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H&M Cable knit jumper –
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Sweaty Betty base layer bottoms –
Moon boots –
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Cashmere socks –
Bobble hat (similar) –
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Pink puffa jacket –
(US) Pink puffa jacket –
Pearl huggies – [USE CODE JOSIE10 FOR 10% OFF]

Sally’s Instagram –
Elemis Joyful Glow candle –
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream set –
(US) Pro-Collagen Marine Cream set –
Pro-Collagen Rose Duet set –
(US) Pro-Collagen Rose Duet set –

Urban Decay Stoned Vibes palette –
(US) Urban Decay Stoned Vibes palette –

Hillside Farm Flowers –


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  1. Your videos just sparkle with joy! Lily (my kitty) spotted Phinela on the hearth at 11:11 and tucking you into bed at 27:00. May visions of sugar plums dance in your heads…sweet dreams.

  2. Phenella on headboard. Sharing with family.

  3. Those painting of the dogs are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Well done Charlie.

  4. I spotted Phinella infront of chimney next to pink chair when you were looking for present from Charlie

  5. I think we can reach 500k before Christmas!! 🎄 It would be a great gift for Josie 🎁 This time for her💜😁

  6. Another great day with you Josie and we loved the lampshade! Phinella was on the headboard as you are preparing for your bath!

  7. Another great vlog as always I love the pictures of dexter and dickie and also phinella perched on the hearth and then at the end in your bedroom perched on the side table xx🤗

  8. I finally found phinella! Haha

  9. Phillella is at 17:21 by the fireplace with Charlie, she was also behind Phillip Schofield on This Morning programme on the 8th December when he was looking at Christmas gifts. Wow, she gets about. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. xxxxxx

  10. A few months ago, you asked when we watch your vlogs. I always watch you when I’m taking a bath. I’m glad to see that you take baths too. They are my favorite time of the day.

  11. Josie, you're so polite. Next vlog, the coffee table has disappeared…………

  12. The lamps are in their special space now.🛋️ Nice blog to see work in progress🚐🚚 and you both having fun finding🙈 and receiving gifts. 🍸And yes, the doggies take the camera 📸 attention at times and work it!👍🎄🐕🐩😅

  13. Phinella is in your bedroom on the headboard. Lol. Amazing.

  14. Share on Instagram with friends, My niece is purchasing a home and she loves antiques can find inspiration for your channel. Phinella the Pheasant is perched on the top of something.

  15. Finella is behind you on the bed!! When you are talking about your braces which made me laugh😂so true tho why make the word brace if it’s difficult to say when ur wearing a brace😂😂

  16. What a fab vlog.. love how happy you all are and those paintings are adorable. I may have to get one of my little man. I thought I must have watched 2 vlogs at once but no that little pheasant was on the hearth in the entrance hall (I think) & then again on your headboard #phinella.
    Can't wait for tomorrow 🤗

  17. Queen 👸 morning London and mommy baby girl old friend have happy 😊 merry Christmas happy

  18. This is a really great vlog💕 love seeing how the house is absorbing yours and Charlie’s characters with each improvement you make💖 Phenella is over your right shoulder in the bedroom at the end of the vlog. I have shared your channel with friends and they love your content too! 🥰

  19. I know you want snow and it's pretty for Xmas but if you lived in Ontario Canada you would be mighty sick of shoveling it and trying to drive in it by February and sometimes even into April. Also cute little coats, jackets and gorgeous boots just won't cut it when you are up to your knees in blowing snow. I just love yours and Frreddy my loves clothes and would love them but they just wouldn't be practical here in January. Its funny we all want what we don't have. But I so wish for snow for you soon and I love your house, clothing style and most of all your channel!! You are my favourite. I was just trying to put snow in prospective LOL

  20. Seen the bird he was just right behind you at the end of the video i think on your locker sorry don't know how to use Instagram but I still love your channel beautiful home can't wait to see your bathroom finished love the doggie pictures to love from Ireland x

  21. I’ve shared your videos on my Instagram stories and tag my friends in your Instagram pictures! And I watch your videos with my friends ❤️

  22. Find a local picture framer and they will have a massive range to choose from..

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