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Estrid razor –
Don’t forget to add ‘Josie’ at checkout to donate £1 to The Fawcett Society too!

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  1. The sweater dress would be so great with your tan boots 😍

  2. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. I don’t know if you take viewer feedback to the brands that you work with, but just a little (friendly!) constructive criticism. I wish that razor company wasn’t working with so many content creators at the same time. I’ve seen 3-4 creators, at least, promoting it recently which usually makes me less likely to purchase than if I saw one creator promoting. Maybe they can space out campaigns more or do multi-month exclusives with single creators 😊

  4. I absolutely adore you! And aspire to be you in the near future! Do you ever go thrifting or antique shopping?

  5. Have a lovely time away from home 🏡 💕 Wish you all the best on your holiday…

  6. Dirty trick. Not liking you anymore.

  7. Josie, I hope some of these commenters who unreasonably feel they are entitled to what they want from YouTubers (like a dressing room tour when there’s nothing about a tour in the title) don’t bother you too much. You have a wonderful sense of humour, and a thick skin, which I admire. I just wish more ppl realize that, eventually, a lot of little pin pricks (naggy comments) can feel like a stab wound and just wear a person down.

    I love your videos, and love seeing good things happen from the hard work you and Charlie put into your house and lives 💕 Take care of yourself!!

  8. Super excited to see your dressing room! Love the tease with the video title… perfect way to keep (most of) us hooked 😂 Hope you have (are already having!) a fantastic holiday… A lot of my friends have been on holiday recently and they’ve loved it… I’m always happy when someone gets to go on their trip that they’ve booked long before Covid, it’s nice to have something to look forward to, and with so many being cancelled last minute, i think it makes your holidays even more special right now. Take care!

  9. Have a great holiday, and love the jumper dress, you look fab in it xx

  10. Ohhh nooooo!!! Hahaha I only got to see a little sneak peak of the dressing room. I’m exploding with excitement to see it! And now I have to wait till you get back! Nooooo. The peak looked so so good.
    I know holidays are always the same, but I don’t care! I love your travel videos. I can’t wait to see those too!

  11. Have a great holiday …. well deserved

  12. Love your hairstyle. Do you have any tutorial for that one?

  13. Thank you for sharing this amazing video,you are so nice,I like your videos, I buy the wonderful one from four days ago

  14. you are the epitome of perfection!! <3

  15. Sweater dress stunning. Have a lovely lovely holiday x ❤

  16. Please post your vacation. I am living in the fire zone and we aren't getting to travel this year, your trip is my escape.

  17. Josie, have you considered have permanent hair removal? Let me tell you, I had it done more than a decade ago, it is the best investment on myself I've done, beauty-wise. Imagine not having to shave in over 15 years… EVER!!! You'll love it! – Romy

  18. So excited about the closet reveal! Have fun on your trip 💜

  19. Josie – go on your holiday and just switch off and relax. This way you can recharge and come back energetic to then show us your closet!! Sounds like you will have some busy weeks ahead so just indulge on a break away from everyone. Stay safe. Mar

  20. Seems a bit rude to say my wardrobe is complete but say haha I’m not going to show it to you. We invest time and trust into watching your videos because we like them and you. But I don’t appreciate the smugness. I would rather you just wait until it’s done then say it’s done and show it.

  21. While I get that everyone hopes the dogs are well taken care of while Charlie and Josie are away, all the question regarding this subject seem suspicious. Like people are thinking they'll just leave the boys to themselves. Why must every move of Josie be questioned? It's pretty clear she cares a lot about Dexter and Dickens and obviously has arranged something for them!

  22. Hope you two enjoyed your fried cheese and got back safely ✈️

  23. Enjoy your time with your family. We can’t get far this year but we can get up to Islay for wee 10 days to the cottage and think ourselves very lucky. Stay safe❤️

  24. Happy well deserved holiday. Also, where can I locate Charlie’s channel please?

  25. You look stunning without make and with make up. Beautiful woman.

  26. Have a great holiday Josie and Charlie! ! x 😊

  27. Wow, your dressing room is gorgeous ❤️. Those slippers are so cute!

  28. I stand corrected – in my Prada shoes 😂😂😂🤣 Love it !!!
    Have a wonderful rest Josie and we look forward to seeing you back again soon for the big reveal 🥰

  29. Gosh! You are so lucky going on holiday, some people dont have a job anymore and cant even pay there mortgage

  30. Hi Josie your hair looks so lovely. They look like great products. Can't wait to see the finished Dressing Room. Enjoy your holiday you both work so hard. Much love 💝💝

  31. What dressing gowns are you Wearing? Xx

  32. Love this video because it had a bit of everything

  33. Enjoy your holiday my friend!

  34. Love the sweater dress! It looks lovely on you as always.

  35. Have a nice Holiday will miss you.

  36. I think your hair looks fabulous today! I don’t think the curls need to drop at all. So pretty with the curl as it is. 🥰

  37. Josie, your hair looks gorge! I also love my Dyson Airwrap. I have short hair and I will definitely try that small volumizing brush. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful vacay 🙂

  38. How exciting , I can’t wait to see you organise everything . Have a fab time xxx

  39. Josie darling ❇️ tah tah for now (ttfn) living in the US overseas travel is only a fantasy… Vicarious Escapes are greatly appreciated… Enjoy… Be Safe…🤗☀️😘👼🏾

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