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Prada basket bag (similar) –
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Rockstud sandals –
(US) Rockstud sandals –

Dior coat (similar) –

Straw tote (similar) –

Carnaby dress –

Thin Loewe belt –
Wide Loewe belt –
(US) Wide Loewe belt –
Gucci horsebit belt –

Amazon fan –

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  1. My best purchase was a pair of Chanel sunglasses. I lost my Guess ones, and so I didn’t have a pair on my trip to New York. I got super carried away by the glamour of Fifth Avenue and bought them without even thinking if the price. But I’ve loved them ever since and that was years and years ago. I also bought a silk scarf from Ted Baker that I wear all the time, in winter and in summer. I love it. I wish I bought two because mine is getting very well loved.
    I have a Ted Baker purse I bought that is beautiful, but so skinny I can’t fit anything into it! Definitely not my best purchase.

  2. Josie. I have to wonder what your tie-strap-dresses would be like if the bows were neatly tied on the top of your shoulder rather than on the front. The dresses are beautiful but I find the floppy front bows detract from their attractiveness on you. 💜

  3. Great tips! I use to buy on a whim an half the time regretted it!
    Although I NEED that fan!!!
    Hugs from Texas!

  4. Very interesting video Josie. I hated those Chloe Gumboots from the very start. Designer does not always equate to classy. As for the walking boots with a 4inch heel… I spat my coffee out laughing at those. xxxxx

  5. the cost per wear is such a great concept! Who else is also thinking about that before purchasing something new?

  6. Josie. I couldn't live with out My Fan. Love it. Xx 😘

  7. Oh honey, you always wear huge silk scarf over your face and hair when you have makeup and take your light coloured clothes off. Always, always, always. Have one silk scarf just for that, not the expensive one but 100% silk to help you ❤️

  8. My best purchase has to be my Dior book tote. I use it as a work bag, and I just love looking at it in my office and it uplifts my spirits when I know I have tons of work to do inside of it.

  9. 😃 Hi Josie, 38 years ago my husband and I were shopping and I needed a belt. The one I got was brown leather and was 50 dollars and he was shocked at the cost and he hemmed and hawed I still have and wear that brown leather belt. Cost per wear is in the negative at this point.😃 You should give those mid rise boots some more chances

  10. You can put a shower cap over your face if you have a full face of make up on when you’re putting on your dresses.

  11. Thank you so so much loved – best Mulberry bag and worst Jimmy Choo shoes similar to yours but in blue bawling 😭

  12. After a great Ibiza holiday vlog 👌Josie Is again really diligent for us 💪 Inspiring even at my age 😉Thank you and good luck, health and prosperity. 🤗

  13. Oh josie yoy made us use to real life an garden 🙄

  14. Anticipating and patiently waiting for her to mention the Chloe rubber boots 😂

  15. I always enjoy your videos ♡

  16. 😍Look at that vacation (Ibiza)glow on Josie! Don’t get me started on some of my fashion purchase regrets…but I no longer do trends.

  17. Really enjoyed your. Video and it’s good to see that we can all make mistakes sometimes when we purchase clothing etc

  18. Hi Josie, do you have a video of you wearing the Chloe rain boots? I’m interested in purchasing the same ones. Thanks!

  19. I love this video, Josie, and remember encouraging you to buy the pink basket bag four years ago! My best luxury purchase has been my black Kensington Burberry trench. I have worn it year after year, and it makes me feel fabulous every time I do. My “worst” luxury purchase might be a bit surprising. It is a Max Mara wrap style camel hair coat, which I saved up for for a year. It just isn’t warm enough for the New England winters and isn’t roomy enough for a bulky sweater or blazer underneath. I’m not sorry I have it, though, since it is so classic it won’t go out of style and the cost per wear will gradually go down over the years. One tip to you, please don’t dry clean that gorgeous coat of yours until absolutely necessary and then only take to a dry cleaner specializing in designer goods. I have had so many of my clothes ruined by the dry cleaner 😩.

  20. Josie you have very good taste in clothes. You have a elegant classy style. 🤗

  21. So glad you bought the Prada bag. I was one that said not too but agree one of your best :).

  22. Oh I love that Dior coat! I saw the video and was excited for you. We all make mistakes 🦋

  23. don't have a worst but my best purchase would be the Chloe Tess bag! I bought it last black friday with a 25% discount!!! and i've never been happier about a purchase. It was completely influenced by you! 😊😍

  24. This will sound crazy but to get a tight dress on without makeup all over it is to take a pair of stocking and pull it over while head and face and then pull the dress over your head and not only will you not get makeup on it but it will also not smear it. I learned this at a fashion show.

  25. Josie how interesting! I love this Fashion video ❣️🥰 Barbour coats are my strengths and weaknesses I have to say. Xxxx

  26. I knew the Chloe "wellies" would be in this video! I'm surprised about the Jimmy Choo flats though, I thought you would have worn those loads!

  27. Best designer purchase: Chanel sunglasses (3 pairs) on an eBay auction.
    Worst designer purchase: is there such a thing?

  28. Can you please tell us the lipstick and nail polish you are wearing. love the colour. thank you😍

  29. Sell all these bad purchases and put the money towards something you love.

  30. I was just on Nordstrom trying to find jeans to go with all my ankle boots! So hard to find ones that fit🥴. The Chloe boots? I was shocked you purchased those🤣. Not josiesk at all🙈. That Dior coat is a hit! One of my favorites of all your purchases. That drink is making me thirsty!

  31. Please let me know if you ever want to sell the Valentino boots or the gum boots I love them both 😂😍 x

  32. The ankle boots really fit my style, bot quite my budget 😂 but I guess I’m a different height than you.

    The Chloe gum boots 😝 those are not your style and not my style either

  33. Love that you are able to step back and later admit you’ve made a few ill-advised fashion buys. We learn so much for the future when we can do that!

  34. I am obsessed with you in this vlog!! It truly felt like hanging out with a girlfriend going through her closet and just chatting with 🍷🍷 . Loved it!!

  35. God those Chloe boots were horrific! Definitely not for you!

  36. Gosh those short boots ..both were ugly ..your too petite for such horrors ..dress for you..

  37. Love the Prada bag 🙂❤️

  38. I loved this so much,thanks for sharing. This was so helpful to watch.

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