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What I’m Wearing:
Fleece –
Teal leggings –
Brown leggings –
Floral dress —

Net-A-Porter Pieces:
My Net-A-Porter edit –
Yellow floral dress –
Aquazurra mules –
Raffia Rockstuds –
Green Loewe tote –
Zimmermann raffia belt –
Loewe belt –
Green gingham dress –
Loewe small logo tote –
Blue flower dress –
Small Loewe raffia tote –
Pink floral dress –
Large raffia loewe tote –
Burberry jacket –
Zimmermann mini dress –
Black Loewe sunglasses –
Tortoiseshell Loewe sunglasses –
Isa Boulder bikini –
Zimmermann midi dress –
Rixo cotton dress –
Reformation midi dress –

Guerlain bronzer –
Clé de Peau serum –
Shop SKIN + ME here – [*first month for just £3.50 (usually £24.99)*] Vieve powder brush –
Code8 Lipstick –
bareMinerals Grace lipstick –

00:00 – Intro
01:24 – Foraged Flower Arranging
04:02 – Net-A-Porter Haul
19:30 – Gardening
22:04 – Running Errands
28:04 – Skincare Update
32:53 – Net-A-Porter Haul

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  1. Could you share the brand of your watch please? It's so elegant!

  2. Keep the Burberry jacket 💕

  3. Never weird Josie…. just love everything about your vlogs… xo

  4. green gingham, blue flowered, pink dresses yes….the green print "puzzle/not quite" Loewe bag …meh…The mix in your vlog is what makes it interesting, 3-dimensional…noboby lives by fashion alone…Def black pair of sunglasses over the tortoiseshell…your eyebrows are too visible above them

  5. Loved hearing your perspectives on your podcasts, thanks for sharing!

  6. What a beautiful face, but the ash colour hair is quite off putting. Josie's complexion would not pull so much green, and she would look so much more upscale if she had that beautiful buttery blond hair colour of an Anglo-Saxon child playing in the beach.

  7. Take some time and change that awful music at the end. It’s just awful.

  8. keep the Burberry, it’s really nice 😊

  9. I lost any respect for Mr. Morgan when he spewed his vitriol regarding Megan Markle. So unnecessarily hateful.

  10. I freaking love the Burberry jacket!

  11. I like the🌺 pink dress the most and the L big original tote bag. Plus, I really enjoy the gardening video parts.🌼🌱The white dresses with blue flowers are 👍 nice.

  12. Another beautiful vlog. Absolutely loved it. All the dresses are stunning. Your garden is looking beautiful.😊❤️🇨🇦

  13. Josie, honestly love everything you do!!!!! You are a beautiful, inspirational individual and your content is never boring!!!
    Hands down my all time favourite vlogger 🥰

  14. Never worry Josie that your vlogs are disjointed and turn from High Fashion to Horticulture…..we love it all , because its who you are ! Another lovely hour in your company xxx

  15. I simply love fashion and gardening. The gardening grabbed me in last year. I love the differences between the US and the UK. Perfect vlogs.

  16. I love your diversity of content, Josie! It's real life and you bring it all together so naturally because it's authentic. I also wanted to say thank you for your comments on free speech. That really did my heart good. I'm 100% on the same page as you. I hope you have a lovely weekend. 💖😊

  17. To be honest I skip past all the gardening, but love the rest of your content. X

  18. Not weird or jarring in the slightest. Your genuine love of gardening, and aesthetics in general, whether it's a floral display or a Zimmerman dress is very much apparent. I really like the variety, maybe it's because I love a lot of the same things. Keep doing what you're doing, I love it!

  19. If you haven't returned the sunglasses yet, take them to an optometrist and ask if they can heat bend the arms to suit your face/mastoid shape. They do this all the time, and know how to do it without damaging the frames.

  20. I really hope there comes a day when we stop apologizing for showing up "bare-faced". It usually makes my heart ache when I watch videos on Youtube and the lovely beautiful people on my screen keep feeling small and awkward because they don't have make up on. Everyone is beautiful…absolutely everyone. Having no make up on does not take that away. To anyone that reads this, please believe that ❤❤❤

  21. Love the gardening content! And love the take on free speech! Censorship of ideas is moving further from democracy, not toward!

  22. I love everything you do Josie. Really with the Dresses could you say where you're going in them please? That would help me a lot. Xxx

  23. LOVE that your content covers all of aspects I'm interested in, too! I live in a cottage in the woods, where we are working to overhaul our gardens, and I used to live in LA, now live near NYC – so the city and fashion stuff is right up my alley, too. Please do keep sharing it all! 💕❤️

  24. On the Burberry coat: I feel like the old one would look better on a cool toned person like me. The new one goes SO WELL with your colours, it makes you look like a goddess. KEEP IT!

  25. The Zimmermann watercolor dress, the long one, is STUNNING. What a fabulous piece.
    I love your vlogs because it has everything in it: fashion, flowers, cooking, etc. It looks like I am spending the day in the Cotswolds with you, Charlie and the dogs. It's not weird at all, I love it.

  26. Definitely not jarring at all, Josie. In fact it's quite comforting because I have a similar duality to my life. And honestly, gardening and doing work outside truly are beautiful & whimsical hobbies so it fits it delightfully with your fashion.

  27. I personally don’t care for the gardening bits, I like the fashion, beauty, and travel content.

  28. It's called cancel culture and this is what Hitler did to the people in the beginning. Rallying the foot soldiers against the Jewish people

  29. Personally I love your mix of blogs because the fashion part isn’t why I am here.

    Milly Dowler is the reason I won’t listen to the podcast or anything he has to say. Maybe research that before you mention him on your vlogs ( it’s your space you can mention who you like). He is an awful human being.

  30. I hope we all have cheerleaders in our lives like Sarah Franklin’s auntie! 🤍🤍

  31. My Dear, I am on board with everyone else in saying "Don't change a thing"! Love the variety and beauty of all the Cotswold lifestyle. Love your doggies, gardens and your home style. Thank you for sharing all your and Charlie's hard work.
    Don't get the gigantic tote… probably won't use it enough to get the "value per use" out of it.