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My Weight loss transformation

So I have finally decided to put together a video documenting my weight loss transformation. From the beginning all the way to the final image you see, took me 8 months to accomplish. My method was using ‘MyFitnessPal’ to track my calories and make sure I was consistently on a caloric deficit. I also included cardio between 5 and 6 times a week of a fast incline walk for about 25 minutes a session. I also made sure to lift weights with high volume and intensity to keep hold of any muscle I could. With that information out of the way I hope you enjoy the video and I hope that even just one person out there gains the motivation to be their best. If I can achieve that then the purpose of this video has been fulfilled.

Song name = Nightcall – deadv
My height = 5ft 11 or 180 cm


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  1. Respect bro im at same weighr u started now but i lost like 14 kg now… 😎πŸ’ͺ and im gonna take a huge step on my drugs and i want to be healtier

  2. How many calories did you cut per day?

  3. Hey Bro, not sure if you’re still active or not but after seeing this I was shocked at our body composition similarities(same height, start weight etc). I’m currently at the 79kg mark, with pretty much the exact same bf as you. How long did it take you to go from there to your final goal of 69kg? If you could also tell me how many calories you were eating a day that would be interesting, thanks!

  4. can i also do it bro i am 96 kg 😒😒😒

  5. No loose skin? Anyways great transformation. I also lost 36kg in 6 months I do have a little loose skin not that much but I can still lose another 10kg easily but don't try it for now because I am gonna try a water/dry fast when I have mentally enough time.

  6. Do a tutorial pls, what you eat, what abs you do, you was in gym or home, and other pls ❀️

  7. Whoa. Pelvis alignment is off, bro. Go see a chiropractor if you can. That's gonna hurt if it doesn't already.

  8. Sorry but it looks fake… You can see the color change on the body and the other parts.

  9. good job!!! thanks for the motivation

  10. Amazing transformation! Inspirational πŸ™‚

  11. How much calories did you take during progress?

  12. Amazing job! Whats your weight now?
    I have the same stats as you, 181cm, started @ 104kg, now @99kg.
    Goal #1: 85 kg by October 19
    Goal #2: 75 kg by March 20

  13. Well done you look fantastic. I am currently 90kg and trying the 1500 calorie diet. It's hard to cut the bad foods out but hopefullly will get there soon.

  14. I was 220 pounds at 14 and unhappy about my weight. Getting called β€œfat nerd” was the breaking point. Last week I cut off all soda and candy. Salads and chicken. So far I’ve lost 8 pounds at 112 and every day I aspire to be the picture at the end. My body at the start looked like yours at the start. Now I can push myself even more towards the end picture. Thanks for the vid man-

  15. Hi Man, congrats, have you been able to maintain your weight easily or is it hard ? Some says that people who were obese tend to regain weight easily. Can you share your experience on that ? Thanks

  16. This is easily the most inspiring video for me on YouTube, thank you!

  17. Lol 8 months and nobody is using those red shampoo bottles in the back?

  18. Tell us how? 500 calories? Stomach operation? Skipping? Regurgitation?

  19. NOW. What did you do to get there? I meal count and now I plan on doing a 500cal a day diet for 1 month. I'm 240 and shit needs to change.

  20. How about loose skin? my body is similar to yours πŸ™‚

  21. bro for cardio, how much incline and speed you are using for tredmil ?

  22. Did you eat the amount of calories MyFitnessPal said to consume daily? Or did you eat less?

  23. Good for you you fucking beast!!

  24. As this video is quite old, I'm unsure if you'll see this. But if you do, THANK YOU! I used to own my own fitness business, but now I'm a slob. I'm not fat, but I am unhealthy and misshapen. You have given me the motivation to smash a transformation, and when it happens, it will be because of you.

  25. I swear when you showed the final result I started talking to myself being alone in the room like β€œholy fuck, that’s super amazing!”.
    I cringed at myself for talking to myself, but really great job!

  26. gave me goosebumps! thanks for inspiring

  27. WITH NO LOOSE SKIN? Hoooowww? Lookin good btw

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