Thursday , January 20 2022
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'My Heart Is All Mexican:' Syrians Find Land Of Opportunity In Mexico | NBC News

A group of Syrian students who have had their studies interrupted by the Syrian civil war are now carving out new lives in Mexico.
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‘My Heart Is All Mexican:’ Syrians Find Land Of Opportunity In Mexico | NBC News


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  1. Learn something , back 150 years 10 of Thousands of Arabs from Lebanon , Syria migrated to Colombia , Cuba , Honduras , Panama and Mexico by working on those Big ship ,they dock in those country and some stay and had family till day , in  America Trump put a Ban on Muslim can't enter the USA , Brother and Sister , learn the Culture but never forget your real Culture .

  2. Samah es una linda chica y bienvenida aquí en México

  3. Everybody giving thanks to Mexico. Grasias a ti Dios los bendiga todas las Nations we will be here whit tacos and humildad

  4. One planet one race, the HUMAN race.

  5. Come to Mexico but don't bring islam!

  6. Just don't spread your Islam and everything will be fine. No hate.

  7. I was born in Mexico and let me tell you if anyone from other countries travel to remote areas in any state and find yourself hungry or even thirsty all you have to do is ask for it and people will bring you inside and feed you no questions asked because thats how we are.we don't see colors or races but a person like us and thats why for the most part it takes just one visit to fall in love with our rich culture and humanity.thank you to all visitors that truly see past the negatives of our country and find how awesome mexico is.

  8. They're doing it right, they're learning the language and trying to fit in and not being separate

  9. hola a todos, soy Dario, de mexico, nuestra forma de ser es siempre amigable y alegre, sin importar la miseria o las carencias, todos son bienvenidos, tratamos de compartir lo poco que tengamos, pero lo hacemos con gusto, de hecho procuramos tratar a las personas casi como si fueran de nuestra familia, obviamente en todas las partes del mundo hay maldad, egoísmo, personas muy malas, (y muchos divorcios también), pero no todos somos asi aquí en mexico, ojala puedan visitarnos o quedarse por aca a vivir, porque quizá no tengamos grandes monumentos ni grandes ciudades, ni mucho dinero, pero la riqueza de MEXICO esta en la gente, somos amigables, alegres, y nuestra hospitalidad es sincera, y no nos importa que idioma o religión se hable, ni tu color, ni tu peinado(obviamente si alguien trae un peinado raro o si hay personas con costumbres como los musulmanes, pues si va a llamar la atención, pero nada mas, porque es curiosidad) y aunque a veces no lo parezca pero el hombre y la mujer son iguales para la mayoría de nosotros los mexicanos, podría decir que en general, las mujeres mexicanas son muy cariñosas, y los hombres somos, jejeje, muy calientes por decirnos de una forma entendible, saludos a todos y bienvenidos a MEXICO, su casa

  10. I am Syrian in Sweden and I marry to Mexican I will move to Mexico after 4 months approximately


  12. If there are no crimes, we will also love to help lending a hand after my country somalia get rebuild first! i know the struggle, war and all this…WE GOT YOUR BACK!!! I'm supporting everybody POC.

  13. I feel so happy when I see people from different countries talking good about my mexico 🇲🇽

  14. Mexico is a wonderful country the people there are very kind! The Media will tell you otherwise they only show you the bad and the horrible but never the good and beautiful

  15. I almost cried when I saw the guy holding the "En México si se puede" sign!!! That's my Raza!!! So sad our neighbors in the north don't see it that way!!

  16. En México, de todos los credos, de todas las razas, de todas las clases sociales , tienen oportunidad de ser lo que quieran.No es como la falsedad de EU.


  18. Be careful because a Mexican grandma will take your chancla😉😝

  19. Good I’m happy for you. Stay out of American.

  20. What a beautiful video.. very touching 🥰👏👏👏👏

  21. "Undocumented Immigrants" ; So can we call drug dealers "Unlicensed Pharmacists"?
    They are in violation of US Law!

  22. Arabs are welcomed, Muslims are not!!!

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