

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  1. I'm so excited to share my story with you and these updates. If you have any questions, comment below and I'll be answering them 🙂 Love you girls!

  2. This made me so emotional. I relate way too much. Thank you for this!

  3. I want to start my weight loss journey,I should loose 15 kilograms,you inspired me.thank you😊

  4. I'm on day 89 of my weight loss journey. I started at about 287-297 lbs. I'm now at 255lbs. Just bye changing my diet and moving my body more. Walking or low impact workouts every day. But the past 2 weeks I feel like I'm stuck. I'm not seeing anything happen with my weight loss. Do u have any suggestions on how to get past this hump?

  5. 52lbs down here! I used keto and hiit training. Sitting comfortably at 125lbs! 😁 took about a year but I'm sooo happy!

  6. "It is the most amazing piece of equipment you could ever own and it's yours"

  7. I’m so thankful this video came up in my feed. As I watched it, it was like hearing my exact story. Thank you for sharing! 🙏🏻 I’m back at my heaviest weight and more inspired to focus on the right things bcuz of this video. Thank you!

  8. This was so heplful. Thank you.

  9. Great video !! Thank you for sharing !!💕💕

  10. I legit didn't expect such a real and relatable story from you. There are so many thin women on you tube hocking specific diets and routines and they come across so fake and like a salesperson but yours actually comes across as genuine and real probably because it is!

  11. Wtf I have been doing diet since 4 years ago n still I’m same I’m such a lazy ass

  12. You are amazing! An I appreciate you sharing. We have gone through similar things an it shows how much a lot of women are alike and have like issues and need one another. I’m so happy for you🥰

  13. The key is in what she said ab accepting yourself the way you are, accepting that your body might not have the changes that you want….when you accept that you let go…when you let go everything starts happening…that s how law of atraction works

  14. Love your focus on how you "feel" or how you "felt" going through these changes. So much more important than your weight.

  15. Thank you for sharing all of this, what you describe is exactly how I feel right now and the past year. I've decided to shift my focus away from weightloss and just simply make my body stronger and aim to feel better as I move it more. For me it's so therapeutic to exercise and feel how strong u become each and every day. There are low days as well, but I love myself because of how quick I can bounce back on track the next days. Really love everything that you do for this community and I wish you all the best.

  16. I am 5’6” and I used to be 155. My weight fluctuates between 150-155 pounds. My heaviest was 166. I am at around 131 pounds. I want lose about ten more pounds. But I’m not focused on the scale that much at all, I’m way focused on how I look and feel in my body. Already I love the way clothes fit. But my goal is to lean out. I need to tone up real good and lose a bit more fat and build muscle.
    My story is very similar to yours. Constant cycle of binging and starving and over exercising. My moment of that made me change is when I quit my stressful job. I realized that this is my chance, my freedom to get on track with my life. I never could during that stressful job because it was a night job, I was surrounded by all sorts of junk foods that I could purchase ANY TIME during the night. I was dealing with rude customers all night by myself. I slept all day when I got home after binging on food before bed. I would sleep all the way till my next shift, not eating anything, eat snacks during my shift then come home, put all this food out on my bed, put on a movie and just binge eat. I was in a terrible cycle. Four years that went on.
    My body was so dependent on sugar foods. All junk food.
    Just over a month ago, September 21st, 2019 is when I quit that job.
    I started eating healthy before that, like my last two weeks before the quit date. Then when I officially quit, I started in exercise. Been a tough road. I am still trying to not go to food for comfort. I miss the junk food comfort. But I remind myself that good feeling only lasted a short time but the guilt lasted days even weeks.
    I can’t wait to see more results with my body and my mind. I will not give up.
    Edit again: MY WHY is because it makes me feel confident. Eating good and exercising makes me feel empowered. Like I’m doing something right. It makes me feel beautiful. Even though I want to be skinny and fit into clothes better, I know it’s more important that my health is on my mind. My why is everything that has to do with health. I want to be healthy. I want to stay active. I want to be the person I’ve always wanted to be.

  17. Here in november 2019. Subscribed! This is such a relatable story.

  18. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!

  19. I’m 195 pounds
    My goal is 130 pounds by August ❤️

  20. Awesome story, I really enjoy seeing reflection stories like these because it not only motivates me but I also share these videos with my friends and loved ones to maybe motiva the them to lead a healthy lifestyle 😊👍

  21. i am not really overweight, my BMI is normal but still i hated myself and my body for years so now am just trying to love myself and feel good 🙂

  22. I all alone right now.. I’m starting my healthy lifestyle now and I have already lost friends. And I’m making changes becasue I got out of a 9 year relationship and my mom passed away. So losing friends on top of that… it’s really hard being alone… I wish I could make new friends where I live… but any friend would be nice… it really sucks

  23. Thank you for sharing your story and for talking about the lost relationships. I have done the same thing and lost my closest friends of 20 years and never really realized that was the reason. I got my stuff together and they were still struggling and walked away. It hurt, but it was very important to my journey to find an awesome support system that i have today. Your channel is awesome!

  24. Thank you for doing this vdo! I have been on a fitness journey and I have had friendships that have fell apart as well it has me so mentally stressed and has got me physically sick now as well. Thank you💋

  25. So how long exactly did it take you to lose this 40+ pounds????

  26. I lost 30kg in 2 years but I'm twice your size so good job.

  27. Hi I've been doing the IF for 2 weeks 16-8 ratio but I'm not loosing any weight I feel like I'm actually gaining do you have any idea as too why and what I should do to break this?

  28. In how much time did u lose weight?

  29. I used to be around 200 lbs, and am now around 170. Still have 25 lbs to. That’s my long term goal. If it wasn’t for you Katie, perhaps I would’ve been lost as to what to do to lose weight. You’re my inspiration 😘

  30. I’m 5’ exactly and my starting weight was 148lb!! I’ve been on birth control for what’s going to be 3 years and before I got on birth control I was 105lb(I still wasn’t happy with my body since I still had a tummy). I’m currently at 131lb at i lost the weight in 2 weeks so I’m guessing it was just water weight? I’ve been eating pretty good, I go to the gym maybe 3-4 times a week and drink only water. I am on a very calorie deficit diet and it’s easy for me because my medication decreases my appetite so with that I’m doing the OMAD diet 🙂

  31. What do you use for recording and editing equipment ? All your videos look great! Love all your videos 💗

  32. I just subscribed, thank you. You just inspired me to start a healthy life, I gained a lot of weight from my last baby he is now one year old, I just couldn't start until now., I weight 167 pounds I will like to be 130 pounds. I will followed your advice, thanks again.

  33. Excellent video. Thank you for sharing. I think you have to find your why and happiness goal. Mine is to find myself be happy and happy inside aswell as out. Leave the past and let go and move into a brighter future and create that future instead of dead end jobs office. I have enrolled on a language course with a view to travel and teach abroad. Of course at 5ft 8 I would love to be 126lbs but as I am at currently 280lbs (I have lost 55lbs since April to August through Keto with fasting) but I know that it is not the one and only goal. Somebody once said to me when I used to go for high paid jobs but was so unhappy 'yeah but you;ll get there quicker if you're happy'. It has stayed with me. What you said about your body being the best bit of equipment – it is so true. Mind body and soul. The best things in life really are free. Thank you LSF from UK 🙂

  34. Just found your channel. Loved this, thank you ❤ excatly what i needed

  35. I’ve just started watching your videos and I loved them! I am happy to be part of this community helping me to achieve my personal goals for becoming a better version of myself! 🙏🏻😘

  36. 10 mins talking so much about her personal feelings and no useful information whatsoever…

  37. I just stumbled on this video and honestly this has given me so much inspiration to work to be healthier ❤️ thank u for posting

  38. I learned…you cant rush it. you cant expect it to happen like that. you cant start everything in oone day

  39. I'm at my highest weight. I want to lose 25lbs to start. Maybe in 6-12 months. Then after, lose an additional 10lbs.
    But in a slow, healthy way over the course of a year and half.

  40. Just started watching and I LOVE you already. Thank you for the motivation 😭💋🔥

  41. I’m trying to start eating healthy and loosing some weight I am trying to decide what guide book to get! The hot body meal plan or the guiltless nutrition and lifestyle!!

  42. Hi aboslutely loved ur video hope u get a chance to respond. 😆 um did u not lose all ur boobs or chest areas during ur weight loss journey or did u workout ur chest or something?

  43. Taking my before photo tonight 💪🏾✨💕

  44. 1 like one exercise please like to motivate me

  45. You are my story in a NUTSHELL! Down to hypothyroidism… everything you’ve gone through is what I’ve gone through!
    My question to you… during your weight loss journey, did you plateau at all? This is my frustration now. Over 3 months, no changes. I exercise 5x/week and monitor my food intake ALL the time yet I can tell(even if I don’t weigh myself) just by the way my clothes fit me that I haven’t changed in size. It’s made me so unhappy and feeling defeated. So much work with no results is, to me, the ultimate failure but I don’t know where to turn. Nutritionist maybe?
    Thank you for your uplifting videos and workouts!

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