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'My prayers will be answered' if COVID-19 relief passes: Durbin | ABC News

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., is interviewed on “This Week.”

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Pelosi admitted that she held up the relief for political purposes. She is evil.

  2. Listen, the liberal news has no credibility left. You automatically label
    everything "false" and "baseless" because you are in denial about
    anything that helps President Trump. No amount of evidence of fraud will
    ever convince you because you are part of the fraud. I wonder if you
    will even report the story when Trump is declared the winner of this
    election. My guess is that you will lie to the people and tell them Joe
    Biden is in the White House when he's actually in his basement lamenting
    his losses.

  3. We Need Money Now!!! Don’t complain about the crime(s) later.

  4. Nope.
    Trump will be sworn in January.🗽🇺🇸🚆🚄🚅🙏

  5. Why? So you can bail out corporations and business owners? You’ll give blue collar workers 1200 bucks for the entire year. You’ll continue to restrict jobs and make it exceedingly difficult to earn a living for blue collar folks. Nope. I’m going out and making my money. I’m not following any restrictions other than wearing my mask.

  6. Can we just pull the plug on all the current politicians and refill the positions with all new fresh faces?

  7. Phuck you all. Im still waiting for my 1st stimulus. Yout all whining for a 2nd. Government is robbing you all blind.

  8. Even direct stimulus will be corporate theft again. Phuck Congressional thieves.

  9. To those of you that are saying …" Why are you bitching. You're still getting the same check you've been getting for years" I say that I have been working since I was 14. The only "check" that I've been getting is the one that I've worked all week for. I was lucky enough to have something to fall back on. But this covid-19 has stopped my earned check and has taken what little I had saved. It's gone. The government put me in this position and if they're going to keep me in it. Then they need to be helping. Not helping institutions that have millions of dollars in endowments and these large corporations that are considered too big to fail.

  10. These politicians acting like we the people..the ones that aren't fortunate enough to own a company….arent in need like companies are. They see the food bank lines in tv….and cannot in any way relate. We arent asking for stimulus…we are asking for some gd relief. $300 unemployment is NOTHING when you have rent/mortgage piling up….winters gas n electric, food, supplies for special needs kids….then theres Christmas…where we have to explain to a kid that wont understand…that the only gifts they get are the gd crocheted blanket we can make in 2 weeks.

  11. They are not even confirming if the $300 is retroactive

  12. . .. ..xx….. ..End  COVID-19 … Now.  
    Directory of  Doctors curing   thousands  of  outpatients … fast.

  13. Biden didn’t win? Hah. More cowardly circle jerking by the pathetic, heartless and shameless repugs. People need help. Get on with it.

  14. THE COVID-19 Big Media and Big Pharma propaganda hype is losing momentum…….
    Why??? 2 million + deaths in the USA in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and in 2020 with COVID-19…….
    Also, stated clearly in the Johns Hopkins data for all to know……Is the yearly number of deaths in the USA…….

  15. Moscow Mitch: the crocodile in the swamp who blocks everything except the nomination of judges. One man worse than Trump.

  16. This guy has done utterly NOTHING for the greater state of Illinois. A career politician, the likes of which should have been forced out by term limits long, long ago, his focus has always been DACA and not jobs, industry, or economic growth brought to his flat-out BANKRUPT state.

  17. Find the truth. Do not believe everything you see on the china funded media.
    Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg Funnels billions from china to Democratic party nominees.
    BLM earned 4 billion dollars and spend it on lavish lifestyle. Not one cent has went into help for the African American communities.

    Fear and suppression are tolls used in every communist nation to cause suffering to the poor not the rich.
    When they are done with you you will be cast aside.
    Research the histories of all candidates outside of news media.
    Nancy Pelosi is keeping the help from getting to the people.

  18. Wake up the American. Take down the CCP.

  19. Ya, they need money to buy drugs!!

  20. 75 million Americans don’t believe Biden won. I will never recognize him as president. I also plan on never paying taxes again. Stop paying taxes Defund Washington it’s time to show them who really runs this country.

  21. can u bash trump in a different video so you dont confuse viewers with legitimate news and lieing treasonous propaganda?

  22. I never thought Senator Durbin would turn to be such a traitor against President Trump! Horrible! Term limits needed ASAP & get these damn rhinos out of Congress!!!

  23. PELOSI STATED ON TV EARLIER THIS WEEK SHE/they THE DEMOCRATS IN THE LEGISLATURE HELD IT UP FOR 6 MONTHS DUE TO GOOD REASONS! (NOT!) She should have accepted it when President Trump & the Senate offered her 1.8 trillion dollars a few months back! Now it down to 900 billion $’s. She was just waiting for Biden to get elected so the Democrats could take credit! The average person was going to get a $1,200 stimulus check again & unemployment was $400 more (instead of $600), now because of her being the greedy Grim Grinch it’s much smaller to be distributed & a lot of average tax paying people will loose out! IT IS PELOSI WHO DELAYED THE STIMULUS!!! So you unknowlegable people best to wake the hell up & do your real research on who’s to blame!!! Stop listening to false media & they’re lies!!!

  24. /// the devoted citizens in freedom and democracy country to save the children or human!!!
    Don't cry, baby… warm, free democracy citizens
    Evidence: Democratic Party lawmakers participate in counting (illegal)

  25. It's not a mistake to drop the previous Trump's bill. If the house had accepted that, Trump would have won another 4 years and that's would be the BIG MISTAKE.

  26. From an article titled "HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE AND THE BURDEN OF PROOF" IN THE ECONOMIC STANDARD, SEPTEMBER 2020 EDITION, appears the following: "The COVID-19 pandemic struck America nine months before a presidential election, turning basic medical activities like testing and treatment into partisan battlegrounds. No subject has been more distorted than hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a safe, versatile medicine that has treated hundreds of millions of people for numerous diseases for seven decades. HCQ was adopted as a COVID-19 treatment in Asia in January 2020 without fanfare, based on lab tests with the related coronavirus SARS-1. But when President Trump stated in March that the U.S. would also begin studying the drug’s potential against the virus, political opponents defied longstanding scientific and medical consensus to portray HCQ as harmful and Trump as a mortal danger to public health. Flawed and even falsified studies were published and promoted by media outlets eager to discredit Trump, while positive studies were impugned or ignored."

    It is despicable behavior for the lying doctors, the biased and propaganda spewing main stream media, the Trump haters no matter what party affiliation they may have to trash a safe, cheap and effective drug like Hydroxychloroquine knowing its use in the battle against the coronavirus could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

  27. The greedy GRIFTING bastards — McConnell's wife, Pelosi's husband, donald trump and Kushner — all took millions off of the top of the PPP before it was ever mentioned to the people that it was available to small businesses. The so-called president took millions off the top. And his son-in-law took millions off the top. How fucking sick is that? They all serve themselves and to hell with America. Why is this ok? Why isn't someone doing something about these thieves?

  28. Every member of the House and Senate should forfeit their salaries and vacations until they put stimulus money directly into the hands of the people.

  29. These politicians lie directly to you face and barley blink !

  30. A bill with NO STIMULUS is NOT relief ! Retro unemployment & direct payments ! Eviction moratorium.

  31. Democrats are tied up with the CCP! under Dems our democracy is doomed look at this video from CCP!

  32. I have been a scrutineer in an election here in Australia and I am astounded at the way the Democrats found so many ways to cheat. It could never happen here. If the Republicans can present all their evidence in the appropriate courts, then they must win. Biden will be like Adonijah in the old testament. He declared himself to be the successor to King David but it all fell apart and he had to flee and Solomon became king. I wonder where Biden will flee to and if any of the perpetrators of this coup will end up in jail?

  33. Republicans don't care about the people of this country, all they care about is how much money they can get in their pockets and how much power they can obtain that's all they care about., We really need to get these old buzzards out of office like senator Mc connell

  34. Blame it on Nancy she turned it down unless she got what she wanted…

  35. The people deserve a bailout, politicians are corporate whores they have failed Americans and dumb fucks will still vote for these two trash parties.

  36. Neither side Care About American People These so Politician all they care about themselves while American People are suffering because their Stupidity causing so many lost of American lives.

  37. Durbin is playing American people like fools. He knows Pelosi is the reason for the delay of stimulus.

  38. Sounds like in order to get a check those must take the vaccine?

  39. Yes!! Pass it and all Nancy's wishlist. That's why it hasn't pasted. Are these institutions that have billions endowments going to feed us? Keep us with a roof over our head that's not a shelter, cardboard or our car if that hasn't been taken yet. We the people need the help. Not a museum that has money it can pull from. Those of us that had something saved is gone. Our credit limits are maxed out. We've robbed Petter to pay Paul so bad that you can't find Petter anymore. We've moved payments to the end of our loans, ignored all our bills so that we can have a place to live and have food to eat. And it's not shrimp and stakes! Nor is it high dollar special ice cream in it's own freezer. We struggle with if we have enough gas in the car. Do I put gas in the car or buy some food? So $10 in gas, hoping that's enough and the rest on some food. That's our reality. But they don't care about that. It's a case of.. the issue is severe and if you want my sides votes, you'll give me what I want or I'm not playing. The country could be in a self destruct timer and it would tick down to the last seconds before someone gave in, if then. The longer they wait, the more we lose. Making us look at them for more and more help. These people are owed by the lobbyist that give them money so they can get what they want. If the politicians don't keep their promise to the lobbyist, then they wouldn't keep getting reelected. That's who the politicians are working for, not us. Why would we want to give money to a state, institution or anything else that either can't manage their money, want free money so they don't have to get into their endowments or pay for some pet projects. Do a country wide vote on this and you'll see what the people think about it. Stop paying them and stop giving them their perks. See how fast they pass a bill to help just us, the people. Take away their aids/staff. When they have to make their own sandwich or drive a car they pay for and spend their own money to put gas and food and all the stuff us common people who work for a living have to. Work 🤦😂 they don't work. When they work an 8 hour day, 40 hours a week, 6 days a week. Get a vacation when you earn it and a raise by your own evaluation for your performance. This is all based on what your boss and what he thinks. As one of their bosses, I haven't had a review request come across my desk. Yet they keep getting them. I'd like to only work for 6 months out of a year. Either party, all of them. I imagine that when there's these world leader meetings, they all sit around and tell each other how bad they're taking advantage of their citizens and laugh at how easy it is to convince us with to believe their BS. But we are all clinically insane by definition. We keep electing these people, each time we gripe and complain about them. But we put them back in office expecting a different result. And everytime, they don't even try to change. But we keep electing them each time. 🤦 It's a crazy cycle that we're stuck in.

  40. You can even start to bring the nation together if 40 odd percent of the electorate believes the election was a sham.

  41. That's a lie, Bidenz if Biden says who he is, which I really doubt now, but to the public, hes not actual president as of never. Let's come back the reality there's no other reason to change over to a old cheat ,con to many and creep to those preyed upon. I will only say this, Biden will lose ,God will see to it that Bidens out for good and Trump can be better for all. Gods spoken to me and he says to His people, the real Saints. As a soldier for Christ , I say Gods spoken and it will be overturned for good Jan 14th we will not return but become stronger as a nation under one God, that will perfect a leader to solemn peace. People. Get it together because Gods shaking this up now. Amen.

  42. Please though no relief for red states. Hahah isn’t that what trump would say. That looser president

  43. For the love of God…can't you dimwits care more about the health of the public than you career (which is suppose to be all about the American public)…Those bastards will go on their holiday break with no relief for Americans…vote every damn Pub out of office

  44. His prayers will be answered if a covid relief plan that gives nothing to the people but 160 billion to the politicians is passed.
    Still think these people care about you?

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