Saturday , January 23 2021
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Mysterious Monolith Appears On Romanian Hillside | NBC News NOW

A metal monolith, similar to the one found recently in the Utah desert, appeared near an ancient Romanian fortress and reportedly was gone a few days later.
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Mysterious Monolith Appears On Romanian Hillside | NBC News NOW


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  1. If anyone wants one they can commission me to build them one! or Polansky Designs on Facebook

  2. welding skill problem. too bad

  3. why does no one investigate all the skeptics? oh wait they will believe what the government says.

  4. Wow you mufukaz Always acting like you don’t know what time in history We’re in… whether or not it was completed by alien or man (evidently man because everyone &they mama mentioned the fukd off welding job) but whether an alien (which is actually a demigod) or man they were compel by the Spirit to place these monoliths in these strategic areas for a reason. The last emergence of monoliths upon the planet was you guessed it (probably not Seem like no one has a spiritual bone in their body n this comment section) It was during the time of Lot n Sodom and Gomorrah—which was the only one The Most High found worthy to save done by the way of three Angels. You have to grasp the point…the point is that it’s happening again & lucky for us He is going to bring us out of this shythole of course not all but slightly more than before— it was just Lot then but now 1/3 of the people that are righteous will be received &unscathed then brought properly through the fire & destruction. Needless to say but yes, there will be more monoliths..

  5. Did anyone else notice the "Made in China" label at the bottom? 🙂

  6. Time to play some Indian Love Call

  7. Need a cutting torch to dismantle it.

  8. A welded mystery FOH this is click bait people.

  9. Alien forgot to bring welding machine so they used earth welding machine.heavy budget

  10. It doesn't look like something made by any intelligent life form. The welding is so crude and insulting to the welding craft. Disappointing.

  11. Ma-i-a hi
    Ma-i-a hu
    Ma-i-a ho
    Ma-i-a ha…HUH?!

  12. Plot twist, they're all the same pillar and some guy keeps moving them around the world

  13. Wow YouTube is definitely pushing the alien invasion narrative again.
    Aliens (sorry extraterrestrial)are not hostile. If they were we would be long gone suckers!!!!
    Every time placing a diversion. TRUMP 2020 and election fraud should be the narrative.

  14. Maybe aliens asked china to make it for them and that's what they got

  15. The quality of that looks so 💩

  16. ខ្មែរ ជួយ ខ្មែរ រំដោះជាតិ

  17. Pathetic how the main stream liberal socialist media will distract people with a stupid story but they won't cover allegations of a stolen election which keep popping up more witnesses and evidence…………🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 shame on them

  18. Worst hoax in the making ever lol
    Poorly welded edges sorry guys🤣

  19. Why don’t they just drill into it

  20. Has anyone consulted Ancient Astronaut Theorists to get their opinion?

  21. The aliens are trying to uplift us so we have to give +50 to their relationship score for us

  22. Monoliths are the year 2000s version of UFOs.


  24. Looks like it has all the markings from tools found in a modern welding shop. And like other people say they burned holes on their welds.

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