Tuesday , June 22 2021
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MY FIRST VLOG! Yoga at The Shard, Barry M Factory Tour & Benefit Event!

With a very exciting few days planned, I decided the time was right to film my first ever Vlog! Join me for lunch handing from a crane with Benefit to launch their new Air Patrol primer, Yoga at the top of The Shard with Touch of Silver, a tour of the Barry M Factory, as well as a lovely Afternoon Tea with a twist!

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Topshop Rust Trousers : http://bit.ly/1JlT8GJ
Warehouse High Neck Top [similar] : http://bit.ly/1LeMLT7
Dorothy Perkins Shoes : http://bit.ly/1HxMBVd


Sweaty Betty Yoga Top [similar] : http://bit.ly/1KqZXRO
Sweaty Betty Yoga Capris : http://bit.ly/1JlU2D2

Oasis Blue Top : http://bit.ly/1FqXftD
Reiss Jeans : http://bit.ly/1DXg8cQ
Tory Burch Bag : http://bit.ly/1WxUaTG


French Connection Embroidered Top : http://bit.ly/1LeNML1
Light Pink Jeans [similar] : http://bit.ly/1Nn9pLo
Dorothy Perkins Shoes : http://bit.ly/1K75aRl



Benefit Air Patrol Primer : http://bit.ly/1JlTwVL
Clarins Spa at John Lewis : http://bit.ly/1Ex6F6V
Yoga at The Shard : http://bit.ly/1fk6h53
Touch of Silver : http://bit.ly/1KqZHSP
Barry M : http://bit.ly/1Kr0bs4
Habanera Mexican : http://bit.ly/1J7GYiz
Cucina Asellina : http://bit.ly/1AH9W3A


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  1. Josie, this old vlog popped up in my news feed. Only recently discovered you, I haven't seen your earlier work. How you have developed while still maintaining your core essence! You are such a talented but humble content creator.

  2. Making videos came so naturally for you. Even the first vlog is a pleasure to watch 😊

  3. Loved watching your first vlog especially your facial expression at the end lol!😂🥰

  4. Daily Binge— going through your old videos 🙂

  5. I can't believe this was your first vlog! You're so very good at creating beautiful videos!

  6. she is like the girl next door <3 Subscribed!

  7. Awesome vlog! I love the music and editing

  8. Yay Josie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Josieee don't u remember me I'm hope your boyfriends little cousin !!

  10. What a day you had! Thanks so much for coming to our event 🙂 always a pleasure xx

  11. Love your vlog! Definitely keep going, so fun to watch 🙂

  12. Loved the vlog and those Dorothy Perkins heels! May I ask how the sizing is? Runs big or small, true to size? Looking forward to seeing more vlogs!

  13. Cool first vlog! I recently posted my first vlog too! Can't wait for some more videos

  14. I loved this so much Jose! xxxx

  15. Loved this video – and your channel! Subscribed 🙂

  16. You should definitely keep vlogging 🙂 I stayed in the ME London hotel over Valentine's and it was amazing!

  17. Omg this was so interesting to see inside the Barry M Factory!! Especially considering it's a brand i've used for years, it's amazing to see how they make it all! 😀 Amazing first vlog! 🙂 <3

  18. Nice vlog! It's a good thing that you write in the desciption what you wear (many youtubers don't and i'm always wondering ^^'). So thanks 🙂

  19. Amazing first Vlog!!!! So natural and effortless. Can't wait to see you do more xxx

  20. Absolutely loved this video Josie, definitely keep vlogging! 😘💕 xo

  21. Lovely vlog Josie! The Benefit event looks amazing and the Barry M factory is definitely my idea of heaven too! 😍 xx

  22. Loved this video! The quality is fabulous x

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