Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Nancy Pelosi demands full whistleblower complaint

The president told her that he had nothing to do with the decision of his administration to block Congress from seeing the complaint, a Democratic source told ABC News.



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  1. I’m so sick of my tax dollars being wasted on this poor excuse for a circus… get it together, work together… all of you were elected because people once thought you were qualified to better our nation… now we get our money wasted on this sideshow soap opera… we need more than just crybaby bench warmers…we need proactive leaders.

  2. I wish i could nancy's cycle will be over tommorw but I forgot hers stopped all together…😉

  3. And when will this desperate bitch stop waiting america,s money. Get over it Nancy panocha President Trump Hates your ugly ass. You man hater

  4. Make liberals cry again 2020

  5. When the government can get rid of a president elected by the people for no good reason except he beat Hillary you better watch out. WHATS NEXT ?

  6. This is a great time for the Iranians to attack. This is a great opportunity for the Russians to
    take over the Ukraine. Now is the time for the Chinese to stamp out the fires in Hong Kong.

  7. Now we have read the transcripts and have AGAIN seen how shamelessly abc news lies! You cut and spliced the presidents statements and blatantly lied about what he said! You ppl have no integrity whatsoever. Biden and Crowdstrike are going down for their REAL crimes get used to it!

  8. Sorry but I read it both and the whistle blowers complain get back to work Nancy and chuck. This is bullshit you will be voted out of office. Shame on any republican that votes for impeachment

  9. Watch the Dems try to cover their candidate Biden from his threat with Ukraine. How about Congress stop being bias and as Nancy pelosi puts it. Nobody is above the law. Her party should not be excluded. This 2 party system is not working. I was in favor of Hillary when there was 2 choices but people interfering with people's right to vote leaned me to favor Trump. Trump keeps getting harassed by these Democrats. We the people put the president there. Work with him. It's ok to have disagreements.

  10. Nancy Pelosi trying to keep her dentures in for the full 5 minutes was the funniest thing I've seen this year!

  11. Bla bla bla…COLLUSION…bla bla bla… HIS TAXES…bla bla bla…IMPEACHMENT…bla bla bla..Blowjob er I mean Whistle blower…Bla bla bla..Uncontrollabke Twitch twitch, twerk twerk…


  12. I would rather Trump be emperor but President will work

  13. My son asked me for n analogy; I said: it’s as if a policeman stops a woman for speeding but offers to release her without a ticket if she shows him her breast. It is using the powers you’ve been entrusted with by society to get a vile form of personal gain.

  14. Yee Haw!! Now it's getting interesting.

  15. The only thing Democrats seem to capable of doing for the last 3 years is to demand one thing after another.

  16. I'm sooo excited Americans are FINALLY listening to whistleblowers!! Research Ronald Bernard, Kathy O'Brien and Robert David Steele!! Then you'll get REAL news!!

  17. So amazing… children getting raped.. women being shamed.. men (married men) are willingly sucking cock.. everyone’s getting paid and filled with things that a man/woman doesn’t need.
    & the slightest education into this shit makes you aware? This is a big fuck you to all those who walk and talk like they’re 6’6 but 5’3 in the heart.

    Educate yourself in changes to better thyself.

  18. Now you Democrats are known to be dummycrats but nothing that's dumber than this you know what you brought something forward not even the creepypornlawyer would have done. You got a whistle-blower who is not the one that had firsthand knowledge. You got a whistleblower that's a partisan to one of your people that are running for the president I think it's probably that f**** b***. Lion cont that hypocrite and The Witch of all witches dizzy Lizzy Pocahontas Warren I'd bet money on that one. You people are so f**** up with hate for President Trump that you can't even open your f**** eyes you want to you accused tried found guilty and now you want to hang the president of the United States you are so f*** up it's unbelievable

  19. "The Whistle Blower Wants To Come Before Congress" . . . To the Republicans still cheer-leading Illicit-45 . . . . Fess up now, or get slapped in the face by the avalanche of truth coming your way.

  20. What I find interesting is how his wife remains stone faced while he spins lie after lie – contradicting himself in the same sentence. She is just as guilty by remaining complicit and "clueless" to his daily corrupt behavior.

  21. QUESTION: Having just read the released SUMMARY of the transcripts (not the actual transcript — but their summary of it), my question is 'Why would the WH release this self-incriminating text' ???????????????????

  22. I actually would like to know why joe Biden son was on a board of directors for a company in Russia when he has no experience

  23. Bring it! Crush every Dem running for office for this treasonous act of harassment and trying to oust our duely elected president. #makethempay

  24. Americans are protected under the law to make complaints or whistleblower complaints. Any suppression of a complaint is unlawful. This is the type of corruption that keeps corruption in any business or employer. Retaliation against a whistleblower is unlawful. Employers do this sHt all the time. It is against the law.

  25. From day one there’s been nothing but negative things said about trump. Trump is the first president to be depicted as shit on the cover of a news paper. I’d support trump if he wasn’t such a egotistical condescending lying racist two faced scumbag.

  26. Mr. Trump, you are the "witch" and the "hunters" have you surrounded.

  27. Poor democrats…. Desperate… 😃✌😔

  28. Crime doesn’t pay — unless you’re a whistleblower.

  29. Trump 2020 and forever more 🇺🇸

  30. this is trump plan to get media attention on Joe Biden 's corruption, his chance of winning is go down to zero now.

  31. Democrats will fall into trump trap again, so stupid

  32. I can't believe dems walked right into a trap. Stupid.

  33. This whistleblower should go down in history as a hero to the United States and our democracy, and to the world.

  34. Wouldn't it be awesome if the whistle-blower was Pence?

  35. It would be good if you waited a second after a Trump statement before cutting over to a new segment so his post statement micro expressions remain visible.. Only a psychopath would not have those (which is a signal in itself).

  36. Just no please. No impeachment. No.

  37. Trump is starting to look a lot like Rocky Marciano! Trump 49 victories, no defeats. Settle in, boys! Dems. should prepare for another ass kicking! This is just getting sad!

  38. Is time to get rid of all those Democrats

  39. 🔥🔥🔥🔥Burn Babylon burn 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. Don't that dumb witch know we will vote in another Republican before we'll vote in a dumbocrap we'll vote in Mike let him own the office 8 years take that nasty pelosi

  41. Korg/Miek 2020 "The revolution has begun!"

  42. I almost feel sorry for the Democrats.

    JK 😂

  43. The transcript has been available from Ukraine’s foreign ministry since July available to ANYBODY Obviously there is no “ blower “ it’s fabricated and it’s irrelevant as is any “ inquiry “ it means nothing For the rest of the world this is fantastic news because you have to reject calls from the US in the future out of insanity concerns and waste of time concerns and for Ukraine well deserved free advertising

  44. The media perpetuates disingenuous, dishonest, nonsense. It’s that simple

  45. Nancy is going to need more than that to get her whistle blown

  46. Biden’s big dumb mouth is about to put his son into Super Max. Trap sprung. Lolllll. 🤣

  47. Dems have gone full retard this time

  48. Drunken old hag can't even control her dentures.

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