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Nadler schedules Trump impeachment probe vote

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton talks about the beginnings of impeachment discussions.

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  1. These US Democrat politicians are the most corrupt, inept, dishonest group in all of American history.
    The look and sound like a group of bad Used Car Salesmen. So sad…………….
    They know if they can't stop Trump and he wins the 2020 most of them will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

  2. Can we the people vote on getting rid of Nadler?

  3. Why is Nadler so insistent on probing Trump? I think Nadler is in love and Trump is playing hard to get.

  4. Hey Nadler…you better get your own house in order…the Trump train is coming for you!!!

  5. Can't believe these idiots Trump 2024

  6. A message get your kaz-oooo out of congress

  7. Nadler the tall dwarf. STUPID man

  8. Nadler should be dragged through a full field of human feces over and over!!! What a moron.”

  9. Sorry Nadler you piece of s*** you have nothing on Trump you know it everybody else knows it say bye-bye to your senate seat

  10. The fat little penquin is pathetic

  11. Nadler needs to do something useful like checking those eyebrows and stop talking about impeachment

  12. How quickly the world forgot about Jeff Epstein

  13. Nadeler seems like he has something to hide too.

  14. We the good American ppl dare you impeach our president you lying, thieving corrupt running scared SOB. We know what the hell is going on and you smelly rats will pay the price for stealing from us and using office to enrich your corrupt habits.

  15. Impeachment is an abuse of the Democratic power. Nothing more than one more tactic of Presidential Harassment!! Plain and simple! You Dems are ruthless. All you want to do is target the President with probe after probe and never turning up anything! Every single one of you should be charged with PRESIDENTIAL HARRASSMENT! And be held accountable for your actions! Jail or Prison time would be a good start.

  16. Such a tiny minded fat, little, porky child of a man!!

  17. The Dem's know what's coming for them , it's all a distraction and a last ditch effort to keep their base appeased . Any one with even half a brain will never vote Democratic again !

  18. The Dem's keep on cutting their own throats , they almost hit the jugular , let's just watch em bleed !


  20. That's all good.. time to look into his own dealings.. bet he doesn't end up looking good..

  21. Free Julian Free Yourself.

  22. Nadler is a political hack!

  23. Sorry turdler u can't impeach someone for crimes the dnc did lol hilarious

  24. Nadler lost his mind along with that two hundred pounds he lost.

  25. Impeach Nadler the stupid toad

  26. The Russia hoax nothingburger found no evidence of collusion, so now house idiots are trying to impeach the duly elected US president of what crime again?

  27. Did MR. trump boink gonads wife or somthing a long time ago ?it sure seems like it too me

  28. It is their fund raising because fund raising goes way down if a party is out of power.

  29. Nadler, a physically small man with a big mouth.  Doesn't realize that he is making a large fool of himself.

  30. They have been desperately trying to hold up progress and not let the President keep his election promises. Meanwhile they have no accomplishments themselves aside from slander and harassment which they ought to be ashamed of.

  31. Nadler looks like a nervous wreck! His fingers are always at his mouth! Betcha hes a nail biter!! Hes afraid he wont have any evidence to impeach Trump! Nadler's nothing but a little boy trying to wear big boy pants!!

  32. When the hell are they going to do some hard investigations on the Democrats

  33. Nadler…stop wasteful tax payers money. Use your own monies $$$ to persue this Witch Hunt. Hope WE THE PEOPLE, vote all you Dem clowns out of Washington !! ENOUGH ALREADY….

  34. Do it Fat Jerry, Do It. Impeach him on the booming economy and lowest unemployment rate ever.

  35. Hmmm… the timing! …..shortly after Barr anounced McCabe indictment. I wonder, is Nadler connected and implicated with McCabe's wrongdoing?

  36. Go ahead impeach the president if you can i know i will drive to Washington and bet there will be a lot of people there and coming

  37. I keep hearing How Barr,the DOJ, the most powerful justice entity in the government, is going to expose the Hillary- Mueller democratic party and it's Fisa fictional Russian Collusion-Omar's tax evasion scandal-how Epstein was really murdered-? The illegal immigrant voting scam-The Biased Media and its treasonus attacks on the President of the United States of America–ALL THIS NOT DONE? Waiting for over 3 years-and just a lot of talk? We the People elected Trump to get control of this country and Make America Great Again and now we feel like we are getting played". Get tough or GO HOME–Very Discouraged Patriot. Remember-WE elected Trump in-and we can reverse that vote. Time for the Patriots to sound off!

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