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MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY | What I did to lose weight

Thank you all so so much for all of your support! It means the world to me and I can never thank you enough for the amazing opportunities you all have given me! The journey is only just beginning…

Lots of love

Talia xoxo


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  1. Hey hey I’m the vlog channel! Make sure you subscribe to me – they’ll be a cheeky lil drive with me over on the vlog channel this week! 💖

  2. the second in the thumbnail looks edited around your waist on the right

  3. U sound just like my weight loss teacher lol

  4. Hey starting weight 286 currently 265. Motivation is key! Goal is 60lbs. Support me ☺️

  5. Trying to lose 20 pounds. Will update everyday❤️

  6. Its time to start looking after ourselves now .. Go Talia Go
    Hi Talia , I started to use a nutritional cleanse and rebalancing program it working wonders in my body and other people as well.
    A true full body nutritional cleanse designed to help the body remove harmful substances from not only the major filter in the body, but also the individual cells – 60 Trillion of them. There is nothing like this out there.

  7. this is random but you’re so pretty omg!

  8. I'm glad your confident now, but you're beautiful no matter what!💕

  9. can I pls ask you how do you prmote your vlog on youtube???

  10. I’ve been insecure about my weight for about a year now 😅 because in elementary school I never really noticed but when I started middle school I began to be insecure about my fingers, my belly, my arms, my legs, everything. I’ve been trying to eat healthier and work out a bit but I have no motivation. I don’t have a scale, either. All it is is me telling myself, “ugh you’re so ugly you need to get skinny or else you’ll fail P.E.”
    Thank you for this video.

  11. I’m a dancer (14) and 9 stone I’m bigger than every one in my class and I’m only 5’0

  12. Love your accent, lady

  13. Im 15. 5 3 and 172.5 i started at 175 im now vegitarian im trying to be 120 to 130

  14. i get really sad because everyone talks about how they go to the gym because i don’t have a gym around me.

    wish more people would talk about home exercising because not everyone lives in a place where they can get to a gym.

  15. I'm trynna lose 26 kg in 1 yr and a half.

  16. has anyone got any tips for someone who has a double chin and how to get rid of it ♥️

  17. That’s such an awesome transformation!! I’m also on a weight loss journey. Thanks for sharing your story!! ❤️

  18. Im trying to lose about 10 pounds. Ive just started college and im doing about 25000 steps in 3 days and a bit less the rest of the days. And ive been eating healthier then normal ( literally havent touched pizza for months) and fruits and vegetables. Im 5'4 and i weight 60.4 kg ( a few weeks ago i was usually 61kg) but i havent been losing much weight and i just would like to know if im doing something wrong or tips?. Im not good with exersize as i have breathing problems which dont allow me to do any exersize but i am able to walk for longer from walking at college.

  19. trying to loose 20 pounds 🙂 i’ll update everyday ✨

  20. before i even watch the video

    you body looks like mine and im ready to lose weight

  21. I'm drinking a chocolate shake right now…but my goal is to lose about 7-10 pounds and gain some muscle. 🙂 I know I can do it! (I'm just going to finish this shake first)

  22. I'm going to try loose weight, I'm not going to give up.
    My goal is to be 9 stone. My starting date is the 14th of September 2019 I will update this every week. I am also going to try get fit. I have struggled with eating disorders my whole life and I am SO READY to be healthy 💜💜💜

  23. Hey girl will you subscribe me please I'm going to start a weight loss journey I hope you will follow me o could use your tips to help me get through this. You are awesome

  24. i’m currently 167 pounds and i’m 5’7! starting from now, i’ll cut off all junk food and try out the omad diet! my goal is 130-140 wish me luck <3

  25. How did you start out? When you realised you wanted to reduce your fat and increase muscle, what were your first steps? Other than diet, did you start doing weights and cardio? Xxx

  26. first time watching your video! i am happy you talk about mental health and not to do any crazy fast weight loss 🙂

  27. My cousin told me out of nowhere get fat then lose weight and you will have a big butt. And I don’t have a butt at all and I’m looking at all these weight loss videos and I kinda wanna do it but I’m a twig 😂

  28. I tried working out for the first time and me right leg lost strength when i was walking is that bad?

  29. GUYS ! Does anyone want to be in a gc with me on instagram? We can motivate each other and update the gc everyday on your progress!

  30. Thank you for this video! I 100% agree with your views and feel that I can easily relate to you. I pretty much look like your before photo now and I really want to feel happier and healthier!

  31. video ur exercising routine

  32. Idkkk I want to believe you’re a genuine person and have hope I can have such a drastic body change too but looking through your Instagram you’ve always been a small person and face shape the same… also the before pic could be from anywhere ..

  33. Ya girl needs to lose 35 pounds. I’m so excited to get healthy! 💕

  34. Talking about chocolates🍫 , if I eat a piece I convince myself to eat the whole thing and start all over again the next day ,so I don't try to have cheat days and stuff ❤

  35. in the beginning I thought that where the clothes were was a closet and I was like why is it moving

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