N.Y. high school students protest teacher’s pro-Israel stance

Videos captured the moments when students in Queens, N.Y., marched through Hillcrest High School, waving Palestinian flags after a photo circulated online allegedly showing a teacher at the school attending a pro-Israel rally. NBC News’ Rehema Ellis reports that days before the demonstration in a separate unrelated incident four students were arrested after assaulting a resource officer.

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  1. Typical behavior of basketball americans

  2. Well As Henry Ford said…”They brought it on themselves” so no sympathy here… déjà vu all over again.

  3. They just want to joint in to project their hatred, like those people chanting free 👿this !

  4. These kids need an education about history !

  5. That poor teacher should not have to put up with such a dump. She could have a much healthier, better teaching job literally anywhere else.

  6. In 3 weeks time 1400 lives lost in Israel and 7000 lives lost in Palestinian.
    How is one of the biggest armies in the world (Isreal) the oppressed one? Or is that just a cover to justify the genocide of thousands of Palestinians? The numbers dont lie, i don't choose sifes I'm only on the side of justice and truth but most of you dont care about that you just hate muslims and who ever is against them you automatically stand with them, maybe that's because you still want revenge for 9/11 in that cade just think what a Palestinian father would do when his wife and kids are bombed by Israelis, don't be a hypocrite………who am i talking to, Americans are the biggest hypocrites in the world 🤣

  7. Just look up orthodox Jews agains Israel because they are zionist and not real jews

  8. Shame on their teacher to stand for genocide, terrorist and colonialist

  9. All black peoples kids wow great parents

  10. They can't read or do math but they sure know how to complain.

  11. But they can barely speak or read.

  12. 😊😊😊 glad to see americans waking up to them

  13. Let me guess, most of them are Muslims who expect everyone to side with Hamas terrorists.

  14. I think those protesters should be expelled.

  15. So much respect for these students!

  16. As usual the teacher is right and the students are wrong

  17. These kids diving into politics before they even graduate? Makes you wonder who's pulling the strings and shaping their views, doesn't it?

  18. Welcome to liberal indoctrination, shut it down, this was a hate crime

  19. There are parts of NYC I don't ever want to venture into.

  20. Riot is a part of school curriculum in the US now.
    Change the system and educate the parents and the kids!!!

  21. Old people upset the young people have their own opinions. Fuddy duddy boomer nonsense.

  22. This is nothing more than ignorant, disrespectful, hateful and privileged kids, who have been raised by morons. They couldn't find Israel on a map.

  23. Proud of these young black children Free Palestine Black/Brown Lives Matter

  24. Is this USA or Islamic state..?

  25. Them in 10 years…
    "Welcome to Mcdonalds, may I take your order?"

  26. IF you pray to GOD ! You forgot ? Jesus Christ is from ISRAEL . IF YOU'RE NOT ! FOR ISRAEL. THEN SATAN IS YOUR GOD .

  27. God Love Israel

    Jesus said; Blessed are those who listen to the Word of God, and keep it. Luke‬ ‭11‬.28‬

    God Bless Israel.. .

    ‎ה' יברך את ישראל