Wednesday , September 30 2020
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MY NEW MORNING ROUTINE // Moving Vlogs Episode 18 // Fashion Mumblr AD

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  1. I think I pulled something while watching you do yoga…🤔😂

  2. Does Charlie have a channel? The house is like a National Trust property. You could give guided tours!

  3. Your house is absolutely lovely like a mini old world castle 🏰
    As always you have a great eye for exquisite style.

  4. When you first discussed painting that room pink I couldn’t imagine it. BUT I recently purchased the Emma remake and there several rooms in the film that are pink and now I get it and I’m excited to see how your pink turns out.

  5. That dark jacket you are wearing looks so good on you. It's a pity you don't like wearing darker colours. Anyway, just my humble opinion 🙂 ♡♡♡

  6. Josie, I would love your house because then when I had an argument with my husband I could go and live in a part of the house and he'd never find me, peace! 😁 x 😊

  7. I love your new home more and more if that's possible. I'm so happy for you both. Well done you two. 😇

  8. Lovely vlog as always, this house is one of the nicest I've ever seen

  9. All those sheep, bleeting away. Aren't they absolutely hilarious!

  10. The small bathroom doesn't really feel right without a mirror in my opinion, or any bathroom for that matter 🙂 Maybe you can make the mirror specially cut in the form of that wall (with the slant), and it will not be that small, and it might even make the bathroom look a bit bigger!

  11. Josie I beg you, when life goes back to normal please don't rush to the salon for a full head of highlights 🙈
    You always look stunning but the darker hair has taken 5 years off you and your eyes are really stand out. Really enjoying your new home content

  12. Always a pleasure watching your vlogs!!! ❤️❤️

  13. I was watching this with My Doxi Gladys & she was watching your Two boys tilting her head when Dickens was barking 😂😂😂x

  14. I bought my house back in September and I’ll be honest, it’s overwhelming. It’s a 6 bed 3 bath with large garden. My house is much smaller than yours though. I take comfort in the fact that your house is not going to magically be finished over night and that I’m not the only one going through it. Fab job so far Josie, it’s a full time job in itself trying to get a house how you as the owner want it! Xx

  15. Your dogs are adorable 🐶🐶❤

  16. So many doors and passageways! It's amazing! Though I would keep getting lost there for like a week before learning them haha

  17. Your doggies are sweet! I have 2 house doggies myself. It seems like you have been talking to them a lot and spotlighting them a lot. Not to offend you but I enjoy your videos more when they aren't as much of a focus. -Kathy

  18. Do you not wear sunscreen?

  19. Your house is AMAZING! Can’t wait to see your dining room! Your style is perfection! Thankyou so much for sharing your days with us and all that you are doing in your home! So fun for us watching you and excited to see your vlogs!!!!!🥰👏😍

  20. Josie, I would probably not drill into the tiles above the sink for the mirror in the tiny bathroom. Maybe hang just one of those iron looking “industrial“ style ones on the door, to match the rustic doorknob? Just so people can check themselves on their way out? Just an idea that popped in my head…
    Love love your house! What a “Hide and seek” paradise for kids!!!😂👌🏻

  21. You are so lovely and you work so hard for all videos.😊 Enjoy your new nice house and stay healthy. 🤗

  22. Hello beautiful from California 🌹🌹🌹🏰

  23. Definitely make that little room a library! I imagine any future kids would love that! Also, I can't wait for the tour, trying to piece together the layout is killing me XD

  24. LOL😂😂😂 That IS a problem with 14th century homes: no toilet paper holders on the wall! The problem used to be no indoor loos! This is something so outrageously ordinary and so necessary to “civilized” life that we hardly think about it anymore. We forget that modern indoor sanitation is only about 150 -170 years old. “Thanks for the memory.” — not mine but within the memory of my grandfather by way of my Dad’s stories.

  25. the secret passages of the Manor is so intriguing , did you ever wonder what it must have been like in the 14th century?Have a lovely day ( Judy )

  26. Omg josie babe I love your hair is it like a sort of pinky grey colour really lovely

  27. The pink silk robe is gorgeous! 💖

  28. Silk pillow cases has definitely made a difference for me! 🙌🏼🧸

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