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My On-The-Go Workout Routine! | Fashion Mumblr

My Holiday Workout Routine – filmed in the beautiful Maldives!
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5 Tips for Keeping Fit While You Travel :


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  1. I knew you were in good shape, Josie, but daaaamn, girl… You're killing it! Such an inspiration ❤️

  2. Can't wait to watch more of your workout videos 😊 I'm surely gonna try this one out!

  3. Loved this video, very helpful and informative ❤ I've always wanted to go to the Maldives, looks so beautiful there 🏝

  4. Hi, please do more video about your workouts 🏋🏻‍♀️

  5. I never knew how good sideplanks were for your body! Now I know what to do to get that summer bod 😉

  6. most of the exercises here are not for people with any kind of back problems

  7. Amazing video Josie! Great work out tips, and such a beautiful place 😀

  8. Wonderful video! Love your sports bra (:
    A very nice idea for holiday workout!

    Just one quick comment; make sure when you do the jumping lunges that your front knee is in line with your ankles so don't over-bend your front knee🌺

    Lots of love! Enjoying all of your videos, keep going 🍀

  9. the filming was wonderful you must do more of these

  10. Hi Josie. I absolutely love watching you but would u be able to advise me on something u bought please. It's a grey whistles wool cold shoulder dress that I love, can't really afford it but they still have it in some shops, Don't know. Whether to get a S or Medium in it, I'm normally a size 12, bit sort of your figure but not as good as u look !!!!!! Thx. Karen xxx

  11. So inspiring !! Love it!! ❤️❤️

  12. You have a nice editing style with your videos. Keep up the great work. Is there a Spotify link or handle we can follow? Follow mine same name 🙂

  13. Great video, and excellent routine. Do you just kind of count/know how long your minute is or do you use an app or something to track all your minute intervals? Resetting my timer on my phone each minute would get annoying but I don't trust myself to actually count out a full minute lol.

  14. Love this video! ❤️Just started getting into the routine of a daily workout of some sort. I don't always have time to hit the gym and there are so many different at-home exercises to choose from so, this is a big help! I noticed your yoga mat looks almost like a carpet material which could be good for stability and comfort (occasional issue for me), where is it from?

  15. Not a bad view from the gym! Also, such a handy workout!

  16. You look great, I feel guilty now as I'm sat with a glass of wine and a huge plate of chicken and rice.

  17. Love you Josie! Just the video I needed to motivate me. I'm experiencing a snow day here! Wahhhhh. I had one Friday too. It's nice to have a snow day but no one wants to clean up the snow.

  18. Haha the music was inspiring 😄😄 Could you do a "How I motivate myself to do sports"-video or something similar? I find it so hard to motivate myself and get into a sport routine 😅🙈

  19. Yay, great video. I loved the way the video was filmed. And beautiful location as well! 😍😍😍

  20. I loved this video! You have always look in shape but lately you have looked very fit! and now I can tell why- this workout looks intense 🙂 I have recently switched to working out at home vs my local gym and am happy to try this before work – thanks for posting!

  21. Thank you for the inspiration ☺

  22. Great video. I find circuit workouts are the most effective. And go much faster than running, elliptical etc.

  23. This video was very helpful! Love you and your style😽💕

  24. Loved this! Would like to see more/ a gym one too 🙂 xxx

  25. Hey josie i am always happy when i see your vid in my subscription box. may I say just two things? normal squats have your hip crease below your knees. maybe i have just seen it wrong through the videos angles but it is a pet peeve of mine and i cant help pointing it out and burpees are supposed to have your torso on the ground. maybe this will improve your workout a little bit. I hope you had a lovely holiday 🙂

  26. I definitely need to try this! You're body goals Josie 💕💕

  27. I love your music choice. Nostalgic 🙂❤️

  28. Thank you .. I loved the video made me excited.. I exercise every day but seeing you do this.. I made thinking to continue ^^

  29. Hey i loved this video your skin looks amazing btw 🙂 – Sana <3

  30. nice one!
    I'm going to try some of these tipps at home, because i don't have gymmembership:)

  31. Where did you purchase your workout clothing from? does anyone know of any good deals on good quality workout clothes like this? thank you.

  32. It's so beautiful there!! ❤️

  33. So practical, i bet this helped alot of people! xo

  34. loved the video josie , definitely will try this out 👌

  35. Wow, great video!👍

  36. It's my B-day☺🎁 Can I get 100 Likes?❤️

  37. i love this video i love you 😁😀😊☺

  38. Hey guys! Hope you enjoy my holiday workout routine! This is an example of how I like to work out when I am travelling, it involves NO equipment, so you can do this anywhere in the world – whether at home, or away! Can't wait to hear what you think, and if you'll try this out! xoxox

  39. 😍😍😍😍

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