Sunday , August 1 2021


My Wholesome & Healthy Morning Routine 🤍🌿
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Superfood Matcha Eye Dew –
Superfood Fruit Vinegar Liquid Glow –
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream –
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Wetbrush shine enhancer –
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  1. Where is the zip up sweatshirt from? Super cute!

  2. What a package from elimis!!

  3. Sauté the beet leaves like you would kale. They are so yummy! Also I didn’t think mine were done but I put my finger under the soil to see how big they were and they were ready all below the soil level!

  4. Loving the beauty content!

  5. I bet Josie took the prettiest picture on that face analyzer LOL

  6. You can use the beet leaves for soups and smoothies 🙂 love your videos xx

  7. Omg, you have some giant spinach out there! 😳😂

  8. Josie, cook and freeze your spinach for use in soup and pasta.

  9. Does the restaurant in London do a dairy-free Mac and Cheese? I'm DF too 🙂

  10. try raw sugar,I find I need less when I use it in my tea.

  11. Hi, did you get some Botox around your eyes and forehead this time? Looks great and refreshed 😍

  12. So there is some kind of magic going on where when I'm thinking of maybe trying a new product bam! Jose cones in with a review about it! I love Elimis and was thinking of trying some of thier other products but was a bit unsure. I also recently decided to give shampoo bars a try and that very same week Josie recommended one. Its a total thing!

  13. Wowzers, Elemis always nail it with their packages! Very, very lucky gal!

  14. Love the brows Josie!!! I’m really considering this but I’m scared the shape wouldn’t suit me 🥺 as I’ve never liked my brow shape! do they go through a few diff shape ideas with you before you select what shape you’d go for? If that makes sense haha xx

  15. I highly recommend trying the Monin Sugar-Free Caramel Syrup (can buy on Amazon) in coffee – tastes amazing and is a sugar alternative! (Still not brilliant for you of course, as it’s an artificial sweetener but could be a good, tasty alternative to 2 sugars per coffee) ☕️

  16. Wouha😍your brows looks so beautiful 😻 I have got mine microbladed this week too and also was a little bit weird about the darkness at first but like the first time I did, they look very natural after a little time 🥰💋💋💋💋💖💖💖💖

  17. Also you are so gorgeous with or without makeup😱

  18. I’ve wanted to get them microblading so bad. I’m a natural redhead with no eyebrows. I finally found my dream eye brow color and it took FOREVER but it’s not 100% waterproof. Oh man if I lived closer to you 😂. Do they ever have coupons during the Christmas season? I’ve heard it’s like $200. It lasts for years which when you think about it eyebrow pencils add up over time and it’s worth it.

  19. Hello Josie and anyone reading this message. Hope you are well and having a good day so far.
    May I ask where your bracelet is from?

    Take care everyone x

  20. I’ve been eating chia seeds wrong this whole time and I googled it sure as rain it’s true!

  21. Hi! Do you have a recipe for the broad bean and pea pasta you made?

  22. The discount code îs not working!😭 Where îs the necklace from?

  23. Josie u can freeze your spinach. Great to then have available all year round 👍

  24. Your garden gives you so much good vegetables. You can start preparing for winter and for example freeze your spinach.

  25. I actually prefer Stevia to sugar. IMHO it is sweeter than sugar and It is better for you 😉.
    You can use the beetroot 🍃leaves just like spinach. In smoothies, salads, cooked, or steamed.
    I love yours and Charlie's Instagram and reels. You have a fabulous creative mindset and while your content is sometimes ad relevant, you make it fun for everyone. You are never boring and IMHO I do not know how anyone could dislike your content. Personally, I bring up your page, press the 👍and then I watch the video. You are real, never fake, never forced, never putting on airs… are so genuine, thoughtful, and so very thankful for everything you receive. I believe your channels will double and triple in a very short time. 👱‍♀️🐈🏡🇺🇸

  26. Being pre diabetic, I add Truvia sweetener to my coffee.

  27. Josie, OMG…just watched Lydia's vlog and laughed out loud when I saw her camera in the mirror, immediately thought of you. What was even more laughter was when I saw you were first to comment, just love you guys. Best wishes for you always. MM-TEXAS

  28. I thought you were supposed to mark ads? With a hashtag and everything? Did they change the UK law? It seems like you have a ton of ads in your videos that you don't mark as ads.

  29. You can put organic palm sugar in your coffee. It will taste delicious and it is much healthier compared to white sugar.

  30. 🧡 Beetroot leaves are totally edible 🍀

  31. God made sugar for a reason to eat it

  32. 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼 🖤🖤

  33. I've got my eyebrows microbladed in China and was blown away by the results. For after care they gave me eyebrow shaped cotton pads and said to soak them in cold filtered water and leave on the brows for 5 minutes. Then I got a cream that kept them moist. This was made for the brows and smelled a little earthy. I didn't have any pain and barely had tingling so I think the after care makes a huge difference. Another lovely vlog Josie ✨

  34. 🧡🧡🧡🧡The reels was so cute. I need to try Elemis as it is not really a product pushed in the US and I love the glow and the care you take of your skin. The vegetable garden looks amazing, such a great green thumb. Another great vlog Josie 👋🏽👋🏽😃😃

  35. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who has paid £3.99 for advert free watching 😂 I’m on nights at the moment for the next couple weeks so I catch up on love island during my break followed by your new vlog (currently writing this message whilst on my break ha)

  36. You should try pure monk fruit’s a sweetener that I find I can only get on amazon because in supermarkets here they often add other ingredients, but this is very healthy, make sure to get the only ingredient monk fruit extract, no calories and antioxidant. Very healthy and tasting you should try ☺️😘⭐️✨

  37. I like the health blog. And by the way, I didn’t know you are supposed to soak the oats and chia seeds either. 🤷‍♀️

  38. I love one coffee in my sugar too

  39. You can try Allulosa for your coffe , does not have any after taste like stevia.🤗 and it is natural.

  40. Josie! Where is your gold floral jewellery set from?! It's divine! The matching earrings, necklace and I think you may have been wearing a matching ring too! xx

  41. What is the source of your water? Well? Have you had the water tested? I will only drink or use for cooking tested filtered water.

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